Question Dell m110 projector to Bluetooth audio

Apr 14, 2019
Forgive me, I’m learning! I have a Dell m110 projector that I received for free, it works great for my needs, which is mostly watching movies and tv shows at home. My set up is as follows: MacBook Air - thunderbolt to HDMI - projector. My audio plays off my laptop Bluetooth to a pretty basic Bluetooth speaker (block rocker).

My issue is I would like to cut the laptop out with my blu ray player and/or Chromecast. The projector doesn’t have an audio out option. I’d like to continue using the speaker. I’ve been doing research into HDMI splitters and Bluetooth transmitters, but I feel like I just don’t know enough about them.
What is the simplest way to transmit Bluetooth audio from HDMI?
I would suggest you get an HDMI input selector with audio extraction.
Connect the Macbook, BD player, and Chromecast to the switcher HDMI inputs.
Connect the switcher HDMI output to the projector HDMI Input.
Connect the audio output of the switcher to a low latency BT transmitter. If you can avoid BT and wire the speaker to the switcher that will work better.
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