Laptop hot to the touch but normal temps?


Jul 21, 2016
Hey everybody I got a problem with my laptop, it's warm even when i'm not using it and gets hot to the touch even when browsing with Chrome. It wasn't like this a couple days ago, so I doubt its something to do with dust because it was sudden. And I haven't spilled a drink or dropped my laptop its been on the same table for weeks. I don't move it around with me to my bed because I like to use it as a desktop with a wireless mouse. It's a gaming laptop, I know they're supposed to get hot but it wasn't this hot a few days ago. It all happened after I got Windows 10. And I don't know if this is the reason, but I also got an app that updates drivers I forgot what it was called because I already uninstalled it and it didn't exactly have a catchy name. But I got this app the same day I upgraded to Windows 10 to update my drivers since Windows 10 was buggy and weird at the time. I ended up just downloading my graphics driver, since it somehow disappeared after the update... I deleted it after, and manually installed an ATK that was also missing... But other than that the laptop seems working normally except for this overheating problem. The weird thing is only the top of my laptop is hot, on and around the keyboard but everything else is normal, like the fan and under the laptop. Can somebody help me with this? Any advice? I want to avoid going to a computer store as much as possible for personal reasons. I'm thinking that driver app is what ruined me... Looked a bit odd but I was really desperate that day I wanted to smash my PC for lagging and some key features missing. I don't know but its also hot in my apartment but my laptop is much hotter. My temps are also normal for a laptop my GPU is at ~50c along with my CPU just posting this thread.


Jan 18, 2016

What if I told you, I knew the solution to your problem and your laptop could be like new TOMORROW?

Reapply thermal paste to your video card. Not the CPU, the video card, in other words the GPU.
Most people would say "Get a new computer" But no, not today, we're saving $800 that we don't have!

For starters, we gotta open up the laptop with a screw driver.:pfff:

This either smells to me like a CPU problem, GPU problem or both man.

Despite this How you reapplied the thermal paste to your CPU lately?

When this happened to me on my laptop, it was my onboard gpu that was causing the problem, Can't say this more, reapply thermal paste to the onboard GPU immediately though, because your motherboard is in serious danger.

I remember I was using Chrome and my laptop shut off on me constantly from overheating all the time, even doing reports for school on MS word. Despite chrome being a search engine, it sure uses alot of GPU, CPU and RAM.

When looking at HW monitor.It would say the temps were normal but they really weren't. . Couldn't even game without burning my legs. Reapply thermal paste to your CPU AND GPU, (ESPCIALLY THE GPU) to solve your problem. I can guarantee you this is the problem.

*Note: I recommend, thermal pads more than thermal paste because it is really hard to put the PERFECT ammount of thermal paste on your GPU and CPU.

And believe me I almost threw my laptop out of my window, when I was playing Project M (Hacked Super Smash Bros Brawl) Online with the fam, NETPLAY on my PC AND things started slowing down for me. Almost cried.

Good luck, and tell me if all goes well man!