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    Solved! Which specs are important to run Android Studio smoothly?

    I am trying to understand on which parts I can save money if I only want to use my laptop for Android programming (and use the Android Studio emulator). I could already figure out that an SSD and good RAM are mandatory. What about the CPU? Can Android Studio / Gradle leverage quad-core in a way...
  2. S

    Solved! Budget on processor

    I bought Hp15 notebook ba002cy amd quad core 2.5GHZ is it good for architecture students??
  3. prince_xaine

    Quad Core Laptops

    Hello Community, As I'm sure we're all aware, Quad-Core CPUs in laptops seem to be rare. You see, I am a firm believer in value for performance, and in my opinion, dual core processors just aren't it. So my question is, where is the budget line-up for real Quad-Core Laptops? I'm not looking for...
  4. A

    Solved! Dell G5 15 battery life?

    It's a gaming laptop but I don't plan to game on this on battery power, I just need it to last me at work for at least 6 hours - college work: web browsing, minor office apps, light video (YouTube). Moderate use, maybe? I know I could probably find an answer online but I was hoping if somebody...
  5. A

    CPU upgrade for HM76 Socket 988B rPGA (HP Probook 6570b)

    I have an HP Probook 6570b. Socket is 988B rPGA. My current CPU is i5-3210M. I read this thread, and it got me thinking if I can also upgrade my Laptop CPU to i7 Quad. CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b If I had an QM77 Chipset, like he had, I would have tried it without question. But I...
  6. P

    Solved! Dell Precision M6500 - Random Lock-Up's & System will Power On without pressing Power Button?

    Hi - I have a Precision M6500 notebook, late 2009 with a quad-core i7 and Quadro FX2800M graphics, and would really appreciate some advice with this problem. Am running Win7 Ultimate SP1 - x64 bit, with all up to date patches, and as far as I'm aware drivers :) Avast, and SAS scans have found no...
  7. D

    I have a Zeki quad-core tablet with no Bluetooth can I add a Bluetooth to it how

    I don't know what thread means
  8. K

    Seeking a low cost Quad Core laptop, capable of taking 32GB RAM (for education use not gaming)

    Hi, Need some advice on a laptop. I need a quad core laptop capable of taking 32gb Ram. Initially 16gb will suffice, but I plan to run several VMs and at some point I may need to add more RAM. I’m aware 16GB RAM modules are super expensive!... so right now I can only afford a laptop that is...
  9. V

    Picture on Samsung 4K uhd "hesitates " or buffers when using a Venom 7.1 quad core 4K android box

    Whether using wifi or cat 6 Ethernet cable my picture hesitates or freezes on picture while sound keeps playing. My wifi speed 110 Mbps. It is as though the Samsung will not communicate with the box.
  10. M

    Hard reset notworking

    I have a Allwinner quad core a33 7 android cheap tablet the apps don't respond at all I've tried the hard reset this and it won't work it just boots up regularly every time I try HELP
  11. R

    buying a laptop for next 10 years

    Hi, i need a laptop for next 10 years. my requirements are simple. 1)a powerful quad core cpu (no turbo clock gimmicks) 2)16gb or upgradable to 16gb ram 3)below 1.5kg i mainly use this machine for coding, so i don't need graphic card. can someone with the knowledge in modern era laptops...
  12. J

    iMac 21 4K

    Hello What upgrade should I get for iMac 21 4K? There is several options: - 3.0 GHz quad-core i5 (7th generation) versus 3.4 GHz quad-core i5 (7th generation) versus 3.6 GHz quad-core i7 (7th generation) - 8 GB RAM versus 16 GB RAM - 1 TB Fusion Drive versus 512 GB SSD I'm thinking of getting...
  13. M

    why is my acer aspire TImeline x so slow its 8gb DDR3 ram core i5 quad core and 2.67 ghz a core and 1024mb dedicated ram wtf w

    my acer aspire timeline x 5820-6406 is eing sooooo slow like literally itt was able to play gta 4 high settings its spec: 2.67 ghz quad core i5 processor and its got 8 gb ddr3 memory and even when i replace the 8gb with differ ram it still sloooooow as hell why???!!! like why just whyyy also its...
  14. S

    Are Macbook Pro Upgrades worth the extra money? If so which one, and why?

    Hi guys, I'm planning on buying the 2018 Macbook Pro with the touch Bar and Touch ID soon, and it has these specs below for $1699.00: 2.3GHz Quad-Core Processor 256GB Storage 2.3GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 8GB...
  15. 1

    AMD A8 Quad core good for gaming?

    I am looking for a decent gaming laptop and I found one in my price range. I was wondering if the AMD A8 processor can run games such as SimplePlanes, GTA V, Steam games, etc. If not, is there any other good laptops that have a good enough processor?
  16. A

    Choosing a Dell XPS

    I know i want the 13" but can't decide whether to get the new 2018 or 2017 model. I want to get an i5 but quad core and it doesnt say if the i5 on the 2017 model is quad core: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-13-3-inch-Full-Laptop/dp/B07679C652/ref=sr_1_4...
  17. D

    What processor is better for gaming? AMD quad-core or i7 th gen intel core i3?

    I want to know what processor is better for gaming? AMD quad-core series or 7th gen intel core i3?
  18. R

    i7 quad core upgrade ASUS Q552u

    Hi. I want to upgrade from an i7 dual core to an i7 quad core. Is this possible for my laptop? I have an ASUS Q552u.
  19. J

    How can i increase rhe ram of my computer?

    My specs 4gig ram 500hdd gig Processor intel celeron quad core I need to play smoothly in total war empire..thanks
  20. Z

    GPU upgrade for HTC Vive

    Hi! My current specs (last pc upgrade 4 years ago) are: i7-4790, quad core, 3,60ghz, 8MB, LGA1150, 22nm, 84W, VGA Motherboard ASUS B85-PLUS / Intel B85, 4 DIMM, DDR3, 1600 Dual Channel Ati Radeon R9 270x, 2 GB DDR5 (256 bit), HDMI, DVI, DP 750w PSU Chieftech RAM Kingston 16GB 1866 Mhz DDR3...
  21. A

    the new XPS 13 9730 (2018) The Witcher 3 gameplay

    Guys I have bought the new XPS 13 9730 with 8 gen i7 chip (quad core), 16 gb of ram and Intel UHD 620 graphics. Will I be able to run the game? I know that tripple A titles require a lot of improved video cards like nvidia, but is there any way to play it on this ultrabook, what do you think?
  22. G

    Is the 8th-gen i7-8550U sufficient for music production?

    For music production, is the i7-8550U's base clock speed of 1.8GHz made up for by having a 4.0GHz turbo speed, 8MB cache, and 8 threads capability? Can it handle most music production software and demands? I've been searching everywhere and not a found proper answer to this. For me, the...
  23. D

    HP 15-390nr Beats Special Edition Slow

    I am about at my end with this laptop. It has an AMD Quad-Core A8-5545M APU, 8GB DDR3L SDRAM (1 DIMM), AMD Radeon HD 8510G graphics, and 1TB 5400RPM hard drive with HP ProtectSmart. I originally bought this laptop with Windows 8.1 and had a free upgrade to Windows 10. So it has had 10 for...
  24. deathlord79

    Which one Dell gaming laptop?

    so I am in a big dilemma!! I am in between 2 dell gaming laptops! [listNum=1] 1. Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ 960m 2. Dell 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Quad Core 1050ti . I know that this shouldn't be a dilemma really but the thing is that the 7th...
  25. S

    csgo on intel pentium quad core

    i have an intel pentium n3530 quad core and i want to know if i can run CS:GO smoothly on this. please help
  26. A

    Laptop for programming use

    I am looking to buy a laptop for general programming use. I will not be playing video games, and no CAD, just general browsing and programming. My programming is mostly in labview, python, java, C, ROS, and some open cv. Price: Ideally around $700 Display Resolution: 1080p CPU: i5-i7...
  27. E

    AMD A8 Quadcore Vs Intel i3 (dual-core) for Video Editing

    Hi guys, please give me advice. Which processor, AMD A8 quadcore or Intel i3 (dual core) will give me better experience for video editing ?? in rendering especially. As I know that rendering speed process depends on processor and RAM. Thanks, Edwin.
  28. J

    HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook pc 64 bit 8 RAM, AMD A8-3500m APU with Radeon HD graphics, 1500 mhz, quad core

    ughh hi? ive been playing pc games for a while with lil to no problem running them but with the games now a days being released my laptop can't handle them ( like example call of duty bo3 ) and i would like to know if their is any way to get it to run the games better and only spend around $250-...
  29. O

    Solved! Please help me choose between these two laptops for video/photo editing.

    Good evening! I've been told that I'll need a quad core i5 or higher laptop with 8GB ram or higher if I want to edit photos and videos. I would be using Photoshop and Sony Vegas (but wouldn't be dealing with any large/4K files). While I don't understand computer specs at all, I found these two...
  30. S

    Laptop HP 15-bg003AU, AMD APU Quad Core

    Hi all, i have HP 15-bg003AU, AMDAPU Quad Core E2 6th Gen, can i upgrade it to i3 or i5?
  31. K

    Buying a new laptop- form filled

    I need a small laptop (ideally 10 or 11 inch screen) with 4 GB Ram and a quad-core processor (core i3 and higher). It should have a Windows OS. As far as storage, I need at least 256 GB (even if I have to put in a memory card for that). Here's the form. 1. What is your budget? US$1000 2. What...
  32. S

    how to play sims 4 on a hp notebook 15-ba079dx amd quad-core a10-9600p

    I just purchased sims 4 and my laptop is being hard headed. it's an hp notebook 15-ba079dx, amd quad-core A10-96009p, 1TB hard drive, 6144MB DDR4 SDRAM. I don't know what to do at this point to get this game to run.
  33. D

    Buying a gaming laptop - quad core 4GB VRAM or dual core 2GB VRAM?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy an entry-level gaming laptop, as my budget allows, but I can't decide between the below options. Your advice would be much appreciated! It comes down to whether I go for a dual core processor with GTX 1050 4GB VRAM (NOT a Ti I don't believe), or a quad core with GTX...
  34. E

    Why is my laptop so slow ?

    Hi everyone, I bought a used laptop recently and I feel that considering the specs, it should be be faster. When playing "The Crew" racing game for example, I only get around 20 fps on low settings. It boots super fast (5 secs) but it gets slow after I log-in (takes around 5 min. to finish). I...
  35. A

    HELP!!! I just upgrade cpu to i7 3740qm and pc wont run!! Please help

    Hello i have HP 2570p with i7 3520m dual core.. i finally received the i7 3740qm quad core and plug it in.. im pretty sure i did everything good but when i turn on xonputer its making noise from cpu fan and then goes off and nothing happen... please help me!! I dobt think the cpu is broken...
  36. G

    How to overclock Intel Celeron Quad-Core Processor N3150?

    So I've been playing a few games and making a few videos lately, but my programs seem really slow. I've been trying a few overclockers, but they don't seem to actually uh, work on Intel Processors. Are there any overclockers that work on my excuse of a processor that is said to run even old...
  37. Z

    A6-7310 or Pentium Quad Core N3710

    Hello everyone!!! I need a laptop for engineering stuff(not so much for gaming)and I found two at the same price The first one has : A6-7310 , 500GB HDD , Radeon R4 7310, FHD (1920x1080) And the secont has: Quad Core N3710 , 1 TB HDD , GeForce GT 920M(1GB) , not FHD (1366x768) Both have 4GB...
  38. A

    Looking for an affordable laptop.

    I want a new laptop that is better than my old one and not so expensive (under $500). I plan to use it to do homework and play GW2 (my current computers runs it but kindda lags on places with many players). My old laptop has: APU A8 6410 Quad Core Radeon R5 6410 4Gb of RAM my options are...
  39. S

    Lost my receipt for my next book Ares 8A 8" Quad core Android tablet I can't get past the activation code and right now its on

    Lost my receipt for my next book Ares 8A 8" Quad core Android tablet 6.0 Ver.1.0 I can't get past the activation code and right now its on DNX fastboot mode. How can I get activation code? Or What are my other options. I have every thing that came with the tablet but the receipt.
  40. A

    can i run gta 5 in my quad core cpu 2.83ghz have 4gp ram and 1 gb graphic card

    can i run gta 5 in my quad core cpu 2.83ghz have 4gp ram and 1 gb graphic card
  41. R

    I found this cheap laptop

    Laptop ASUS X541NA-GO012 ,processor Intel® Pentium® Quad Core N4200 1.10 GHz, Apollo Lake, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, Intel HD Graphics 505, Endless OS, Chocolate Black I only want to use it for making projects ,watching movies,youtube,etc. is it ok?
  42. P

    I want to upgrade my cpu on my Satellite A665d-S6059 AMD Phenom II Quad-Core P920(1.6GHz)

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6059 with AMD Phenom II Quad-Core P920(1.6GHz) and want to upgrade to a newer AMD chip. My motherboard took a dump so I placed an order for a new never used motherboard. Since I am gonna be swapping my old chip to new motherboard. I figure I replace the cpu...
  43. M

    More cores for faster multi-tab browsing...?

    The main thing slowing down the performance of my laptop is when I have multiple internet browser tabs open simultaneously. I know there are better ways to manage this. But aside from those, would it help to get a laptop with more cores, like a quad-core i7? What about a lower-lever quad-core...
  44. K

    Hello sir will please help me

    AMD Quad-Core A10-9600P and i5 processer what are the difference between this processers
  45. R

    Regular dual core at 2.8ghz or hyperthreaded dual(now quad) core at 2.3ghz?

    Which one would provide more performance, assuming IPC and cache and all that is the same?
  46. M

    Need Recommendations for High End 15" Ultrabook - Form Completed

    I'm looking a do-everything (outside of gaming) laptop. I want a more future-proof machine and consider a USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 are important criterion. More details are given in the questionnaire. 1. What is your budget? Budget isn't too much of a concern here. Would like to keep it under...
  47. A

    Future Proof Laptop

    I am looking a laptop with following requirements, after researching a bit: PCIe SSD or better(is there any better?)(128 GB or more) This feature is a must have RAM: 8GB or more(basically a fast ram, preferrably DDR4 SODIMM) Processor: i7(preferably quad core but dual core is fine)(kaby lake...
  48. O

    What is better for light gaming: AMD A8-7410P Processor or AMD Quad Core A8-7410 Processor?

    What would be better for gaming such as CS:GO and H1Z1: AMD A8-7410P Processor or AMD Quad Core A8-7410 Processor. Both laptops are ASUS with 8GB of RAM but I was just wondering which processor would be better for the games that I play?
  49. S

    video card laptop

    hello admin..i have dell latitude e6430 laptop..core i7 quadcore 2.7 ghz..i have downloaded nba 2k17 and i cant play it well beacause its too laggy the character cant move well i want to know if its possible if i change the video card?sorry for bad english..thanks in advance hoping for an answer
  50. A

    Is this a good laptop to buy?

    I have been looking for a laptop & came up with a dell laptop with "AMD A8-7410 Quad-Core Processor" & "2.2GHz up to 2.5GHz Turbo Speed" & " AMD Radeon R5 Graphics" with 12GB memory. Is this a good laptop to buy? I like to do Photoshop & some games Thank you
  51. A

    witch windows is better 10 or 8.1 for an hp 15 with 8gb ram,amd quad core 2.0 ghz,1tb hdd

    Please tell me witch windows performance is better for an hp 15 g011sq with 8 gb ram,amd a8 quad core 2.0ghz,2 video cards radeon r5 and hd8570M series,8 gb ram,1 tb hdd.
  52. D

    Laptop pricing issue

    I have a Lenovo z580 quad core 17 2.9ghz 1tb intel hd 4000 laptop and was wondering how much they retail for as I am struggling to find any model relevant info. Any help would be appreciated
  53. M

    What's the best CPU upgrade for my laptop

    my laptop is a HP pavilion DV6 6135DX it has a quad core AMD A8 3500m and 8gb of ram i'd like to upgrade the CPU in it
  54. A

    Gaming laptop for league of legends and school.

    Hey people, I now have a laptop for school (specs: AMD A8 quad core 2.00 ghz, 8gb ram, radeon r5 graphics) but its getting very slow and i can only play league at very low settings. So i want to buy a new laptop that is good for school and can play league of legends at high with 60fps. (i have...
  55. X

    Laptop for programming (dual core or quad core)

    Hi, I am currently studying Computer Science and in the upcoming September I will be starting my final year in my University. I am looking for a 15.6" laptop (between 900€-1100€), but I can't decide if I should choose a dual core one, which is much smaller, compact and with less power...
  56. S

    Recommended processor requirement

    My laptop has an AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P processor and this game I am thinking about downloading says the recommended processor requirement is an i7. Should this game work on my laptop?
  57. A

    need help for a new laptop to play overwatch with.

    Hi I'm currently looking for a new laptop to play overwatch on! I've been in my local store to look at a couple and I found these three laptop to be appealing in looks(Because they're pink :3 Not laptop 3, but yeah so I really hope for the two first ones..), now I just hope they will be able to...
  58. S

    Amd quadcore or i7 dualcore?

    Hi all, I need to upgrade my i3 dualcore as it cant handle my projects, i use the laptop for music production and when the project becomes large i start using 98% of my cpu, i cant afford an i5 ot i7 quafcorr but an amd quadcore is much cheaper and affordable but is it better than a standard i5...
  59. C

    CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b

    I recently picked up a Probook 6570b as a hackbook project. I got os x Seirra loaded and running on a 240gb SSD and have installed a 1TB HDD in the optical bay. The system board has non-upgradeable Intel HD 4000 graphics but I upgraded to 8GB RAM to help with this. The last possible upgrade...