Laptop for College under €500.


Aug 26, 2014
Hey guys, my girlfriend is heading to college next year and she needs a laptop.
Shes willing to spend up to €500 (about $590) and asked me to help her find one.

I know it would be ideal for her to spend a bit more and get something like my Dell inspiron 15 that would hopefully last all four years, but she insists on spending only 500.

I would love her to have something with specs along these lines:

-8GB Ram
-An SSD (atleast 250 GB would be great)
-intel i5 (I know thats a push at €500)
-13 or 15 inch laptop would be best
- reasonably good battery life.

She's studying chemistry so it would only really be used for writing reports and maybe some light programming but she is very impatient with technology and I would hate to get her a laptop that would be frustratingly slow in a few years.

I would greatly appreciate it if any of you would provide suggestions of laptops or even let me know if im expecting too much at that price point.

also I should note that she's not a gamer so integrated graphics will do fine :)

Thanks very much,