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Jan 30, 2015

I have recently purchased a Samsung 55" (JU6400) 4K TV and I just have a few questions about it. I have it set up as a "monitor" but it is my TV with a HTPC. So a few things I have noticed that I would love some clarification on whether I'm doing something wrong or what. The TV has apps installed and I noticed while watching netflix (Escape from LA) on the TV's built in apps it looked incredible. For a older movie it looked great, super crisp and clear, HD. When watching netflix on my computer on the other hand (via chrome) it looked exactly as to be expected, not as detailed, not as crisp, SD to wannabe HD. My computer's resolution was set to 4K. If I watch a 4K video on youtube it looks great. I am just wondering why that is the case, is it some settings that I've set that are doing that or something else completely. I have EVGA GTX 970 SSC and an i5 4th gen running at 4.0 gHz.

My other question is when I set my resolution to 4K I've noticed a little bit of mouse lag at random intervals. Sometimes while playing some 4K videos, other times when not doing much at all. I've read through the forums and have found other similar issues and I have tried some of their solutions and it has helped a little, but nothing solid. I've read that if the anti juddering settings are maxed this can help, but when I am on my PC the option is not available to change, but if I am on a different input it is available. Is this due to the extra strain placed on my rig while rendering 4K resolution?

My final question is when I set the resolution to 4K and play Fallout 4 regardless of the settings I place it at (4K, 1440, 1080) I am capped at 30fps regardless of the settings. The frame rates will stay consistent around 30 but performance will change between settings. Same if I change my desktop resolution to 1440. But if set my desktop to 1080 then I at least get 60fps if the game is set to 1080. I was just wondering why this was the case. When setting my desktop resolution to 4K I was hoping it'd downscale it if the game's options were set to 1080. Is it because my desktop resolution is set higher and therefore the game, even at lower settings, is still "displaying" them at a higher resolution then is selected?

Any information would be appreciated. I had to set my TV to 1080 just so I could tolerate playing some games. My goal would be to leave my desktop resolution at 4K and to beplaying games at 1080 without having to switch back and forth...oh yeah to troubleshoot the issues the mouse and have netflix display as amazingly from my computer as it does with TV's built in apps.
The apps are just apps. The picture quality is not dependant on the TV's resolution. We can't measure the difference between UHD and FHD yet, properly until UHD blu-ray hits the consumer market. UHD Netflix is basically equal to current blu-ray, in terms of quality. UHD Netflix doesn't have enough bitrate to make it stand out, resolution certainly isn't everything.

Another spec that is important when it comes to visible detail, is the contrast ratio. An IPS display is going to look worse than a VA, when it comes to shadow and highlight detail.

Color accuracy is another, which is not dependant on panel type, which is a common myth. A low end IPS is going to be beat by a high end VA. A low end VA will be beat by a low end and high end IPS when it comes to everything but shadow and highlight detail.

Regarding your video settings in games, and desktop, I can't answer those. I suggest you contact each game company's tech support to find out why that is happening.

All the best!


Jan 30, 2015
Thank you for the reply and you bring up some good information, but not an answer to my question. I have no qualms with the detail, quality of blackness/shadows or color. From the reviews/ratings I understand it is not the greatest in a few of those aspects, but coming from a 6 year old LCD, this TV is amazing. I am curious as to why there is such a discrepancy when I am using the same programs but one is through the TV and the other is my computer. I understand apps are just apps, but my issue is why when I use the built it apps the quality is so much better than using the same site on my computer regardless if it is set to a higher resolution or not. I spoke to a buddy about this and he states that he has the same issue where if he is using netflix from his xbox one it is not as good looking as using the built in apps on the TV. I've noticed that certain settings on the TV are not available to adjust when the input is through my computer while they are when I'm using the built in apps or nothing at all. I have not found a "PC" mode, I have set it to "Game" mode. I'm certain my drivers are pretty much up to date, minus the one they released or will release for Just Cause 3...Nvidia by the way. Do I need to adjust the settings in the GPU via Nvidia's programs or does it not matter.

This may be in the wrong forum location and probably should be moved to the computer section, hardware or which ever one is more relevant. If it is not moved I will probably repost it. Can I move it myself?
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