Wireless Mouse not working

F Red

Apr 12, 2017
I've got this wireless mouse from Rapoo a few months ago. And 2 weeks ago it stopped working and I've still not fixed it. All of a sudden it stopped working. I suspected a bad battery. But I changed batteries several times now but all of them didn't work. I noticed the little red light does not turn on anymore. I tried to open it up but I can't seem to open it. There are a bit of corrosion on the battery terminal and it has since been there when I first got it. Pls help me :)
Unless it's simply a synching issue (i.e. hold down button on mouse and button on the USB receiver?) anything else sounds like something is broken that you can't fix.

Don't expect to see anything you can fix even if you could crack it open (or the USB receiver).
You need a new mouse - - a better quality brand - - Logitech for example. Don't buy cheap.

You should have returned that mouse to the vendor if it showed signs of corrosion when it was new. That's usually a sign that the mouse has already been used previously and the batteries have been left in it too long. My guess is it wasn't a new one - you've been ripped off.