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  1. H

    Counter Strike 1.6 Loading script au.vbs failed access is denied

    Counter Strike 1.6 Loading script au.vbs failed access is denied everytime i run the game whether admin or not.
  2. K

    What are safe laptop temperatures

    My laptop (The lenovo E570) has had cpu temperatures of 80-95 celcius under full load (games like GTA V, Just Cause 3, Counter strike Global Offensive). My Gpu has been around 75-80 Celcius. Is this safe?
  3. Kcsingh

    Gaming laptop Suggestions. max 2700 Euro

    Hey guys! Normally a desktop gamer, but need a laptop that i can use when i travel and sometimes for work. I have a macbook pro 13 Touchbar and a 15" macbook pro which runs a few of the games fine, WoW and csgo, but i need a laptop that can run OW, CS, WOW, CoD, battlefied games. Last...
  4. E

    AMD E1-6010 APU AMD Radeon R2 Graphics

    Hello, Before i start english is not my primary language, so im sorry if i can't express myself well I have an issue, i own an HP laptop ( Not a good one, i know that, but it's the only one i have for now) specs -> AMD E1-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics, 1.35ghz, 4 gb ram, 64bit, windows...
  5. S

    Is Intel UHD 620 graphics is supported for Counterstrike??

    Is Intel grephics UHD graphics is supported for playinng Counterstrike of RAm 12GB??
  6. D

    Low FPS in CSGO

    Intel Core i3 6006u 2.0ghz Nvidia MX150 2gb 4 gb of ram I have tried all graphic settings and resolutions and i always get 0 - 100 fps and my cpu and gpu load is around 30 - 40% also i have noticed when i go in task manager my disk is always at 100% load
  7. J

    can i run counter strike go in my sony vaio 32 bit

    i need to run cs go game in my sony vaio of 32 bit , so i wanted to ask that will it be possible to download and run the game in this pc
  8. S

    csgo on intel pentium quad core

    i have an intel pentium n3530 quad core and i want to know if i can run CS:GO smoothly on this. please help
  9. R

    Live Streaming Youtube

    Hi, My product: MSI GTX 1060. I am currently playing CounterStrike Global Offensive and when using the Nvidia Experience tool to LIVE stream on YouTube (Alt + Z), my voice is not getting recorded in the streaming whereas my Mic works and my Teammates can hear me during the game but not in the...
  10. S

    Will my external display lower my CS GO performance?

    Hi there I play CS GO on my laptop: HP Envy 17-1090 (from 2011). I would prefer to use an external display and keyboard. I have a Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD also from 2011 at hand. How do I know or figure out if I will get a lower perpormance due to the display if I use the FX2490HD instead of...
  11. O

    Weird lines appearing on screen

    Hi! I'm getting random white lines in random positions on the screen. This only happens when I'm playing Counterstrike. What could cause this and how can I fix it? I'm playing with Lenovo x1 carbon i7 4550u with Intel hd 5000.
  12. R

    Gaming Laptop Maximum Cpu Temp: 87 degrees celcius. Average: 75 Celcius. An External Keyboard Sits Over The Internal One

    Hi, I bought and eluktronics high performance laptop that I use for, Counter Strike, Playerunkowns and more. Its specs are, a Nvidia Gtx 1060. Intel 7th gen 7700 2.8 ghz, and has 16 gb of ram. I also use an external keyboard which sits on top the laptop keys. Could that be causing the problem...
  13. S

    Can I run CS:GO in my 2011 laptop?

    Hi all Can I run CS:GO on this laptop? HP ENVY 17" 1090eo - from 2011 Specs.: Core i7 720QM / 1.6 GHz - RAM 8 GB - HDD 500 GB + 500 GB - DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM / BD-ROM - Mobility Radeon HD 5850 - Gigabit Ethernet - WLAN : Bluetooth, 802.11 a/b/g/n - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 17.3"...
  14. D

    Installing games and PC security

    Hi folks, I was just wondering, if you install games (e.g. Counter Strike) on your computer (laptop), does this open your system up to more potential threats (i.e. hacking, system access, viruses etc)? And does it make any difference if you just play games offline compared with playing online...
  15. F

    Can this laptop run CS:GO? Res and fps?

    Intel Core i3-7100 prosessor Full HD screen, 8hr battery 6 GB DDR4 memory, 128 GB M2.SSD
  16. N

    FPS Drops suddenly and back to normal but only in some games and in some cases

    Hello, I have quite strange problem about FPS Drop's, my PC is asus x555LN, the problem is different. It happends on different games, Starting with Counter Strike Global offensive what is quite different than comparing to others. So to begin with when im playing CSGO competetive after some time...
  17. X

    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series HELP!

    How well will the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series run on Cs go
  18. R

    Counter Strike Compatibility

    My PC has Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz processor. No Graphic Card is inserted. Will Counter Strike will work on my PC? If no, then what improvements should I make.
  19. K

    Laptop Question for you all.

    Hey Im looking at getting a laptop to game on when not at my desktop. I play games such as counter strike, rocket league, h1z1 king of the kill, dead by daylight. Not huge graphics games. Would say the Asus GL502 Series work well? Also, with those games would they play well on a 1060 or should...
  20. W

    playing almost any game is unbareable. please read...

    okay so, first let me post my rig info Asus ROGL752VW 16 gigs of ram intel i7 processor with intel graphics card Nvidia geforce gtx 960M 4gb vram windows 10 home Playing any game is basically impossible because i play old games like counter strike 1.6, call of duty, day of defeat, and even...
  21. L

    Asus Q534UX for gaming

    Hi, wanted to see if Asus Q534UX is okay to play games on. I currently play CS GO, and the specs seem decent enough to play, but the laptop fan seems to kick in high gear from the start and is pumping out heat, so want to make sure it's normal to do that. Thanks!
  22. A

    Looking for computer for counter strike global offensive

    Hey toms hardware people, I have divorced parents and i am not out of the house yet...I keep my gaming pc at my dads house because his house has fast internet and that cool stuff, but since i have to go back and fourth i cant really bring my desktop due to the size. What kind of laptop/intel...
  23. G

    Can I claim other peoples videos?

    This is a hypothetical situation. Lets imagine I uploaded a 20 minute video that was gameplay of a certain game. Im gonna use counterstrike as an example. First of all, if someone was to download the video and add it to their video (in the background) not under fair use. Could I claim the...
  24. P

    Bought a fake Sades headset - Drivers not working

    So I bought a new headset called the Sades A30S. I plugged it in and it works fine. I try to play CSGO and it won't launch anymore. After some intensive testing for a few hours, I have concluded that CSGO doesn't launch because the drivers aren't installed for the headset. The thing is, when I...
  25. E

    laptop that will run binding of issac, counter-strike, and super meat boy for under 300

    I'm looking for a laptop that can play the games I've listed. Please stay under 300.
  26. A

    Can This Laptop Run counter strike and h1z1 smoothly

    Specs: 8 gb ram windows 8 intel core i7-3630qm @2.40GHz Intel Hd Graphics 4400 750GB HDD Will this play CS:Go Smoothly and H1Z1 Yhnaks for the answer
  27. L

    Looking for a really cheap laptop for school

    I'm looking to buy a used laptop under 150 right now. I need it for basic school work and the occasional counter strike match. Only thing I want is a 1080p display.
  28. T

    Wich laptop would be able to run Counter Strike:Global Offensive

    So im buying a laptop an i found 2 laptops which seemed decent for my budget but im not sure if they could play csgo or wich one is better on low graphics (Also im not sure if 32 gb of ram is enough, im not storing nuch more then google csgo skype an teamspeak) ACER Aspire ES1-331-C3WP CPU...
  29. S

    Sennheiser Game One question

    I am thinking of purchasing the Sennheiser Game One. I am planning on using it to game, mostly CS:GO. I was wondering if I should buy an amp or sound card to accompany it or should my on board sound work fine (MOBO: Gigabyte z97x ud5h). Thanks for any responses I get.
  30. F

    I got CSGO on my laptop and now it makes a loud feedback noise

    I got Counter Strike Global Offensive on my laptop, and as soon as it started running this very high pitched deafening sound started coming from my mic. I cannot seem to fix it.
  31. S

    Is it gud to use for counter strike global offensive online because csgo requires gud fps???

    How much fps will the laptop lenovo g50-80 will give as counterstrike online requires gud fps rate????is it good for the game
  32. M

    Which is Better for Gaming

    Gaming as in Counter Strike Global Offensive/Overwatch laptop 1: Core i3-4005U processor (4th Gen) 1.7 GHz 4GB of RAM 500 GB Hard Drive Nvidia 820M Dedicated graphics card 15.6 inch screen Full keyboard with numb pad Windows 10 operating system Laptop 2: Core i5-5200u 5th gen 2.2ghz 4gb ram...
  33. ProbablyNeedHelp

    Low framerate on "new" "gaming" laptop... CS:GO.

    Hey! So I've been a PC gamer for a long time now, I only recently brought a laptop for light gaming, unfortunately I have been having some issues with CS:GO, I run everything on it's lowest settings at 1920x1080 (I can't stand non-native resolution stretching.) so I am getting around 30-50 fps...
  34. R

    Need a cheap CS:GO/LOL Laptop to take to school

    As the title says I need a new laptop. I move in August 3rd, I must have the laptop with me by then. My budget will be approximately 400-600$. I love to play CS:GO and sometimes play LOL with a work friend. I play CS:GO ON 12XXx7XX with low settings except for global shadow quality (high). I...
  35. T

    Best headphone for cs go under 80$

    Hey guys :D so as it says, i'm looking to buy a headphone under 80 US$ and the hyper x cloud 2 seems pretty good apparently. I would want to know from the experienced guys what other options i might consider. Is cloud 2 the best option? My primary aim is playing counter strike global offensive...
  36. R

    Laptop shuts down mid way when playing video games

    So i have been using this Laptop over a year to play video games one in particular ( Counter strike Global Offensive) and 4 weeks ago i have been having this problem where my laptop would randomly shut off. I recently got my laptop cleaned so it isnt a overheating issue and i just recently...
  37. A

    Headphone recommendations under $120

    My current headphones are on their last limb, and I was wondering what headphones would be ideal for me, assuming the price is below $120. I mainly use my headphones for listening to music with lots of bass, like jazz. Also, I use my headphones for games, like Counter Strike: Global Offensive...
  38. A

    ASUS RoG with GTX 980M - LOW FPS IN CSGO

    Good evening, Since i purchased my ASUS RoG laptop, i have been facing low fps (between 90 and 200), which I found kind of low for such specs: Intel i7-4720HQ - 2.6 Ghz (Turbo goes to 3.5 Ghz) nVidia GTX 980M 8GB 24 GB RAM I forced the nVidia GPU and not the integrated one in nVidia control...
  39. B

    Audio Channel Problems

    I'm not sure, a weird thing is happening with my earphones. When I'm playing audio like, playing counter strike for example, I can tell that the left earphone/channel is significantly louder than the right. When I look at one of the audio channel test on youtube I can also tell that on the...
  40. F

    I cant find my mouse DPI?!

    I've been looking forever and I can't find my mouse dpi i've used websites and everything my wpi is 6 but i dont know my dpi I have some Lenovo Mouse http:// thats it I am trying to get a good game sensitivity on csgo Update I'm not sure if that is the exact mouse but it looks like it and has...
  41. A

    Low budget laptop for Counter Strike Global Offensive (cs:go)

    Hey there, I need a laptop that can run Cs Go at MINIMUM 60fps so that means 60fps and above. My budget is around 400-500 dollars. Please make sure that the laptop video card is nvidia.
  42. S

    I dont get suround system on my headphones

    So i dont get suround system on my headphones. So i usually use this when i play counter strike or some simular games so i can hear if he is coming from the right or from the left. And i changed my PC but headphones stayed the same. On my last pc everything worked fine. But now when i enter the...
  43. Ryan_81

    Not being able to Dedicate VRAM

    Hello everybody, Before I say anything else let me state something (Integrated graphics use RAM as VRAM) With that being said depending on your Integrated Graphics you can dedicate X amount of physical memory to VRAM. In my case I can dedicate 1760 mbs. I only have 128mbs dedicated. No matter...
  44. adast

    Need a laptop

    Hello I want to a laptop not for gaming just for working watching movies browsing internet but mabe playing a game like counter strike global offensive dont have much time in playing games as im working right now My budget is max 300 i live in London after searching i found this laptop...
  45. K

    Headphones not recognizing left and right sound

    I am a gamer and I mostly play CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and I have simple headphone which is not recognizing whether the sound (of footsteps i.e the most imp sound in CSGO) is coming from left or right.... The Sound is audible at same magnitude from both the speakers of...
  46. D

    losing quality when uploading to youtube

    Hey guys, im planning on making a movie on a counter-strike globalofffensive tournament that will take place this week, and i encountered problems with uploading footage to youtube. I did a lot of research and tried many solutions myself, but im now to the point where im going to need help from...
  47. S

    Mic having horrible feedback

    Hello my mic is giving terrible amounts of feedback in Skype and team speak ( it sounds a jet engine in my room) but when i try to talk in cs go it sounds perfectly fine. Also my ping doesnt go up in cs go so that kind of rules out that it could be an internet thing. What could be the problem?
  48. B

    Any advice for purchasing a new Laptop? Are there any deals?

    I am searching for an ideal budget laptop and primarily concerned with entertainment. I use my laptop constantly for business and pleasure. Work, internet browsing mainly, but also TV/movies and a bit of gaming. I currently have a HP G6 A8, so I am comparing various features to this model. I...
  49. L

    Can I run Cs:Go on my laptop?

    I have a elitebook 8440p and i want to play cs go. however, i wont waste money on the game if i wont be able to run it. i dont really care about the video resolution, only fps. so if i can run it at a good fps by running it on low id be fine with it. As far as specs go the processor is a Core...
  50. P

    CPU goes up to 55 when i play a game!

    Hi! when i start my csgo counter strike global offensive, then my cpu goes up to 55% and its have never done that before and itsa annoying can you help me to fix it?
  51. M

    Gaming Laptop CS:GO and Minecraft

    Hi everyone! I recently build a Gaming PC specifically for Minecraft and CS:GO. I put it together around Christmas and it has been working great! I get about 300 FPS on Medium settings on Minecraft, and about 200 FPS on Medium settings on CS:GO. I'm looking for near the same performance, or a...
  52. P

    Sennheiser 2 way showdown

    I don't have a sound card, as I am upgrading from the Kraken chroma. I have found 2 Sennheisers which fit my bill, but the cheaper, the better. These are: - HD 598 (SE) - PC 350 (SE) I will be playing cs go and bf4/bfh, as well as listening to music. I'm no audiophile, but I love high quality...
  53. M

    Best PC gaming headset?

    Looking for one of the best PC headsets for under 200 CAD. I want it to be good for sound whoring in cs:go and call of duty. I want to be able to pinpoint enemies. Thanks
  54. D

    I want help with choosing a headset

    I am mainly going to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at a competetive level. I am semi pro and want some help with a headset. I have used hyperx cloud 2 but they fucked up after just 3 months so I am not going to buy a new pair. What do you guys have to recommend to me? I have the built...
  55. Z

    My laptop sometimes lags/stutters when I'm playing games like counter strike global offensive or team fortress 2

    Hi, A few weeks ago I was having problems with my windows laptop so I decided to "restore" it to a previous windows update. Since then, any time I try to play a game, not just those that require better specs, the games randomly freeze and then continue. Most of the time it happens when a lot is...
  56. X

    g930 vs g35 sound

    so i have had g930 forever and had the best hearing of most people on csgo with them. i recently got the g35. but i literally cant distinguish anything anymore. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or maybe i just need to get used to the new sounds? i dont see any drivers other...
  57. L

    Gaming Headphones and mic advice?

    Background: I recently have been told how much headsets suck and that getting a good pair of headphones and a good mic will have you way better off. I currently own razer kraken pros and to be honest, they suck. They leak audio so much to the point of where I can't even listen to a YouTube video...
  58. M

    Best headset for cs go under 100

    Hi so I need either headphones and a mic or a headset. My apple earbuds do the trick on locating enemy's. I want to have better sound and to locate them father away. I bought a Logitech g35 headset but returned it right away because the sound was horrible. What would be my best option?
  59. PatrikBalkus

    Need Reliable Laptop for School and Lighter Gaming for No More than $400(CS:GO, WoW,nothing much more hardcore than these)

    I have found some options which seemed okay to me, but as I am in college and fairly short on funds, I would like the opinion of others before making the decision. I don't need a touch screen, a 500GB HDD is enough, 4GB RAM is enough, I can upgrade that for cheap later if needed. I would like to...
  60. R

    Senheiser Game One vs Zero for CS:GO and Music??

    Hi, I am looking for headphones primarily for CS:GO and music however i am not sr ure whether to go for closed or open back versions of these Senheiser headsets :)