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    Solved! Is it possible to output 2 audio sources on 1 device?

    I have a pair of desktop speakers and a soundbar. I want to output my desktop audio to both the speakers and soundbar simultaneously. Is this possible?
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    Solved! Splitting a digital jack

    I have an Acer Aspire E15 laptop with a combo jack and an internal microphone. When I plug in a 3.5 mm microphone, I get the popup asking what device was plugged in. I select the microphone option, and everything is working correctly. However, if during the recording the mic comes unplugged, the...
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    Solved! asus zenbook display won't turn on

    My asus zenbook will only turn on when plugged into an external device using HDMI. The light on the power button is on and all the lights can be turned on but the screen doesn't turn on. I have fully charged it but nothing works. What shall I do?
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    find audio device

    how to find audio device on realtek audio device manager ?
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    Solved! Need help please

    Why after replacing my hard drive does my dell Inspiron now say no bootable devices found
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    Solved! Looking for device to connect

    I have a jvc tv connected to my blu ray disc i have direct tv. I just bought lg surround-sound with the woofer. I have the surround-sound connected to the direct tv. What device can i buy so i can stop taking optal device from bluray to direct tv?
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    Solved! How do I get to read pictures moved from device (s() to an SD card?

    I moved my pictures from device (S9) to a new SD card. But now I cannot read the pictures or the videos I moved. I get an error on desktop that Photos app does not support the file format. On phone, in My Files, SD card, when trying to open, I get an unknown error occurred and no picture or...
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    Please track my imei device

    Please find the location of my device , i have lost it, very important to me * imei number IMEI removed by helpstar
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    Solved! Can you split 1 USB signal to two devices ?

    hello everyone I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not. But i have a usb home 2.1 system. I am looking to buy a Ps4 in the near future and i was wondering if there is a way i can use my system on both my PC and my PS4 without having to plug in and out cables every time i want to...
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    Solved! Splitter for TV USB Port?

    I have a VIZIO (2015) television that has three HDMI ports and one USB port. HDMI 1 - Google Chromecast; HDMI 2 - Roku Stick; HDMI 3 - Cable Box. Right now I switch the USB power source between the Chromecast/Roku devices when I want to use one or the other. This is a wall-mounted television so...
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    Listening multiple devices

    Listening through tv speakers and hearing aids simultaneously with a Samsung TV
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    Solved! looking for a HP 1000 Laptop PCI Device

    please find this PCI program \ VEN_10EC & DEV_5229 & SUBSYS_21E9103C & REV_01 Edit [translated from Indonesian by moderator]
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    My RCA tablet keeps going back to the page that says verify your account that was previously on this device I do that and it

    I can’t get my RCA tablet to stop take me to the page that says this device was reset to continue sign in with the Google account that was previously synced with on this device. Thank you Nel
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    Solved! How do i stream from my android phone to my non smart tv?

    Looking for streaming device
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    How to Use Your iPhone to Shoot or Scan a Nearby Object or Document and Have it Automatically Appear on Your Mac

    The days of seamless connectivity of smart devices are finally here, kudos to Apple and cloud technology. With the latest iCloud innovations that Apple is rolling out one can ensure that they click or scan an object with their iPhone and it directly gets saved in the PC as well. What this means...
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    How to Open Your MacBook Pro with Your iWatch

    If you own an iWatch, chances are that you don’t know about many of its features. One of them being the ability to unlock a MacBook pro without even having to touch either of the devices. Can’t believe it? Read on and you can learn to do it yourself. To be able to use this feature both the...
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    Solved! Asus laptop wont go past loading screen

    The laptop doesn't have any sound so I went on to settings and disabled it. After, I restarted the device and enabled it again, and the sound worked again. Within 10 minutes, a pop up came up saying that the laptop needs to restart. Then the blue screen came up and after, the restart screen came...
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    Solved! apple podcast app

    if i download podcasts through the podcast app (the purple app) on ios devices will it store the podcast files directly in the app and not take up space on my device
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    Alcatel One Touch 768T does not see all folders on SD Card

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, but my phone is not a smartphone and I couldn't see any options for classic flip phones. So I have an old Alcatel One Touch 768T. I put some music on the SD card and at first everything worked properly. However yesterday I've added some more folders...
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    How to Tackle if the Red Light is On or You See a ‘Your device is Overheating’ Warning

    The Roku devices tends to get heated up faster when the user uses many functionalities and features continuously without giving it a gap. Overheating of the Roku device can be very dangerous if unhandled as it may cause the device to burst. It is advised for every Roku user to periodically check...
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    How Do I Resolve Problems with My Roku IR (infrared) Remote

    The Roku remote issues completely differ based on the type of Roku remote. Foremost you must find your Roku remote type whether it is IR (infrared) remote or enhanced point-anywhere model of remote. It is important to resolve the problem with your Roku remote as it serves as the easiest medium...
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    How Do I Remove My Payment Method if My Roku Streaming Device is Lost or Stolen

    Roku is one of the most popular streaming device manufacturers in the market. It offers its users to select from the top streaming platforms, and bring entertainment right at home, providing them with all the digital media’s exclusive features. While setting up your Roku account, Roku asks for a...
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    How to Update the Software on Your Roku Streaming Device

    Roku players, over the years have been releasing versions of their product with new settings and customization features. They have also eliminated few non-useful existing features and introduced the advanced versions of the features. By periodically checking for software updated and applying...
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    How Do I Rename My Roku Streaming Device

    Since a user can have more than one Roku device with them, identification of the devices became a bit tough. To combat this issue, Roku provided the users the ability to rename their Roku device. This renaming can be done from the mobile application also. You can select the place where a Roku...
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    How to Change the Screensaver on Your Roku

    The screensavers appear when the Roku device stay inactive for a period, this time can be specified by the user. You can also choose your own screensaver by downloading stunning and live screensavers from the channel stores or go with the default ones provided by Roku. Adding screensavers can...
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    How to Use Your Voice to Search and Control Your Roku® Streaming Device

    The Roku streaming device is yet another fine addition to any aficionado of the small screen. It is a new streaming gadget which you can simply plug into your TV and configure all your favorite content on to it, including options for playing music and a huge directory as well. But one of the...
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    How to Add Non-Certified Channels to Your Roku Streaming Device

    Besides the ones that are available for streaming, there are several other private channels, adding which requires users to follow a process. So, for users who wish to explore the private or non-certified channels on Roku, here’s a process that would help them do so. Adding a Non-Certified...
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    How to Remove Channels from Your Roku Streaming Device

    Roku is one of the highest selling online channel platforms that help you stream several online channel, watch online videos, movies, etc. Many users wonder whether they’d be able to remove a channel from Roku once they’ve added it. Here’s an answer to this concern. At times, you may not want a...
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    How Do I Move Channels on My Roku Streaming Device

    Roku offers a variety of options as to what you can do with the channels that you view. It allows you to perform multiple actions including adding, removing and also moving channels from the Roku list. With this tutorial, would focus on the process of moving channels from your Roku streaming...
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    Solved! No Bootable Device - Please Restart System. How to solve??

    Okay.. this will sound messy and I apologize if it does. Basically. I have a Toshiba 2 in 1 laptop (Satellite Click 10 LX0W - C32) and when I had tried to factory reset it, it would stay on a certain percentage. I don’t remember what I did, but I wound up deleting everything off my laptop. When...
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    Solved! Google bound virus or cellphone account?

    Google play services runs full speed and won't stop. Problem has moved from device to device even with new google accounts. It seems to have someone operating it as it uses accessibility software to control the devices. Turns network on and off sound on and off do not disturb. Pins screens...
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    How to Link Your Alexa Device to Fire TV

    Amazon’s Alexa and Fire TV are two of the most sought-after digital media devices in the market. Alexa provide you with an amazing smart speaker experience with rich sound, while Fire TV takes your Television experience to the next level. While we were already fascinated by their individual...
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    How to Calibrate Your Display to Fire TV

    Amazon Fire TV, the smart device by Amazon has been in the spotlight for a while, offering a technological advancement in digital media along with user friendly features, making it just the device to go after. Fire TV offers a large number of features, primarily allowing users to choose from...
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    Solved! How to reinsert SD card in my device

    Hi I put my memory card in my phone and Store photos in it. I went back to gallery to see my photos and videos but it is zero (0) already even though my sd card is inside my phone
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    Solved! No Media device

    What does No Media Device mean?
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    optical digital in

    sir I have a Kenwood compact disc stereo system model RXD V 929. it has only aux in and digital optical out ports. I humbly request to advise me a solution to have digital/optical in for this device. thanks with regards T.Sadasivudu
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    Solved! Acer No bootable device

    Please Help, I encountered quite a few issues on my laptop recently, all of them sort of came at once. 1 - No bootable device found, I did find a solution for this but its not working for my laptop. I went in the BIOS and changed the boot device to legacy, then something new happened, it started...
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    Microphone makes buzzing/electronical/robotic sounds cannot hear my voice?

    Not sure if this is the correct section of the forums for my question but feel free to move or direct to the correct section if its wrong so i can get better answers. When i put the microphone port in my PC and listen to device all i hear is buzzing/electrical noises and cannot hear my own...
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    No Bluetooth device in Samsung smart TV (model UA40F6400)

    Hi All, Samsung TV, model UA40F6400. i entered the secret hidden menu and made changes as described in many youtube videos but when i restart the tv and open sound settings the TV does not show any Bluetooth device...any help guys
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    Cost of DirectTV Now

    Are the package prices listed for Direct TV Now for just one TV/device? If so, how much is it for each extra device/TV? Right now I have 1 Genie box and 3 of the smaller boxes for 4 TVs. What would the "Gotta Have It" package with all the premium movie channels (Showtime, Starz, HBO, etc.) cost me?
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    Solved! audio component recommendation

    I have a new home with some nice speakers wired to the outdoor patio. We are currently able to play music to those speakers via a receiver in the house. However, we live in the country and the receiver's antenna doesnt get good reception. The receiver is not bluetooth. Im looking for advice, if...
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    Solved! youtube tv with roku

    do I need a separate Roku device for each tv in the house?
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    Solved! Asus Vivobook Max, no boot device in bios

    Hi, i have an Asus Vivobook Max and it came with Endless OS. I wanted to install a fresh copy of windows 10, but in BIOS i couldn't make my USB to be in the boot section, I also tried doing this with a DVD but it didn't work neither. I read some articles about this and someone said that i need...
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    Solved! Looking for device for software engineering

    Can programmers use the new ipad pro and able to do everything? Does it replace the laptop? Word, excel, programing language, coding, developing everything possible in ipad pro?
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    can I output my tv sound to two devices at the same time..? (Sound bar and hearing aid sound streamer)

    Currently using a toslink cable from the tv into the streamer but then no other sound will play from the tv and I can’t find an option on our LG tv to have two sound outputs at the same time? Is this possible? Thanks
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    Solved! is there a device which allows me to use 2 different audio players and play it on a single headphone?

    I'm a drummer and i have a electric drum kit but i'd like to play songs with my audio library on my computer as well. if it could stay within the ~30 euro's price range that'd be fantastic. ( i am using 2 3.5mm jacks) Thanks for reading
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    Solved! Mixer Help/ Question

    Im kind of new to audio equipment so i have a few questions. I wanted to get a mixer to hook up to my pc so i could control the eq of my xlr mic, music, and other PC sounds with a physical device so i didnt have to screw with them on a program. but after i thought about it it wouldnt work for me...
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    Solved! GPS Trackering devices

    Need advice about how to track sim card in my bicycle tracking device. Which android apps are compatible?
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    Solved! SD card saying not supported

    I had an Samsung SD card formatted as internal storage and after resetting my device due to software failure it not says that it's unsupported is there anyway to get it to recognize it or to be able to recover the information off of it. I've tried taking it out and reinserting it and restarting...
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    Solved! my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device?

    my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device? thank you for answer
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    Solved! Hotspot not working on Lenovo k8 note

    I recently updated to Android 8.0. now my hotspot is getting connected on other devices but internet is not getting shared...plz help
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    Please find my device

    Samsung galaxy J8 lost please help me to find out
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    Solved! Sound is removed

    In my sound playback, and all the other tabs it says " No audio devices are installed" how do I fix this? I didnt delete anything.
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    Solved! Hard reset TEL7JC. Now asking to input serial nr to activate iMS. where do I find that nr and how do I do this

    Went into settings >about device > status. Serial nr there, (or must I the barcode on box). Tried to input status serial nr, but wouldn't activate