Workstation + Semi/Fully Rugged notebook.


May 1, 2013
Hi Toms,

I am currently looking for a Workstation + Semi/Fully Rugged notebook that i could use outdoor for long periods. My goal is to collect data and samples in the forest and data crunch them. That's all i could say about my intention. I will be travelling from countries to countries with big range of temperature change (eg. canada to vn)

As for budget it is technically not a problem as i am being sponsored but ideally i want to keep it around $3,000 but my budget is $5,000 to $10,000, even less it amazing.

As for requirement

-At least 24hrs advertised battery life.
-Touch Screen (resistive or captive)
-SSD is a MUST
-Use of Open CL 1.1/1.2 GPU - preferably AMD GCN architecture. Nvidia CUDA is also acceptable. Minimum of 1GB GDDR5 VRAM.
-1080p or equivalent resolution
- Windows 7 Ultimate and/or GNU Linux compatible
-Backlight Keyboard
- Webcam & Microphone/Headphone jacks
- 8gb RAM, if possible EEC (idk if it is possible)
- Semi Rugged or Fully Rugged.

As for things that i don't really care:
-screen size
-screen brightness
-CPU AMD/Intel

I'm open to any recommendations or any discussion on the topic. It would be optimal if the retailer of the notebook has a official tech spec site that i could check out.

As for now, as writing this post, i have able to track down a few semi/fully rugged notebook but they all do not possess options for SSD. So i think as long as there is a SSD inside, i'll take it into consideration.

Thanks Tom's Community


Jun 15, 2011
I think a Lenovo Thinkpad W530 would fit your needs nicely. I am not sure if you have a drive capacity requirement for the SSD, but it looks like the largest they offer on their website is 180 GB. Check it out and build your own here.


May 1, 2013

Thanks. This site has almost everything i need and i'll probably dig into it more to find one with AMD GPU has i'm one of the few who actual like Open CL more than CUDA despite what every other co-workers says.

Luckily i do found that the S400 has an option of AMD E6760 which use the old VLIW5 architecture but not the GCN, that's ok though. I really like the X500 but it uses an even older series of GPUs (GT300) that has CUDA which i am not confident with. I'll update what i find. Thanks for the link again


May 1, 2013

thanks for the link but the Lenovo W530 is not even semi-rugged i believe. What i do may require a lot of beating for laptops.

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