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  1. twissen

    Solved! Logitech G933 Low Volume Issue

    Hello everyone, My first Logitech headset was G430. I was using Dolby Surround ever since + EQ. I switched to G633 about 2 years ago. When I first got the headset and when I installed the latest driver, I was so unpleased with the audio. It was so bad. I have made a research about that problem...
  2. L

    Headphones aren't working with headphone splitter

    Lately I bought a h110 Logitech Stereo Headset for my Toshiba Satelitte C55-C running Widnows 10 since I needed somehing to talk with my buddies online. The only problem was my laptop has only one audio jack and the headphones had 2 volume plugs (blue & pink. one for the mic and the other for...