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  1. H

    Question Bluetooth headphones not working on one phone, but both devices are functional

    I have 2 samsung galaxy s10+ phones. I also have 2 pairs of Nurbenn(?) wireless earbuds. They aren't exactly top of the line which is why I got them but they've functioned pretty nicely for over a year. One of the two phones is having problems with pairing properly. Problem phone: -pairs...
  2. sets

    Question Bluetooth earphones stuttering when bluetooth keyboard is also connected

    My Bluetooth earphones keep cutting off or stuttering. I noticed that this happens when my Bluetooth keyboard is connected but then I tested another pair of earphones of the same model and there were no stuttering problems. Is this a problem with my earphones or can it be fixed?
  3. S

    Question Can I keep bluetooth headphones running consistently while connected to PC?

    I recently switched from my old pc-dedicated wireless headset to a new pair of bluetooth headphones (Skullcandy Crusher EVO, if it matters). I bought a TP-Link bluetooth USB adapter for them, and while they work great, they seem to be going on standby whenever no audio is actively playing. This...
  4. AlchemicFeathers

    Question Onn Bluetooth earbuds not charging

    I recently purchased a pair of Onn Bluetooth earbuds, and they've been working great for a while. But as of yesterday the right earbud has stopped working. The left works fine, but the right won't charge or connect. I leave them charging for a few hours a day and while the left charges properly...
  5. W

    Question Is it possible to connect 4 old wired speaker cabinets to a bluetooth device?

    Hello all yall, I've seen that there are bluetooth boards available on amazon and my though is that if i fitted each of the 4 cabinets with a board then i could somehow connect all of them and play one bluetooth device's audio on all of the speakers at once. i dont know if this is possible and i...
  6. J

    Solved! Bluetooth Headset Speaker+Microphone don't work simultaneously

    I have recently purchased a bluetooth headset for office conference calls. However I cannot get both microphone and speakers on the headset to work simultaneously. As soon as Microphone is used, speakers stop working. To explain. - When I open Google Meet, it sets bluetooth headset's speakers...
  7. Alden66

    Solved! Bluetooth speakers keep cutting out and returning to the PC speakers

    My Beats Pill my Bluetooth speaker will cut out after a while and go back to the PC speakers. Now I've updated and reinstalled all the drivers and ran a diagnostics check on the speaker through the companies support. After all of this nothing has worked and I was wonder if there's a fix. Thanks...
  8. M

    Question SOUL Electronics ST-XS2 - How to turn on Transparent Audio Mode?

    This is my first time to use a pair of true wireless earphones. Just got it at a great budget deal. Love the ipx7 waterproof feature; just wanna ask if anybody know how to turn on the transparent audio mode? And does it work in office? I need to hear other voice.
  9. K

    Question Dell m110 projector to Bluetooth audio

    Forgive me, I’m learning! I have a Dell m110 projector that I received for free, it works great for my needs, which is mostly watching movies and tv shows at home. My set up is as follows: MacBook Air - thunderbolt to HDMI - projector. My audio plays off my laptop Bluetooth to a pretty basic...
  10. J

    I have a Lenova Yoga laptop with Windows 10. It worked before with Win 8 and my Bluetooth speaker, but now it shows the bluet

    Bluetooth speaker not working with windows 10 Windows shows it as paired, but the speaker control says it is "unplugged".