Solved! Arctic Headset disconnected from Bluetooth


Apr 19, 2018
I have an Arctic Steelseries 9x that is fairly new. It was working fine until I replaced my broken Bluetooth dongle. Now it's not visible in the sound panel unless I select show disconnected devices. Trying to connect while in paring mode does nothing. My other Bluetooth headphones also aren't reconnecting.

I tried connecting while plugged in via USB, updating drivers under sound and Bluetooth, uninstalling those drivers and restarting the system, and uninstalling the "hidden" devices, and then restarting. Also, unplugging everything from the system, restarting then plugging back in.

Any ideas for a fix I haven't thought of? Any help is greatly appreciated!
If you have two headphones not connecting to your new dongle, seems like you need to buy another brand/model of dongle and see if that works.