Need Some Help With Laptop Problems


Apr 25, 2016
Hey Guys. I have a Dell Precision M6600. It has the i7 2760qm Quad Core and the Quadro 3000m. I just got it today and when I put Windows 10, Minecraft, and Black Ops 1 on it, everything ran as it should. Minecraft ran Flawlessly and Black Ops ran good on Low-Medium Settings. Normal, Right? Well Now after installing the rest of the things I need and adjusting some more settings, everything runs slow. Minecraft gets 10-20 FPS and Black Ops is laggy on the lowest settings. I've tried disabling SpeedStep, Running Diagnostics (Which Passed) and resetting the BIOS. I have the newest version of every Driver installed so I have no idea what's going on. It's almost like the CPU isn't using all of it's cores. I have no idea what I could have done to make it slow because it was running so good. Any help is appreciated. I should mention I have a 64 GB SSD and 8 GB of Ram. Also, I just realized it runs a bit better on the battery which is weird. I also just realized it has a 3rd party power adapter.


Jan 31, 2016
If the problem is your CPU not using all of it's cores dowload this program (any information you may need is on the website and you can also find good tutorials in youtube) This program forces your CPU to use all of it's cores at full speed . And don't worry it won't damage your CPU because it's ment to run like this .Now for the drivers did you use windows to check them? If you did , DON'T belive windows !!! Download Driver Booster and scan your computer , this program scan your whole system and locates all of your drivers . If any driver is not updated the program will tell you to update it .Try this out and tell me if they worked or if you had any problems ! ;-) (sry for any grammar mistakes )



If you are running with the battery removed while on wall power test it with battery in the system.

You also said it worked fine till you installed some things and "adjusted some settings", undo what you did and try it again.