Seeking a low cost Quad Core laptop, capable of taking 32GB RAM (for education use not gaming)

Sep 28, 2018

Need some advice on a laptop. I need a quad core laptop capable of taking 32gb Ram. Initially 16gb will suffice, but I plan to run several VMs and at some point I may need to add more RAM.

I’m aware 16GB RAM modules are super expensive!... so right now I can only afford a laptop that is capable of taking 32g not one that come’s with 32gb ram. I will have to save up for the additional RAM.

Oh my budget is £400-£500(max)… I know that’s not much but I would be looking for a used one on eBay.

One last requirement, being a student, I need one that’s quite portable (ie 14” screensize or less) . It will be used for my studies so not bothered if it’s not a gaming laptop.

The laptop isn’t urgent as I have an old Lenovo X220 with 12.5” screen but it can’t go beyond 16gb and the CPU isn’t powerful enough.

So in summary, I need suggestions of affordable quad core laptops, CPU 2.4GHz or above, capable of taking 32gb Ram, and that the screen size is 14” or below (ideally 12” or 13”)… what I will do then is keep an eye out on eBay for any used ones :)