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    Solved! LG 28" TV with no audio out and no digital out how to connect bose surround sound speakers?

    I purchased this 28"tv (it fits into a custom cabinet) but I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to connect the sound to my Bose Lifestyle system, as there is no audio out plug and no digital audio out (that model seems to have gone bye-bye. Any thought on fixing this before I send it back and go...
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    Solved! Dell m110 projector to Bluetooth audio

    Forgive me, I’m learning! I have a Dell m110 projector that I received for free, it works great for my needs, which is mostly watching movies and tv shows at home. My set up is as follows: MacBook Air - thunderbolt to HDMI - projector. My audio plays off my laptop Bluetooth to a pretty basic...
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    no audio out on my LG LCD TV ? Please help.

    no audio out on my LG LCD TV ? I have googled the same and found that you can use RCA out to 3.5 mm female, but I see a (video + audio L + audio R) instead of 2 RCA( audio L + audio R). Can these be used as well without using the video out. Please find my TV details here in this link...
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    Please Help - Android(4.4.2) Led Tv with no audio out - How to connect external speakers

    I got a cheap smart led tv from China which has android 4.4.2 built into it. The main interface of tv has a custom android launcher. But now i am facing a problem that the tv has no option for audio out. There is no jack, no rca audio output, no optical out. But has 2 usb ports and...