Laptop completely freezing randomly only when AC adapter plugged in

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Jan 26, 2019
I've got this problem with a "Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN". I bought the device during the summer of 2017 and had no problems in the first 4-5 months but I am dealing with this problem since the spring of 2018.

The problem:
-The laptop freezes only when it is charging.
-It does not freeze in BIOS setup but freezes anywhere else ie. safe mode, even while installing Windows(happened twice)
-When it freezes screen remains where it was before but the device does not respond to anything(keyboard or mouse, closing the lid, power button[just hitting not pressing long])
-When it freezes I have to hold the power button to shut it down and start it again.
-Plugging the charger in and out, closing and re-opening the lid, waiting 14+ hours does not help to unfreeze it.
-It takes about 10 minutes to an hour to freeze when I plug the AC adapter in.
-It never freezes when the AC adapter isn't plugged in.

Things I've tried but failed:
-Tried Windows 10 and Linux(Both froze even while installing them once or twice)
-The authorized service said they fixed the motherboard
-The service replaced HDD and SSD
-I asked the service to change the device with a new one but after they tested it, they said it had no hardware failure so they can't change it. The device was still freezing after they formatted it with their own Windows 10 software.
-Tried upgrading all drivers (Today upgraded the BIOS to Jan 18 update)

I wanted to take your advice before losing all hope. Thanks in advance!


Nov 19, 2013
What is the battery performance settings set to?

Try this




-THEN DISABLE Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery

Also, it may be a motherboard capacitor issue.
Jan 26, 2019
Thanks for the advice! It's set to "Balanced" but I'm not sure if that's what you're asking. Also, I set everything in Advanced Power Settings in direction "Right click on Battery icon->Power Options->Change plan settings->Change advanced power settings" to be the same in both "on battery" and "plugged in" settings. I wanted to make sure settings are the same since the device freezes only when it's plugged in.

I also tried disabling those drivers before and tried again now but it didn't work for me.
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