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  1. kryonas

    Question Half channels from Anthem MRX 700 receiver at low volume. How to troubleshoot/fix?

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I have an anthem MRX 700 receiver which I have used for years. Recently, I noticed the volume for my front right, center, back left, and surround left channels were at a much lower volume (not distorted or entirely silent just ~18db lower than the rest). I'm...
  2. Cubetterio

    Question Surround sound better with high volume

    I have a confusion, I play fps games on low volume (comparing to my friends) I do that cause I think I would panic in a 1v3 situation cause of the high volume and I just wanted to know if the sarround sound is better and more recognisable if I play with the maximum audio possible enough so my...
  3. twissen

    Solved! Logitech G933 Low Volume Issue

    Hello everyone, My first Logitech headset was G430. I was using Dolby Surround ever since + EQ. I switched to G633 about 2 years ago. When I first got the headset and when I installed the latest driver, I was so unpleased with the audio. It was so bad. I have made a research about that problem...
  4. B

    Question Razer Kraken TE soft on certain audio controllers

    Hi All, Recently my Razer Kraken TE started acting up, the sound is very soft when using the Razer Audio Controller - Game, but its fine when using Razer Audio Controller - Chat. I've checked all windows settings and settings within Razer Synapse 3. Everything looks correct. I've...
  5. I

    LG TV headphone jack very low volume

    Hi, I have a LG TV and the headphone jack provides very low volume when i connect my headphone to it. What's the issue and how to solve this problem? Thanks Phoebe
  6. B

    Speakers go low when mic is on

    Hi guys, As written in the thread title whenever my mic is on (Skype, online gaming, etc) the pc volume becomes low and muffled. It's been a few months I've been searching online for a solution but I only found stuff about low mic volume and it's not what I need. I've never touched my audio...
  7. L

    My triton headphones have low volume

    I just bought the triton headphones for the Xbox one and at first they worked perfectly fine but now they have a super low volume even with everything at max, I know it's a problem with the headphone because I tried my apple headphones and they are 5x more loud then my triton $60 headphes. If...
  8. A

    Extreme low volume Speaker

    I had 2 speakers that i used not much time then i had the idea to buy a adapter to use them on my pc so i could hear music louder. they both got a rca connector so i had to buy a rca to 3.5mm adapter right? well i did that and when i connect it i get extremely low volume on the speakers1. i...