Question Bluetooth Headphones cut in and out after a while

Jan 24, 2022
Whenever I connect a Bluetooth audio device e.g. my headphones, the audio playback is fine. However, after a while of disuse, the audio stutters. The only thing that I found to have worked is turning the device off and back on. This presents itself as a problem if certain programmes are open which would force me to reselect the device after reconnection. This problem is unique to the laptop, but not unique to the device. I am looking for a more permanent solution that does not require turning off and on the device.

Included below is a demonstration of the problem. Thank you in advance for your help.


Mar 10, 2016
Is this with any Bluetooth audio device or your headphones specifically?
What computer are you talking about? Model, specs, Windows version, etc.
Have you tried reinstalling the driver?
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