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    Solved! Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel reverting back to 60p Hz framerate unplug battery recurring

    Hey all, So I'm dealing with my ASUS Strix Hero II (GL504GM). It has both an Intel and an NVIDIA graphics card, but I believe we're just dealing with the Intel, which is a 630, driver version When I first got the laptop, I found it was annoying how the screen constantly flashed...
  2. O

    RivaTuner Statistics help

    I got RTSS with framerate checked and in OSD too. But FPS still not showing
  3. S

    Quality lowered after repair

    Hi. My laptop three weeks ago was having trouble with frame rates, any game I ran was unplayable because the frame rate was so low. When the laptop was well it ran most games very smoothly on high settings (Overwatch), or even on medium (Witcher 3). I tried everything I could to solve the fps...
  4. M

    The framerate of games won't lock to 60 fps

    Hi, everyone. It's strange but since a few weeks the framerate of most of the games I play is never fixed to 60 fps. I'm referring especially to steam games, such as Towerfall, Portal 2 or Streets of Rogue. Sometimes it goes to 120 fps or to 4000 fps, sometimes it's stable, sometimes it's not...
  5. D

    Solved! Optimize 4K, h265 playback on really low end tablet

    I may be asking the impossible, but I am trying to play a 10bit h265 4k .mkv video on my laptop (using k-lite with MPC-HC) and I am getting terrible performance. This laptop is very low-end, Intel m3 6y30 processor with the associated integrated graphics chip. As long as I can get it to play...
  6. vampixo

    MSI Apache Pro i7-7700 GTX 1060 problems

    I have an MSI GE72VR apache pro, GTX 1060 and an intel i7-7700HQ and am having really bad frame rate issues. I have 3gb video memory, 16GB DDR4-2400MHz, 128GB SSD + a 1TB HDD. I got the laptop 5 months ago and was always able to get between 60-120 frames on every game on high or ultra settings...
  7. S

    Low Framerate on games

    So I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15 i5555. The specs didnt look bad at all. Then I tried running Attack on Titan wings of freedom... That was horrible. It was extremely laggy i was geting an average of 6-10 fps if i was lucky... On LOW! So I thought to myself "hey maybe AOT isnt optimized"...
  8. M

    Increase Continuous/Burst shooting framerate

    I have a Canon Rebel SL1, and i want to increase the amount of pictures taken in Continuous Shooting mode, however it only stops at three pictures per shot. Is there a way to increase it to 5 pictures? I'm trying to figure this out for HDR panorama capture.
  9. P

    Can anybody help me?

    Hello!So i have been trying to get the best performance out of my laptop and i just can't find the right settings to get more fps . I have an intel i3 core and a nvidia GEFORCE 610m 2 gb.If anyone can help me get more fps and not get a lot of frame drops ,respond ,please!
  10. G

    Help, I have blurred lines going through my screen and I am not sure what to do.

    This issue is fairly new and I am not sure what to do. V-sync is on if i turn it off it makes it worse. This is a MSI laptop Specs GTX 1060 32GB RAM Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.60 GHz
  11. A

    Record at Native Framerate OR Desired Framerate?

    Hello. I'm experimenting with different methods or recording and rendering gameplay footage on my PC and I had a minor question. I run all of my games (if possible, of course) at 120fps to match my monitor's native display setting: 1080p @ 120Hz. Is it better to record my gameplay at its...
  12. T

    Long-term framerate drop from power loss

    I wasn't sure how best to describe it in the title. Basically, whenever I unplug my AC adapter from my laptop, or the flow is otherwise interrupted, it powers off. It's been stuck at "0% plugged in, not charging" for years. That problem's not so hard to live with, I suspect that it arose because...
  13. L

    my GTX 960m runs games with low fps

    my computer has the intel core i7 cpu and on games like minecraft im only getting 30-60 fps i have the latest drivers, the nvidia control panel doesnt change anything, i have my power settings to maximum performance on a gaming laptop, and all im getting is framerate issues still. if anyone has...
  14. R

    Are the specs capable of running csgo at good framerate?

    I am thinking about purchasing a new pc I have came across one for a reasonable price. I would just like to know if these specs could run csgo at an alright frame rate ? Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz Foxconn Palit P35A Motherboard with SLI/Crossfire support. 500GB hard drive with windows 10...
  15. ProbablyNeedHelp

    Low framerate on "new" "gaming" laptop... CS:GO.

    Hey! So I've been a PC gamer for a long time now, I only recently brought a laptop for light gaming, unfortunately I have been having some issues with CS:GO, I run everything on it's lowest settings at 1920x1080 (I can't stand non-native resolution stretching.) so I am getting around 30-50 fps...
  16. C

    Framerate drop after 2 minutes of watching any videoyoutube in game or any video file on any player.

    Hello people here is my problem. After about some time of watching a video(maybe 1-2mins) on anything in a game, youtube, any movie or video files on any player. framerate drops like nearly freezing it goes away after 5-10second but happens again and again. Never had any problem like that until...
  17. S

    MSI Afterburner bug?

    Hello, I want to monitor my framerate. vram/ram usage, core usage, temps but I only get to see iGPU usage and framerate, I can't see anything else. I've reinstalled msi afterburner and rivatuner but still no difference even though I have everything ticked in msi afterburner. I thought this was...
  18. A

    Getting low framerate and overheat on my gtx 870m

    Hello. I got this problem recently with my laptop. Asus rog g750j Cpu: I7 4700HQ Gpu:gtx 870m 3Gb Ram:24Gb OS:Windows 10 Recently ,every time i start my computer, my gpu starts throttling it's fan at the highest speed and in a matter of minutes just browsing on the internet the gpu heats as if...
  19. F

    Can i play Overwatch smoothly with these specs?

    Hey im getting a new laptop and was wondering if it can run Overwatch without frame drops on at least medium settings, what do you guys think? Intel® Core™ i7-6500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz) 15.6" HD WXGA Acer Cinecrystal™ LED LCD 8GB DDR3 (1 x 8GB) RAM 128GB + 1TB Hard Disk...
  20. Dion__

    Canon XA10 how to 30/60FPS

    Hello, I've got a Canon XA10 but i can only record in 25i/50iFPS i want to record in 30/60fps like other people do :P. But i cant find how to do this? Greetings. Dion
  21. K

    Fraps very slow for Minecraft!

    I use Fraps for recording games. When I record other games than minecraft, fraps does not drop framerate that much. But when I try to record minecraft, framerate drops to a constant 17 fps.. I changed fraps settings to lowest it can get and still I got the same old 17 fps. I have Intel Core...
  22. B

    Need laptop for minecraft under $500

    Im looking into buying a laptop for school work but also want it to be able to run minecraft at a good framerate and mabey even some mods. Around $400 would be great but anything under $500 is good.
  23. M

    Low Frame Rates - Intel HD Graphics 3000 - Intel Core i3 - Fifa 14

    I have a laptop with Intel HD graphics 3000, 4 GB RAM, 2.40ghz and Intel core i3 I play Fifa 14 it worked very fast earlier and now it is very laggy. Every game is running slow. Please help. I am on Windows 8.1.
  24. Pike68

    Fps, temp and voltage mod.

    Hi, I been watching some youtube vids lately and see gamers running games but with some stats showing down left or right side, the stats would have stuff like, frame rate, clock speed, core usage, cpu temperature voltage etc etc. What are these mods/apps called, and are there free ones, and...
  25. M

    Every game locked at 47 fps

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 on my laptop. All drivers are from Windows Update. Everything is working fine except one thing. All Steam games are locked at 47 fps! Framerate can be lower, but it never goes higher than 47 fps. I have v-sync off in-game and in CCC. And I have no...
  26. M

    4K Questions regarding 4K streaming/Gaming

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Samsung 55" (JU6400) 4K TV and I just have a few questions about it. I have it set up as a "monitor" but it is my TV with a HTPC. So a few things I have noticed that I would love some clarification on whether I'm doing something wrong or what. The TV has apps...
  27. J

    GTX 960 Framerate Problem

    I have a gtx 960 and a i5 4690k i cant seem to run cs go above 35 frames and i know this isn't normal i dont know whats wrong all the drivers are up to date
  28. L

    black ops 3 bad framerate

    my mediocre laptop can run black ops 1 with everything maxed without AA at 1366*768 on a steady 60fps, also black ops 2 with everything maxed aswell without AA at a steady 60fps at 1366*768, so i bought black ops 3 completely hyped to play it, but i got seriously bad framerates i need to set...
  29. J

    Why Do 60fps Twitch Streams Only Stutter On Chrome ?

    Whenever i watch 60fps streams on CHrome the framerate starts spiking but when i go on edge or IE is normal and just fine so does anyone have a fix ?
  30. J

    Laptop that can Play/Stream League of Legends

    I’m looking for a Laptop that can both play and Stream (Via Twitch) League of Legends at a reasonable framerate. I know League of Legends isn’t that demanding on computer hardware, but I have no clue as to the requirements to stream on twitch. My budget is around $1000, but there is a little...
  31. R

    unstable laptop framerate

    I opened up my laptop for the first time yesterday to clean out the fan, it was overheating. I had to take out the heat sink and fan in order to clean out the inside of the fan and I put it all back and made sure everything was connected. I turned it on, started playing a game on steam, but the...
  32. E

    What's better for gaming ?

    Hello, I bought this notebook few days ago and installed every needed and recommended driver. I tested framerate and I have: AC: Black Flag - 23 fps GTA V - 20 fps both on the lowest settings and 1366x768 resolution. Even though benchmark on the internet showed otherwise. I know I can't get...
  33. N

    What's the maximum framerate a Nexus 5 can display?

    I was wondering if it supported 60fps, so whats the maximum framerate? And is there an app that supports YouTube at 60fps to get the most out of my phone?
  34. C

    Can i run GTA V with my PC

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P50-A Specs: Intel core i5 4200U 8GB Ram Nvidia GeForce 740M 2GB 1920x1080 resolution (willing to run in 1280x720) I want to run GTA V, is it possible, and if so at what framerates?
  35. S

    What is wrong with my GeForce 740m? This is an outrage.

    Two days ago I installed the new GTA V driver update (450.12) and after trying to play League of Legends, my most played game, nothing would happen after the patching screen and clicking launch, the patcher would simply close and nothing would happen. A day later I decided to try to test other...
  36. J

    Hertz in tv monitors

    I heard that tv only recieve 50 hertz and than increase it themselves to a higher framerate. Does that cause stuttering or fracturing in your image. Just wondering as I am thinking about buying a new tv.
  37. P

    Norton Anti virus good anti virus?

    Is Norton a good anti virus so adware. Trustworthy? And does malaware effect gaming in fps wise lower framerate
  38. B

    Dragon Age Inquisition Poor Graphics Issues

    I recently purchased Inquisition, and it runs fine if I don't mind the graphics looking worse than either of the previous two. I'm guessing there are things I can do to improve the graphics while still maintaining a framerate of 30+ fps, but I don't know what they are. Please help! My system...
  39. Krizm87

    Gaming Framerate drops in evening?!?

    My PC Greetings, I have been playing games like league and Wow at moderate settings no problem for weeks at 30-60fps. HP coolsense keeps my pc cool to the touch but as of the past few days around 4-6pm...
  40. T

    Cheap laptop for low-mid settings

    Are there any recommendations for laptops which could hold a decent framerate (30fps+) at low to mid sttings. My budget is £400 and it preferably needs 8gb of RAM, a 1TB HDD and a dedicated graphics card.
  41. L

    My computer is getting bad framerate when it shouldn't be

    Ok, so I want to play that are fairly new and next-gen without bad framerate. I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 745m graphics card. Intel Core i7-4500U CPU @1.8 ghz. I also have 8 go of RAM and a 1920x1080 60hz monitor I'm running it on windows 8 and my drivers are up to date yet i still get really...
  42. BigBadBeef

    setting up good recording software for games

    I want to set up a good recording "studio" for games but am having trouble doing that. I've tried bandicam and I've tried fraps, but both seem quite foreign to me and can't seem to set them up properly. So the question is: Is there anything better you would recommend and do you have any advice...
  43. C

    Framerate averages have all dropped suddenly on Alienware M17x R4?

    So I own an Alienware M17x R4 laptop, don't have the specs memorized (usually use a mac for non-gaming functions). Although I couldn't run high graphics-intensive games such as BF4, I could tolerate it. I ran 60 fps Skyrim on ultra no mods, 70-90 Team Fortress 2 on highest settings, 60 on l4d2...
  44. S

    SSD and Fraps

    Hello guys. I'm planning to buy an SSD shortly to reduce the lag I get while recording games with Fraps. My computer is already good, but my HDD's write speed is rather low, so I'll get an SSD to compensate it. So, what would be the best option: 1) leaving Fraps, the game, and everything else...
  45. Krokette

    Framerate locking problem

    Hi, Because I have a pretty decent GPU, I want to lock my FPS at 60, because above that, I don't see any difference and I don't want to warm my graphic card for almost nothing. As you probably saw, I have a EVGA GeForce GTX 770 and I know that I can use EVGA PrecisionX to lock my FPS, but for...
  46. L

    Problems with video files and editing softwares

    I have a bunch of recorded files that are either in a .mp4 or a .ts file that I've been recording to use for the past few months. All of them were recorded with Avermedia's Live Gamer HD. For the .mp4 files, I can view them back perfectly in sync in Media Player Classic, Quicktime, and Windows...
  47. I

    Can i run Dark souls (I or II) on my laptop?

    These are my laptop's specs: -Intel core I3 cpu M330 @2.13 ghz -4gb RAM -ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 Tell me the settings, resolution and fps. (Minimum would be lowest, 720p 30fps) NO canyourunit. That page is a lie.
  48. J

    Will this setup work for BF4 and other graphics intensive games>

    Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX Extreme Mobile Processor 3.10 GHz 8M Smart Cache, Max Turbo Freq. 4.00 GHz 16GB (8GBx2) DDR3-1600 SODIMM Memory AMD Radeon HD 8970M Graphics with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM I am looking to achieve good framerate and maintain reliability. Also if anything is unnecessary please...
  49. W

    Video Frame Rate Questions

    Hope I'm in the right thread.. Hey all! I want to apologize in advance as many times as this has been asked, I have searched and searched but I don't quite get it, I thought personally asking may clear it up my questions. My questions is over Frame Rates and what happens to them in the rendering...
  50. Q

    Specs vs. brand name?

    Hi. I'm looking for a laptop under £600 that is capable of playing relatively modern games (Just Cause 2, GTA IV, Saint's Row III) at medium+ settings with a smooth framerate (above 30fps). After a bit of searching I came across the Medion Akoya P7817 for £589. i5 3230M, GT 730M, 8GB RAM, full...
  51. DarkDubzs

    What is a small file size recording alternative to fraps?

    I use fraps to record gameplay, but the preconverted file sizes are too big for extended recording as a few minutes is a few gigs. What is a good, free alternative to Fraps that records gameplay and records smaller file sizes, all with good quality. Any feedback or help is greatly appreciated
  52. P

    I need suggestions on a laptop that'll run swtor well

    Hi guys I really need some help here, So i'm going to be on the move for work here in the next few days and i need some guidance in terms of laptops I have looked around a bit and will link a few i think will work well for me but what i really need is a laptop that'll run SWTOR very well My...
  53. M

    MSI Afterburner On Screen Display Help

    Hello Everyone, I recently downloaded MSI Afterburner and came into a couple of problems: 1. How do I change the color of the on screen display? When on the monitoring tab under settings I change the color to what I want and click ok, but when in game the color is always purple how do I change...
  54. bobdolan

    Need help choosing a laptop and Here's the situation: If BF3 were run on the lowest possible settings on both of these laptops, which would give me the highest framerate?
  55. A

    Lenovo y580 Framerate help

    hi i was wondering what framerates i will get on most modern games with a lenovo y580? it has an i7 3610qm and a Nvidia GTX 660m. at 1920x1080 & 1366x768 along with that what do you think about the computer. is it a worth while investment? quick answers will be much appreciated!!! :)
  56. A

    Best Hardcore Gaming PC under 600 bucks?

    Hello, I'm looking for a gaming laptop that can play modern games like Skyrim and Minecraft at highish settings at good framerate in HD! (and Wii and PS2 emulators at good framerate in HD!) that is under 600, preferably under 550 but it doesn't really matter. Please reply!
  57. H

    MSI 780R Benckmarks

    Hello, do any have a MSI 780R or similar spec laptop ,tell me the framerate when playing Shogun 2 ,Red Faction: Armageddon and FEAR 3?