$1000 to $1200 laptop for college and some gaming

steven cook

Mar 9, 2015
I will be attending college hopefully for a bachelors degree starting this summer 2016 - 2017 I have a $1000 to $1200 budget. I am going into multimedia and visual arts IE photography, videography, graphic design, video editing, adobe photoshop and Adobe Premier CS6., I want a good laptop for college, I don't want MAC so don't suggest it, so I want a laptop that has a good lifespan, has decent battery life, and can handle some games like skyrim and GTA V at normal settings. I don't care about crazy features or super high FPS rates in games I just want something that can play games

Ideally I want something from ASUS or MSI but I will also go with Alienware as long as they're good and wont die in a couple years. Ideally I would like something for under $1000 or at $1000 but I will go as high as $1200 if I have to.