undeleting files from cf card


Mar 25, 2013
i have accidentally deleted some pictures from my cf card (via usb card reader from windows 7). i have realized it immediately, and just a few seconds later downloaded and run recuva software (from another disk, of course). however, it was unable to help me: it does see some of the missing filenames, but it cannot restore the contents since it says the data has already been overwritten by another file. this another file has been present there for days, however! it was already there when i deleted the photos!
how can it be?
and are there any other options available? i've also tried deep scan, but it does not see anything either. now i have a few gigabytes free space on my card, and i know it contains my data, since the card was full before i deleted it, and i have not written anything there yet, but i cannot recover it


Jun 30, 2006
Try this free program from Convar: http://www.pcinspector.de/SmartRecovery/info.htm?language=1

They are a German company so make sure you choose the English information. With the program you choose a source driver (the USB reader) and create a recovery folder on you PC. It will attempt to recover all the files and place then in the recovery folder. I've had mixed results but I have been able to recover a bunch of photos from cards I've wiped by mistake. Of course there's no guarantee that header data won't be damaged, but you should get some back, even fragments.
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