Question HP Laptop possible hardware issues

Aug 16, 2021
Hi everyone,

I have a big problem with my HP Envy m6 laptop that I bought 7 or 8 years ago. I'll try to explain the situation as best as I can.

First a couple of years ago I noticed slower performance, followed by occasional booting up to a black screen after/before (can't remember which) windows logo. Then the windows would give error updating after a long period of time during each update. From these I concluded that I may have bad sectors. But I still kept working with what I had since this is my backup computer. Then recently the following problems occurred. The touchpad stopped working, followed by WiFi and then the DVD player doesn't work anymore.So I finally decided to bring it to a technician. I'm not going to blame them, I'm sure they did the best they could and deduced that the hard drive needs to be replaced, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with the rest of the hardware. I'd like to ask if anyone here has any kind of input on this problem, I would really appreciate it.

To be more precise, I can't really say everything is connected, some parts may have had genuine problems by themselves. The touchpad was the first to stop working, but I didn't care since I always use an external mouse. What tipped the scales for me was when the WiFi stopped working, it was no longer recognized in device manager. That's when I, in an attempt to at least do something considering my suspicion of a faulty hard drive, tried to reinstall the windows. I downloaded media creation tool and created a bootable flash drive. But the installation failed halfway and I had no way of booting up the computer since I had deleted the partition already. That's when I tried to go with an old windows DVD I had, and I then realized that my DVD player doesn't work either (it makes a couple of spins like it's trying to fire up the engine but falls short after 2 seconds and stops, repeats this 4 times and then completely stops). That's when I took the laptop to a technician and replaced the hard drive. Now the laptop is working on a windows 7 (not the original 8 which was then upgraded to 10), but the WiFi, touchpad and the DVD player still don't work. The weird thing is after they replaced the hard drive, the WiFi worked perfectly for a full day but afterwards it stopped working again which leads me to believe along with other things that the touchpad and the DVD player may also be just fine, like there's something wrong with powering system, as if there's not enough electricity reaching them.

That being said I can still live with these problems, I just don't want some hidden issue to affect the hard drive again and cause more loss of data.