Will my external display lower my CS GO performance?

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Sep 5, 2017
Hi there
I play CS GO on my laptop: HP Envy 17-1090 (from 2011).
I would prefer to use an external display and keyboard. I have a Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD also from 2011 at hand.

How do I know or figure out if I will get a lower perpormance due to the display if I use the FX2490HD instead of the laptops display?

I have googled that the FX2490HD have 5 ms responstime, but I do nok know how many hz
I can not find any detailed info om the laptop screen

In short: Will it lower my CS Go performance if I use the FX2490HD as external display?

Thanks in advance
If the laptop's screen resolution is the same as the external monitor's resolution, then there will be no performance difference provided the monitor is setup to mirror the laptop's screen.
Don't see why you would have lower speeds on the external monitor than on your laptop. Your laptop has a standard LCD screen to the refresh rate vs the monitor does not matter.

Why not simply test it and see what happens? Easy to get an FPS counter up to check things. Just keep in mind you need to have the resolution the same or you will see different performance.
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