Wireless Mouse issues with HP Envy 17 and Polaroid mouse


Oct 6, 2014
I have a hp envy 17 and a poaroid wireless mouse. They were all working together and now the mouse doesnt work any more.
I havent installed anything new, and have tried all 4 ports, uninstalled the mouse in device manager and all that.
Battery is fine (new) on mouse.

System is Windows 8.1
Is the mouse part of a wireless combo kit that came with a keyboard? If so, there should be a button on the receiver that you need to push followed by immediately also pushing the button on the mouse and then keyboard to reset them to the same page.

If not, I would perhaps think Windows update may have installed a device driver that changed something in your settings. Try installing the updated Synaptics touchpad drivers here:


If that fails, it's likely the mouse is just dead. Feed it to the cat. Heh.