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  1. W

    Solved! mousepad and mouse problem

    my mousepad doesnt work and my mouse is almost broken what do i do?
  2. G

    I have an Android mini PC MK808 Mini PC/android TV that plugs into my HDMI port on the TV and I use a wireless mouse/keyboard

    I have an Android mini PC MK808 Mini PC/android TV that plugs into my HDMI port on the TV and I use a wireless mouse/keyboard with it. It was working fine----all I did was move the TV, and now when I try to select the HDMI 1 port (I have also tried the HDMI 2) input, it says "No video signal". I...
  3. Graybush

    The Laptop Enthusiast Gift Guide 2018

    Finding the perfect laptop for the laptop enthusiast in your life is sure to be a challenge. Do you go Mac or Windows? A hybrid? A desktop replacement? Fear not, these laptops and laptop accessories are sure to be a major upgrade for any enthusiast worth their silicon. Dell XPS 13 - 1,699.99...
  4. C

    My usb mouse isn't working

    My wireless mouse isn't working, the light is on but it wont move. what do I do?
  5. O

    All USB ports don't work

    For some reason all of my USB ports stopped recognizing flash drives and other devices that are plugged in. Interesting, the USB port with my wireless mouse plugged in continued to work. I know there are many posts about mics not working they all seemed to stop working after some kind of...
  6. G

    ROBLOX | Mouse Troubles

    Hello! I got a laptop - Dell Inspiron 7577, and I am getting mouse troubles, when i play any game, especially some First Player game, my mouse moving not that smoothly, it ran very smooth on old laptop that has very bad hardware, now I have good hardware, and I am still getting some lags, and...
  7. T

    trouble using usb wireless mouse

    I have a ASUS x55c laptop I'm trying to use a usb wireless mouse. I've tried 3 so far. They work for a few minutes and then stop. I've tried every fix I've read but nothing works. I tried them on my Chromebook and same thing happens. Is there a certain mouse I need to use?
  8. P

    reboot wireless mouse by unplugging and replugging receiver

    My mouse just stopped working. Its a wireless... Bornd... and has performed flawlessly till now for about three years. There was no warning... it just stopped moving the cursor. I changed the batteries and carefully reinserted it... still no mouse. I consulted this site and another wireless...
  9. G

    Lenovo ideapad 300 all of the sudden the mouse won't work

    I'm suddenly having problems worry the mouse on the laptop. Installed my wireless mouse and that is working on and off
  10. T

    There are only lines and no numbers to represent what dpi it is ? How am i meant to know what dpi each line represents ?

    Mouse DPI problem, the lines on "Pointer options" do not display what dpi each line represents.
  11. A

    Dell Inspiron 17 5765 - Mouse issues

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17 5765with Win 10, the touchpad works but no other mouse will. I have three mice 2 are wireless and one is not, they work on other computers with no issues. I can use other USB devices on the Dell laptop including my printer. I have manually installed the drivers for...
  12. A

    Notebook Wirless Mouse

    Hello Guys, My notebook was stolen from my room 3 days ago.. But still sometimes my wirless 2.4g mouse automatically got connected .... but its reviever(usb dongle) is with the notebook. so is that means someone use my notbook within the range and if it is then is there any way to trace my...
  13. G

    Dell touchpad not working

    Hi, I am using dell inspiron 15R 5537. I am having problems with my dell touchpad. I am using wireless mouse for a long time and just few days ago my touchpad stopped working. I downloaded the latest driver from dell website the touchpad started working back again. But again next day it just...
  14. C

    Issues with wireless mouse -Logitech M170

    I have recently bought Logitech M170. Its working fine mostly. But it just lags in one area, when I try to use it in a situation, where an object like a partition or TV itself comes between the USB receiver & mouse, then the mouse doesn't work much efficiently. It gives lags in the pointer...
  15. C

    RGB Mouse custom drivers?

    Okay so i have an rgb mouse, but it doesnt have a "scroll all colors" or something like that in its drivers, but you can choose the color freely, and it updates it in real time. is there a software that lets me customize its lightning more freely? my mouse: LVLUP Dexterity +3 (2015 edition)
  16. F

    Wireless Mouse not working

    I've got this wireless mouse from Rapoo a few months ago. And 2 weeks ago it stopped working and I've still not fixed it. All of a sudden it stopped working. I suspected a bad battery. But I changed batteries several times now but all of them didn't work. I noticed the little red light does not...
  17. J

    remote control unit modelAKB732955

    LG remote unit that acts like a wireless mouse will not change channels after replacing batteries
  18. Q

    I need a durable mouse

    Hi everyone,Iam looking for a mouse that is quite durable which also has a great performance i would like the mouse to survive my rage during games i tend to hit stuff when i rage but not to the point that it shutters into pieces like just a lift it up and putting it down quickly.I heard razer...
  19. G

    Amazon's Top-Selling Wireless Mouse Is Now $5

    This no-frills mouse is both cheap and competent. Amazon's Top-Selling Wireless Mouse Is Now $5 : Read more
  20. T

    cursor jumps and page scrolls

    I have a Logitech wireless mouse. My cursor started jumping around and changes from a black arrow to smaller white arrow pointing left and right or up and down(sorry, I don't know what that is called), and the page scrolls by itself super fast to the bottom of the page. I have changed the...
  21. Marshall Honorof

    Razer Lancehead: A Good Esports Mouse That Could Be Great

    The Razer Lancehead is an ambitious new mouse from Razer that could have something special to offer tournament players — eventually. Razer Lancehead: A Good Esports Mouse That Could Be Great : Read more
  22. T

    keyboard not working in onenote

    wireless keyboard works in all other apps including MS Office, wireless mouse works everywhere - but when I click in onenote and then start to type, no letters appear
  23. F

    laptop pc mouse woes

    Hi my wife and I sit next to each other me on my pc her on a laptop, as soon as she boots up the laptop my wireless mouse goes mental. what in the laptop is causing this ? cheers Sid
  24. A

    Laptop audio and laptop stutter

    Dell XPS 15 9550 Windows 10 intel i5 gtx 960m 16gb ddr4 When ever I move my mouse on my desktop I get stutters, it doesn't happen when I move my mouse on an application, only on the desktop which is extremely weird. Help All drivers are updated to the latest and the bios as well. My laptop...
  25. Y

    Possible to run 2 BT devices simultaneously on Dell Chromebook 13?

    I have a Dell chromebook 13 and I want to know, if possible, how can I connect a bluetooth (not radio) mouse AND bluetooth headphones simultaneously. Can the internal bluetooth driver/device handle it or can I purchase a second bluetooth usb dongle to adapt? Any other thoughts or suggestions?
  26. J

    dell ... Wireless mouse n keyboard ... Trying to type in password... Not typing nothing I type shows in text box. Computer abt

    Wireless keyboard n mouse. DELL. Mouse works, type in password on keyboard, not typing the letters in text box. Computer abt 5 y.o.
  27. D

    How do I fix the mouse movement?

    Alright. Today I was doing normal activities in my laptop until my mouse started acting weird. It's a wireless mouse. So the thing is that it started moving the other way around: when I move the mouse left-right then the cursor moves up-down. When I move the mouse up-down then the cursor moves...
  28. D

    Faulty wireless mouse and keyboard , freezes lags , involuntary movement and no response.

    Hello Guys. I recently built my own new rig and bought bundle of wireless keyboard and mouse.The problem is that it is freezing , not responding or doing involuntary movements and it happens almost in gaming , i noticed some freezes on keyboard when exploring my pc or typing , what could cause...
  29. D

    Laptop hot to the touch but normal temps?

    Hey everybody I got a problem with my laptop, it's warm even when i'm not using it and gets hot to the touch even when browsing with Chrome. It wasn't like this a couple days ago, so I doubt its something to do with dust because it was sudden. And I haven't spilled a drink or dropped my laptop...
  30. JamesO315

    Wireless mouse not working when laptop closed

    I have an Asus TP550LAB laptop running Windows 10 and use a wireless mouse. When I have my laptop connected to my TV via HDMI port and I close my laptop, my mouse does not work. Is this normal, or is there a setting I can change so my mouse still works when I close the lid ? I had an Acer...
  31. P

    USB not working but power things

    OK I have read through many forums and none apply to me because most are for laptops or another USB works. After waking the PC from sleep mode my wireless mouse and keyboard weren't working (2 different makes so 2 different adaptors and ports in use). The keyboard lights up when batteries are...
  32. T

    yoga 900 right and left click touchpad not responding

    Hi all. Hoping you can help me on a touch pad issue on my yoga 900. For some reason my left and right click does not respond on my touch pad. I do believe it did start once I purchased a wireless mouse. I don't know if this somehow made certain functions of my touch pad to not work. I can...
  33. L

    Solved! Laptop pressing keys on its own

    So I have an HP laptop that is a few years old: 4 gb RAM, 500 GB hard drive, and 2.40 processor, Windows 8. For maybe a week or so now, my laptop suddenly started pressing the arrow keys randomly on its own - namely, the up arrow. I figured the key was stuck, but as many times as I took the...
  34. anoori9000

    Best inexpensive laptop under $400

    I have been asked to find a computer for an elderly woman. She needs a windows laptop under $400 including a wireless mouse, shipping and tax. I have found this: http://www.adorama.com/DEI3543000B.html Seems like a nice laptop and has the best processor I have seen from a lappy. I will...
  35. M

    4K Questions regarding 4K streaming/Gaming

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Samsung 55" (JU6400) 4K TV and I just have a few questions about it. I have it set up as a "monitor" but it is my TV with a HTPC. So a few things I have noticed that I would love some clarification on whether I'm doing something wrong or what. The TV has apps...
  36. P

    Wireless keyboard recommendation

    I'm looking for a decent, inexpensive (less than $50) wireless keyboard that I can use for gaming. Preferably one that takes AA batteries because I have rechargeable batteries. I'm also curious if you guys could recommend some sort of "counter top" to use a wireless keyboard and mouse on? My...
  37. R

    Cursor moving about screen but unable to click in to anything

    Hi I have a Dell Vostro 3555 laptop and I use a wireless mouse, which up until a couple of months ago worked OK, now although the cursor will move about the screen I unable to log in to outlook, for instance, as when I click in the log-in box there is no response, I have tried a USB mouse with...
  38. AMDRazer

    Laptop Trackpad Not Working Acer Aspire E5-571P

    Hello, I have an Acer E5-571P. Whenever I plug my Logitech wireless mouse in, the laptop trackpad disables and I have to restart the laptop to regain trackpad usability. Could the Logitech software be scewing this up? Also, When I unplug the mouse, it still does not work. Thanks, AMDRazer
  39. T

    Everytime I plug in my mouse my computer freaks out.

    When I plug my GE dual scroll optical mouse whatever I open closes. If I try to go on another webpage it redirects me back to my homepage.
  40. E

    Mouse and headset

    Hi guys! This is my first post in this forum and my english its too bad, so sorry for orthographics mistakes. Now I'm buying a new pc gamer and I want to get some peripherals. I think that my old Steelseries 6g will works nice, so I need a new headset and mouse. I saw on ebay the Logitech G430...
  41. N

    Having problem with my wireless mouse: not responding to

    First off, I'm not up on my tech jargon, sorry and things I should know the name of , well, I don't..My wireless mouse has just started going erratic:the arrow shows up on the screen but it will not consistently move in the direction I push it and sometimes it goes in the opposite direction...
  42. Advent5511

    Wireless Mouse Will Not Work

    I had recently installed MotionJoy to my PC but after giving up on it, I uninstalled it. I had read that many people had issues with their wireless mouses after using MotionJoy and I assumed that when my Wireless Mouse stopped working, that that was the cause. But I have followed the tutorials...
  43. T

    computer for sale

    I have a HP Pavilion 1700 N desktop complete with 15" monitor keyboard and wireless mouse.No Hard drive bought in 2002 good condition how much is it worth?
  44. R

    Wireless Mouse issues with HP Envy 17 and Polaroid mouse

    hi I have a hp envy 17 and a poaroid wireless mouse. They were all working together and now the mouse doesnt work any more. I havent installed anything new, and have tried all 4 ports, uninstalled the mouse in device manager and all that. Battery is fine (new) on mouse. System is Windows 8.1
  45. S

    Broken Acer mouse connections

    My Acer lap top the piece you plug the mouse into broke one I can't tap into anything. I even tried a wireless mouse but the arrow won't move on the screen. Anybody got any suggestions?????? Please help. I love my windows 7 Acer
  46. G

    Logitech G602 Review — Look Ma, No Wires

    The Logitech G602 provides the quality players expect from Logitech's wired mice, with only a few design foibles to hold it back. Logitech G602 Review — Look Ma, No Wires : Read more
  47. B

    Safety of laptops --- radiation , electromagnetism , etc ?

    Hello , Enjoying laying on sofa with laptop computer on my chest near heart and navigating software and internet by using a wireless mouse rather than the keyboard , should I be concerned about any safety issues with radiation, , electromagnetism, etc ? Realizing the machine is just an...
  48. G

    Macro software for Gaming

    Hello, I am a gamer that plays a lot of FPS. And I have a gaming mouse with macro buttons but the company behind it made a terrible micro program. Does anyone know any good macro software, Macrogamer is very good for the job but I don't need the record function. I just need a macro software that...
  49. G

    Lenovo Y500 wireless mouse lags when I plug in USB 3.0 device

    I have a Lenovo y500 laptop (summer 2013). I have a microsoft wireless mobile mouse 3500. Whenever I plug in a USB 3.0 device such as my WD USB 3.0 External HDD or USB 3.0 flashdrive, my wireless mouse starts to lag so bad it's barely useable. It becomes useable when I unplug the USB 3.0 device...
  50. G

    Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse : Read more
  51. C

    USB ports are not working

    Hi I've recently(like, two weeks ago) bought a new laptop. It's Asus K55V. Everything was working fine but a few days ago the wireless mouse I'm using stopped working, while I was playing a game. It worked again in a few minutes, so I didn't take it too seriously. But sometime later it stopped...
  52. adammitchell

    HP dv6 6119WM USB 3.0 ports not working?

    It seems like the computer knows that they are there, because I can see them listed under hardware. However, my wireless mouse and everything else I try to plug into them will not work. Any suggestions? Also, I have noticed that they are not showing up as USB 3.0 in device manager. They show up...
  53. sagooding

    How to connect a logitech m510 wireless mouse to my note 2

    How to connect a logitech m510 wireless mouse to my note 2? I have a logitech m510 wireless mouse and a note2 and i would like to connect this mouse to the note 2 using the note2's bluetooth connection and not the wireless adapter that i would normally use with a computer. Is this possible ...
  54. D

    How can i add bluetooth to my laptop?

    I have a bluetooth/wireless mouse for my laptop but I do not have bluetooth capability on the laptop. Can I add this capability via a device that plugs into a usb port?
  55. E

    Wireless Gaming Mouse

    I am looking for the best wireless mouse to go with my new laptop. I have a G500 that I absolutely love. I would like to have something of similar size with similar buttons only wireless. I don't need anything with a crap ton of buttons like the Naga. Does anyone have any good suggestions, and...
  56. F

    Solved! Apple Mouse and Key Board Compatabillity

    Hello, Are the Apple wireless Mouse and Key Board compatible with my Sony Vaio laptop if I chose to buy a monitor and use it via the montitor after cloing the laptop lid?
  57. D

    Wireless mouse not working on laptop

    I have a Dell Studio laptop and a microsoft wireless mouse.The other day the mouse stopped working in the USB port all other ports(4) are working.So I went out and bought a new Logitech mouse and it doe'nt work neither.This is my last resort before bringing it into the shop which will cost...
  58. O

    Solved! Dell inspiron 1720 question how do i turn the mouse pad off

    How do i turn the mouse pad off so I can use a wireless mouse.
  59. G

    Wireless Mouse Works your Shoes to a Polish

    A sparkling spit-shine is just a few clicks away. Wireless Mouse Works your Shoes to a Polish : Read more
  60. T

    Solved! Wireless mouse freezes POST sequence

    I have a Logitech V550 Nano which is causing a HP Pavilion DV6 (AMD p920 quad core, W7HP) to freeze on HP's POST logo. The problem only occurs when the receiver is inserted before or durring POST. The mouse works fine otherwise. Has anyone experienced something similar or have any idea how I...