Jan 6, 2015
Hi guys! This is my first post in this forum and my english its too bad, so sorry for orthographics mistakes.
Now I'm buying a new pc gamer and I want to get some peripherals. I think that my old Steelseries 6g will works nice, so I need a new headset and mouse. I saw on ebay the Logitech G430 and it really looks cool! I saw too the Coursair Raptor HS40, a 7.1 headset, but I haven't got any soudcard, only the onboard one. I really don't know anything about 7.1 sound, so, it will works on 7.1 or have I to buy a new sound card?
For the mouse I saw the Steelseries Kana and it looks good and confortable, but I'm thinking too in a Tt esport one.
I will play fps (Counter Strike mainly), so, what should I get?


Aug 29, 2013
I would go for Logitech.

The G430 has a better microphone which will help in Counter Strike, they've got the same speakers tho.

But it's just personal preference, it's up to you.
And I don't know anything about sound cards so I will let someone else answer that for you. :p