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  1. B

    GPU/ PSU question!

    Im planning on ordering a new graphics card on new egg today! I have a 500w Thermaltake TR2, the graphics card im getting has a minimum power supply requirement of 500W reccomened 550W. I probally need a new PSU. How can i determine how much wattage i will need altogether for computer? And i...
  2. O

    Broken audio port on front panel Thermaltake Chaser A31

    Hey guys, It is going to be weird, but i need someone to help me out. (first time asking for help online ) So my husband tripped over headphone's cord and broke audio port on the front panel of the PC. He has Thermaltake Chaser A31. I've tried looking for front panel part itself - to change...
  3. Zachasaurs

    Buying a new headset need help and recommendations!

    So my last pair of headphones- Tt eSPORTS SHOCK PC Gaming Headset just broke over the last week and while there is still a couple weeks in the manufacturer warranty unfortunately thermaltake is too stupid to reply to my offers to get a replacement/ fix. anyways im gonna try and get a new set...
  4. K

    I need advice choosing cooling pad for my Asus G551JM

    Hi Guys! I should replace my old cooling pad which is dying. With all the reviews, technical data and threads of this forum, I can't decide between some models, so I need some help. There are the 5 pads (here in Hungary they are 35-50 USD): 1) Cooler Master NotePal U Stand: 2 x 100 mm fans...
  5. E

    Mouse and headset

    Hi guys! This is my first post in this forum and my english its too bad, so sorry for orthographics mistakes. Now I'm buying a new pc gamer and I want to get some peripherals. I think that my old Steelseries 6g will works nice, so I need a new headset and mouse. I saw on ebay the Logitech G430...
  6. N

    which of these is the best ?

    Hello everyone I am looking for a laptop cooler and I need it to be : 1)quite 2)comfortable 3)good cooling and those is the models I can get : 1)Thermaltake Allways Cool Black 2)Thermaltake Allways Control Black 3)Thermaltake Massive23 GT LapTop Cooler 4)Thermaltake Massive23 LX Snow...
  7. G

    ThermalTake Gaming Mice and Keyboard: Affordable Peripherals

    A comfortable gaming experience doesn't have to cost a fortune. Gaming peripheral maker ThermalTake unveiled its latest series of ESports branded mechanical keyboards and gaming mice that will start at $19.99 and be available in July. We ha ThermalTake Gaming Mice and Keyboard: Affordable...
  8. R

    Thermaltake Massive23 LX fan speed increasing

    Hello, I am sick with the performance of my Thermaltake Massive23 LX. It may cool my laptop by 5-6 degree at best and when temp goes too quick upward it cannot do much. My laptop is HP Pavilion dv6-6c19tx . I will be very happy if I can increase the fan speed. I am not that knowledgeable...
  9. R

    Does the i-Soft Fanless Notebook Cooler really work?

    I was wondering if the Thermaltake i-Soft Fanless Notebook Cooler actually work? I have A MSI-Gx640 and I mostly use it for gameing. I wish to find an effective cooler pad for notebook. I've also been hearing reports that the Thermaltake i-Soft Fanless Notebook Cooler doesn't really work, and...
  10. G

    Ultra Products Sues Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Thermaltake And 18 Other PSU Companies

    Modular power supplies are a hit among users, and personally, I like them much more than non-modular cabling. Ultra Products Sues Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Thermaltake And 18 Other PSU Companies : Read more