Jan 18, 2020
Hello everyone,

My first Logitech headset was G430. I was using Dolby Surround ever since + EQ. I switched to G633 about 2 years ago. When I first got the headset and when I installed the latest driver, I was so unpleased with the audio. It was so bad. I have made a research about that problem and found a solution from this topic. It was uninstalling the latest driver and installing an old "LGS 8.72.107" driver (The driver before DTS came out). It was such an improvement over the latest driver. The volume and the bass were awesome. I highly recommend you to fresh install LGS8.72.107 if you have G633/G630/G430...

Yesterday I switched to G933 and tried to install the latest driver (GHUB) and see if there are any changes. There are some improvements but still, the volume was not loud enough. I think GHUB / new* LGS drivers are not letting us take control and they are normalizing the volume. I tried to install the version I mentioned, 8.72. But LGS didn't see my G933 probably because the driver released before the G933 release. I tried to install other old drivers but they all got DTS and they were really bad too. I found another solution and it was installing the "USB Audio Device" driver instead of G933 Wireless on Windows. It works but it disables surround sound and GHUB doesn't see my G933. I don't like stereo and don't want to use that way. I tried to install the G933 driver again and it seems a little bit better but not so much. How I can disable the control that Logitech took over on my G933? Is there any version you recommend?

The version I tested:

If I purchase Dolby Acces, will I be able to get that great volume back?
Is your G933 battery fully charged?

Is the volume maxed out at the headset control itself

If you used Dolby Access before, it might be the problem , that after the trial you hear it different.

Do you know how much Dolby Access will cost you?
Jan 18, 2020
Yes, fully charged. Everything is maxed out. I didn't use Dolby Access before. I was thinking maybe it can help to fix the problem. But, after the last things I did, It seems OK. Not great as on my G633 but it's OK. I still wanted to create a post here maybe has a better solution for this problem and also, if anyone knows how to disable the control that Logitech took over. By the way, Dolby Access does not cost so much.
Jan 18, 2020
I'm not sure how much is it cost in USD. Probably about 5-10 dollars. By the way, I installed LGS 9.02 and I think it's much better now.
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