Replace my wdlive hub


Jan 21, 2018
I have a wdlivehub which is about to die and i want to replace it with a media player device which all
formats of video and audio
The Wdlivrhub acts as a media server and sends media to pcs,tvs projector
through the network and hdmi + cat5 pairing

I have many movies and music stored in the.hard disk and not very interested in.streaming devices
The device has to have a hard disk (if possible) DLNA compatible ,network and hdmi
I know i can setup.plex server or.install Kodi on.pc but.i.prefer a device like the hub i have same or more than the.hub
Also the projector is cinema and is not.networked so i cant setup.a server and send media there without a networked device
Please suggest solutions



I have the WDTV LIVE HUB. Great box, and for decoding all formats there's not much that works as well.

I only use it with one TV though, so I play movies stored on a WD MYCLOUD. I have just replaced it with an Amazon 4K Fire TV thingy on which I setup KODI and now use it with the WD MYCLOUD and Netflix. Works great though initially I had issues as the newer Kodi (v8x Leia) is buggy but the default works and using "NFS" as the option to talk to my WD MYCLOUD doesn't stick. I had to use another option (I forget but you'd know if setting it up).

Now I'm confused on whether the HUB is streaming the video or just acting on the network as a remote hard drive for other devices to access. I've never used it to stream video (can it do that?).

If it's just acting as a hard drive then the WD MYCLOUD should work great; it connects to the Router via an Ethernet cable then becomes viewable to another DLNA media devices. It's got streaming functionality too but I've never used it as I don't need to and it looks messy.

Sorry if none of this helps but again I'm not 100% sure what you're doing.


Jan 21, 2018
Hello photonboy!!!
The Hub is centrallly located in the house and its streaming video to tvs around the house.
Also streams video the projector .The videos are downloaded to my laptop and the stored in.the Hubs driive.
I dont use online services to stream videos
Can i use WD MYCLOUD as a stand alone centrally located media server like the HUB now?
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