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    Question Panasonic Viera to Toslink to Bluetooth Headphones

    Hello, I have a Panasonic TC-L37U22 TV. I bought a Toslink bluetooth transmitter to work with the digital audio out jack on the TV (the only audio out available). I can pair the headphones to the transmitter, but the sound isn't transmitting. Any thoughts? Many thanks.
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    Question Dell m110 projector to Bluetooth audio

    Forgive me, I’m learning! I have a Dell m110 projector that I received for free, it works great for my needs, which is mostly watching movies and tv shows at home. My set up is as follows: MacBook Air - thunderbolt to HDMI - projector. My audio plays off my laptop Bluetooth to a pretty basic...
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    What device is best for connecting wireless earphones to non Bluetooth PC and Phone(Nexus5)

    I am looking for ideas/ recommendations/ products to avoid, for connecting my wireless earbuds to my PC and Phone(Nexus 5) The earbuds work great with everyone else's phones apart from mine which they didn't connect to which helped me to discover that my phone's Bluetooth is broken. Because of...
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    Need Bluetooth to USB adapter for audio use/would like to connect iPhone to Fiio E10k

    Hey guys. So I'm going to be getting the Fiio E10k DAC/amp soon, and am going to have it connected to my laptop for use with my headphones, but am also going to use the back line out feature to bypass the amplifier and in that way connect my laptop to my stereo speaker system via the E10k. At...