Wireless mouse not working on laptop


Apr 28, 2011
I have a Dell Studio laptop and a microsoft wireless mouse.The other day the mouse stopped working in the USB port all other ports(4) are working.So I went out and bought a new Logitech mouse and it doe'nt work neither.This is my last resort before bringing it into the shop which will cost $$.Please any help would be apprecited.


I'm not following what your problem is, you have 5 USB ports, 4 of them the mouse works, 1 doesn't, but you really want to use that 5th port for your mouse?

or, you have 4 ports, you verified that the ports are working fine but the mice are refusing to work?

Can you verify that your old mouse actually stopped working with another computer?

Have you done any software/driver installations prior to mouse stopped working?

Do you have a wired mouse to try to verify that it's a problem with wireless? (maybe there's some interference that's preventing them from working)

Have you tried System Restore in case your drivers went caput at some point?