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    Solved! HP Elitebook 8770w Rough condition or HP Elitebook 8570w Awesome condition

    Guys need help, I can find 2 laptops, 1st is an HP 8770w i7 3720qm with quadro k3000m 2GB DDR5, condition is rough from exterior and the shopkeeper is asking too much for it. $400 2nd is HP 8570w i7 3720qm with Quadro k2000m 2GB DDR3 ofc, the condition is awesome and is asking decent price, $290...
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    Solved! M6800 Upgrade from Quadro K3100M to GTX 970m

    Alright, so. I was looking at M6800 laptops on eBay and I saw a video where someone upgraded the graphics in their model, and I wanted to do the same because I saw a listing for a GTX 970m for an Alienware 17/18 and I was wondering if it would be compatible? The M6800 I was looking at came with...
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    Solved! Quadro fox 2800m

    Thanks for answering me Can I updarge my graphics card nvidia quadro fx 2800m it’s doesn’t gave me what I want and Also I want updarge can I ?
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    Elitebook 8760w GPU change (Quadro 5010m to GTX 770m)

    Recently, I've bought an HP Elitebook 8760W as a desktop replacement notebook for video and image editing. I absolutely love this beast of a rig, especially since it has HP's amazing "Dream Color" display. However, the stock Quadro 5010M GPU seems to be on the weak end of things, struggling with...
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    MXM Graphics card decision help

    So finally got my HP Elitebook Workstation in and being I bought the lowest cost one I could find it came with the lowest end MXM Quadro graphics. Now there's only 2 other officially supported MXM cards made for this machine so Im just going to stick with either of those two for an upgrade. Im...
  6. S

    Dell precision m4700 graphic card upgrade compatibility

    I own a Dell precision m4700 with Nvidia Quadro K2000M in it but was wondering if I can upgrade the GPU to Nvidia Quadro K2100M or something else higher. Help me people.
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    quadro m1000m + light gaming

    So trying to decide on a laptop and the zbook studio g3 is on my radar. It has a quadro m1000m 4gbvram. Would this be able to run civilization VI somewhat fluently? Minimum requirements nvidea 450, recommended nvidea 770. thx.
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    can i run gta 5 on core 2 duo e8400 with nvidia quadro Fx 580 and 4gb ram

    can i run gta 5 on core 2 duo e8400 with nvidia quadro fx 580anf 4gb ram
  9. T

    how to connect my Samsung smart tv with sound sistem Quadro

    i trying to connect my samsung smart tv with sound sistem Quadro but i dont get it . WHY ????
  10. K

    Need help choosing a powerful mobile workstation

    Hello: I'm in need of a mobile workstation mostly to use AutoCAD Civil 3D, 3Ds Max Design and some others from the AutoDesk family. Need lower rendering times and high performance while working on several tasks at the same time. I've been looking at some options but need help deciding. First...
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    laptop choices quadro gpus solidworks flow

    I need a laptop with a quadro gpu. I wanted a MSI but MSI doesnt offer a 17" monitor laptop with a p3000 quadro. They do have the following with a 15.6 display. MSI offers a 17" with a quadro M2200. They offer a 17" with a P5000, but im not dropping 5$k. Im needing this workstation for...
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    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

    Upgraded Laptops by forum users (work in progress) this is a list of successful upgraded laptops All these laptops have a MXM Gpu but Not all MXM cards are the same. Type A card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type B card MXM...
  13. S

    Driver rollback unresponsive

    Does graphic card driver rollback take too long? And goes unresponsive while rollback operation is going on? Nvidia quadrok620 8gb ram, i3 4th gen processor nvidia quadro k620 2gb graphoc card
  14. J

    Quadro or GTX (Solidworks)

    I want to buy new laptop.I have two options,in which the only difference is the graphic card. The first one is Lenovo with GTX 960M . The second one is HP EliteBook 8570w with Quadro K2000M. Both have similar CPU i7 quad core. 16 gb RAM. The price is almost the same. I will work with...
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    Can I swap out an Quadro fx3700m for an ATI 7740m Firepro in a Dell Precision M6400?

    My gpu got fried somehow In my m6400, and when I started researching possible causes I found that a lot of people were having issues with crashing with the fx3700m. It would seem the better option is the ATI card, but is it just a simple swap? thanks
  16. S

    Lenovo W530 w/ Quadro K2000M support 4k external displays?

    I have a 4 year old Lenovo W530 workstation class laptop with the Nvidia Quadro K2000M dedicated graphics card. I was wondering if this laptop (which is a quad core) would be suitable for using with a 4k display for photo editing. Has anyone else tried to use this model video card (or...
  17. C

    Solved! Has anyone else had problems with Netflix HTML5 freezing computer?

    My laptop has a Quadro NVS 5100M 1GB w/ latest drivers based on the GT330M DX10.1 i5 M520 dual core w/HT @2.4GHz 4GB DDR3 Win 7 64 OS on SSD problem with firefox 32/64, cyberfox, chrome and IE Netflix with HTML5 = whole computer including mouse freezing every second then stops freezing when I...
  18. B

    gpu render Quadro K4000

    Hi all! in my Vegas pro 14, (option, preference+shift, internal, and try to write in search "allow gpu rendering", nothing there, i install latest drivers cuda (they work for me on Adobe premiere cc very well), but without sucess on Vegas. My video card is nvidia Quadro K4000, Pleas help me
  19. I

    Medion Erazer X6812 Changing GPU

    Dear guys on this forum A year ago i overclocked my Gtx 460m with msi afterburner, after that the gpu crashed with every game. A month later i bought a few GPU`s GTX 860m 2GB + GTX 880m 8GB + Quadro K5000M 4GB + Quadro K4100M also 4GB. These are my current laptop specs. Medion Erazer X6812...
  20. ImperialGuardsman

    Video Camera for Powermac G5

    Hello everyone! I am traditionally a Windows man (especially the older flavors of Windows) but I also have an old Powermac G5 2.5Ghz Quad with an Nvidia Quadro 4500 and 16Gb of ram. I also have Final Cut Pro 6 and am running OS X 10.5.8. I wanted to see if any of you had suggestions for video...
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    quadro budget laptop

    my budget is 55k.can i get a laptop with quadro or amd fire pro graphics?
  22. G

    Laptop for university: Lenovo ideapad y700 or hp studio g3

    Hello, Next month I am going to study and I need a good laptop. It's a engineering study and my university advises the Zbook studio G3: http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?sel=NTB&... RAM: 8 GB CPU: i7 6700HQ GPU: Nvidia quadro M1000M 4gb HDD: 256 gb SSD Warranty: 3 years + very good...
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    Quadro vs gtx ( Solidworks )

    Greetings Well, I have come to this forum to find solutions to my quite tricky problem. I do want to buy a laptop for doing CAD, video editing and gaming but mainly Cad. I have previously worked on 3ds max and now would like to try solidworks but I don't know how much intensive application its...
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    Laptop GPU throttling when charging and battery under 90%

    Hello, I have a problem with my laptop. THe laptop is a Dell Precision M6600, 8gb of ram, i7 2720qm, Nvidia Quadro 3000M. Basically the problem is this, whenever I am playing a game (such as Battlefield 4, Planetside 2 and older titles like Republic Commando), the GPU throttles horribly dropping...
  25. genthug

    Lenovo CPU max temps?

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W541: i7 4710MQ Quadro K2100m 16Gb RAM I'm a student at an engineering school, and I have to use CAD in some of my courses. Noticed today that my laptop has a "high performance mode", so I switched that on and got HWMonitor. I'm sure this has happened before as I was...
  26. J

    Need Some Help With Laptop Problems

    Hey Guys. I have a Dell Precision M6600. It has the i7 2760qm Quad Core and the Quadro 3000m. I just got it today and when I put Windows 10, Minecraft, and Black Ops 1 on it, everything ran as it should. Minecraft ran Flawlessly and Black Ops ran good on Low-Medium Settings. Normal, Right? Well...
  27. K

    Laptop for engineering applications and occational gaming

    I am currently looking to change my old laptop with AMD Radeon 5000 because it didn't seems to work well with CAD applications. I am looking for a laptop with graphic card that can handle both engineering and CAD software plus gaming. I am seriously into Skyrim mods and more likely to do so...
  28. E

    Premiere Render issues in zbook 17

    I had a hp zbook 15 with quadro k2100 that i used to do video editing and now upgraded to hp zbook 17 G2 k5100 8GB machine but I am not getting results any better. It renders the files slower than k2100 hpzbook 15. How to fix this. I use premiere pro Cc 2015
  29. S

    Mobile Video Card (GPU) Comparison Chart?

    Hello, I'm in the market for a laptop for graphic design / motion design / 3d animation and video. Does anyone know of a chart or some type of breakdown showing the differences in power of the common GPUs? For example, I'm having a difficult time telling the true difference between say a GTX...
  30. S

    Quadro or Geforce GPU for laptop?

    I'm in need of a laptop for majorly video/audio editing. I'm a film school student. I will be majorly running software like: Adobe Premier Pro Avid Acoustica Mixcraft So is it better to go with a Quadro GPU or Geforce?
  31. Comp2014

    Definitive 2016 dell precision m4600 compatible MXM graphics cards list.

    I just bought a used Dell Precision M4600 with the following specs Intel Core i7 2860QM CPU 8GB Ram 320GB HDD NVIDIA Quadro 1000M DVD drive. When the laptop arrives I am going to upgrade it with 16gb of ddr3 sodimm memory I have laying around. As the laptop only has the base NVIDIA Quadro 1000M...
  32. A

    HP Nvidia Quadro 1000M 2GB Laptop Video Card compatabilty

    I want to buy a new graphics card for my dell laptop and this is the cheapest its, but it's hp so I wanted to know if it is compatible because I saw some like it by dell but more expensive it is a HP Nvidia Quadro 1000M 2GB Laptop Video Card 677908-001 665077-002 703483-001
  33. K

    learning parallel computing by CUDA

    should I prefer Tesla or quadro graphics card for learning CUDA parallel computing ?
  34. S

    which Graphic card should I buy ?

    should I buy Nvidia Geforce gt 610 2gb or Nvidia Quadro fx 4600 or Nvidia quadro fx 3800 or Nvidia Quadro fx 4500 ??? which is better please tell I am confused
  35. E

    Nvidia Quadro 1000m 2gb or Quadro 1800m 1gb?

    Here are the specs of two laptops from which I am willing to buy one, Dell - Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation SPECIFICATIONS MLU - Mobile Intel QM67 Express CPU - Intel Core i5 - 2520M Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz) GPU - NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB GDDR3 dedicated memory MEMORY -...
  36. L

    best laptop for 3d animation / rendering on 3ds max $2100 or less

    I know building my own pc is better than a laptop but for moving issues I need the laptop so, here come the question.. -Which brand would you recommend? -What about the graphics card? gtx or quadro? -what is the difference between gtx 980m 4gb and gtx 970m 8gb? which is better in performance...
  37. V

    Solidworks / ANSYS / NX on GeForce 840M

    I am aware that SW runs best with Quadro GPU's. However I am buying a 17 inch Lenovo with a GeForce 840M OR HD5500. I will have the following software installed: ANSYS, NX, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor. Should I purchase the one with HD5500 or 840M, I'm in a dilemma, as HD5500 is slower but...
  38. hanser30

    Help for Choosing: Quadro vs Firepro for Wobile Worstations

    Hi guys, I have stumblued into a problem that i can't figure out so far. I have been looknig for a mobile workstation that can last me around 4 years and i decided that i was going to buy the next gen lenovo thinkpad with the 5th gen quad core processors but, I also saw other alternatives in...
  39. DoDidDont

    New Titan X for Iray rendering?

    I was thinking about upgrading my 4x GTX Titan’s (2688 core) to 4x GTX Titan X for rendering with Iray, until I saw these benchmarks on TomsHardware Germany. http://www.tomshardware.de/geforce-quadro-workstation-grafikkarte-gpu,testberichte-241759-3.html The benchmark’s for Iray do not make...
  40. bindlimani1

    Almost every app crashing

    Hi,everyone.This days im dealing with a big problem in my pc.Always when i play games my graphics card QUADRO FX 3800 driver is crashing.It usualy gives me a thing saying that the driver crashed and succesfully recovered and something kernel idk what.It started on some few games.Then all my...
  41. S

    Dell Precision m4500 Unrealistically Low WEI Processor score

    Hello everyone, I have a a Dell Precision m4500 with the following specs: i7-740QM 8GB Memory Quadro FX 880M I went to take a Windows Experience Index test to see if I could locate a bottleneck in system. This is what I saw: I know it's an older generation processor, but I thought, at least...
  42. K

    Quadro K1100M vs K2100M vs GTX 970

    Wich of these is more suitable for Trading and Multi-Monitor Setup... and dose any of these improve system performance by reducing load on the CPU...
  43. C

    Quadro 2000D + 02 GTX 760, same system

    Hello, I have a Quadro 2000D and I intend to buy more 02 GPU (GTX 760). My question is simple: is that possible to have those GPU working in the same system? Thanks.
  44. G

    Computer to spec to run games. Why 3 FPS on simple games?

    So before anyone tells me I have a piece of junk for a computer, I have a Dell Precision M4400 with all the original parts in it, AND 4 GB of RAM and my 700 or so GB HDD. So if it's a piece of junk, it's not because of the CPU, GPU, or RAM. If you don't believe me, here is my system, per...
  45. T

    Dell e6220 vs thinkpad t410s with quadro nvs3100 graphics

    Looks like they are both 2010-2011 with the Dell coming out a bit later. Having trouble figuring out which one to get. Both available an Craigslist right now for similar prices. Thanks for any insight!
  46. C

    How to enable Cuda RT in Vray with quadro k5000

    Hello all ! I am working on some clouds in maya 3d. I need to see them in real time via GPU as close as possible as in the final CPU. I have a nvidia quadro k5000 on 2x quad xeon 2.26 E 5520 MAC . They say that can support this. Does anybody knows how to enable real time rendering , or what is...
  47. S

    Finding Graphics cards

    I am trying to locate one of the following: Mobile Intel GMA X3100 graphics controller Nvidia Quadro NVS 135m Nvidia Quadro NVS 140m. Tried both Dell and Intel unsuccessfully. Open to any suggestions. Thanks.
  48. S

    replace k1000m with k2000m -- Hp 8570w

    Hi I have hp workstation 8570w that came with nvidia quadro k1000m... this model also came with quadro k2000m... and the 17" version of this machine also came with k3000m.... So my question is that, is it possible to replace my k1000m with k2000m or even with k3000m.?
  49. A

    GTX 680 vs NVIDIA Quadro K2000M

    im trying to buy 2nd laptop for gaming , i have msi gt780r and its heavy to carry around i found msi GT60 with both cards GTX680 and NVIDIA Quadro K2000M will the NVIDIA Quadro K2000M run games? supported in Linux? thanks
  50. B

    Graphics temperature problem, the nvidia Quadro NVS 160M

    Dell Latitude E6400, graphics card is the nvidia Quadro NVS 160M. Play DNF these games, the graphics card temperature is always at every turn and instantly soared to 90 degrees, then you are always racing between 80-100. If you open the case of DNF window cut into other programs, temperature...
  51. G

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-485M vs. NVIDIA Quadro 4000M/5000M, which better

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-485M vs. NVIDIA Quadro 4000M/5000M, which one is better ? anybody know ? thanks
  52. D

    Quadro 600 Vs. Firepro V4800

    Hello, Does anyone have any advice on which would be best for Revit, 3ds Max and Photoshop? I say those two just because they seem to be the same price - it's a student budget. Most of what I've read seems to advise against gaming cards, I was looking at the HD 5770 though. At the moment I'm...
  53. TRVertigo

    Solved! Dell M90 Core Duo

    I'm thinking of buying a used Dell M90 CORE DUO. it has a Quadro. Idk about the opengl for business apps, but want to play games. Doesn anyone know if this is a decent laptop? and is it possible to flash the bios of a mobile quadro to a geforce? I was reading the quado has issues with some...
  54. N

    Updating A Notebook Graphics Card

    I need to run a CAD application on a notebook that requires an Nvidia Quadro graphics card. I'd like to buy a used notebook and install the Nvidia Quadro graphics card myself. What does a notebook require to be able to accept an Nvidia Quadro graphics card?
  55. V

    8400m GT 256mb vs. Quadro 140m 128mb, better for Architect?

    Hey guys, I'm out in the market looking for a laptop so I can do my design on. I work with autocad, adobe illustrator, Rhino 4.0(3d design) + vray/maxewll (lighting simulator program), all in which require heavy memory I assume. Right now these two laptops that I am looking at around my price...
  56. Z

    Geforce Go 7900GTX vs Quadro 2500M

    Hey all, I've got a laptop that has the Nvidia Quadro 2500M which is basically the workstation version of the geforce go 7900GTX. The laptop hasn't arrived yet but I was reading around a bit and I still don't know the following things: 1. Will it be a problem to play normal 3d games with this...