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  1. L

    intel i3-50050u or AMD quad core a6 6310

    Hello all. I'm looking to buy a low-end budget laptop. I'm between two: The first one has AMD quad core a6 6310 and the other comes with a Intel Core i3-5005U. All the rest are the same, 4gb ram, amd r5 m330 2GB as a graphic card, same price. Although i understand that most recent games may...
  2. J

    Can i chang laptops processore

    My Laptop is acer aspire E51-511 Intel Celeron Quad Core processore N2930(up to 2.16 GHz) Can I chang it to core i3 or i5 ?
  3. A

    How well can these two laptops play Dragon Age : Inquisition?

    Laptop: Asus VivoBook X556UQ-XO076T Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 940MX - 2048MB Windows 10-64bit 4 GB RAM Laptop: Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-53V1 Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 940MX - 2048MB Windows 10-64bit 4 GB RAM The game itself requires a quad-core CPU; both...
  4. A

    Looking to play DA:I is this laptop good enough?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to play DA:I on this laptop "Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-53V1" Thanks. DA:I requires me to have a quad-core CPU. I'm not sure if the laptop's Cpu is a quad-core.
  5. U

    Which of the following two is a better option for video editing?

    Sorry I might be posting in the wrong category(I just joined) but I need a laptop for video editing, 3d modeling and graphics designing, I have two options: (a) HP Envy 15 ae132tx Specs: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04942992 (b) An ugraded Dell Inspiron 157559 Specs...
  6. G

    Asus 453SA-WX036T running slow

    i just brought Asus 453SA-WX036T and here's the specs: Intel Pentium Quad Core N3700 1.6 GHz up to 2.4GHz 2GB DDR3 500GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm Intel HD Graphics Windows 10 64-bit. The notifications and start up apps are already been disable. all of my drivers and windows are on update. i...
  7. B

    Laptop with Macbook Pro-like specs and dimensions

    I have a retina Macbook Pro from 2012 which has a quad core 2.3 ghz (i7-3615QM) processor and NVidia GT 650M GPU and I would like to find a laptop with better specs (It's been 4 years) but the same form-factor (slim aluminum body). I also do not want to go down in display resolution to HD from...
  8. P

    Thinking of purchasing a Asus Vivobook Flagship 15.6 display pentium n3700 quad core laptop. Good laptop?

    Thinking of purchasing a Asus Vivobook Flagship 15.6 display pentium n3700 quad core laptop. Good laptop?
  9. S

    msi laptop cx62 6qd

    Processor: 6ª Geração Intel® Core™ i5-6300HQ Quad-Core 2.3 GHz with Turbo 3.2 GHz 6 MB Cache Chipset: Intel® HM170 RAM: 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 2133 MHz Screen15.6" Full HD (1920x1080) Anti-glare TN Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 530 + Nvidia GeForce 940M 2GB DDR3 storage: HDD 1TB 7200 RPM Drive Óptica...
  10. OfficialG3

    3 options for a cheap "laptop"

    i have 3 options here a tablet pc called the vanbook w80, running win 8.1, has a quad core 1.3ghz intel baytrail along with 1 gb of ram (16gb) (cheapest option) another tablet pc called teclast x89 running windows 10 and android 4.4, identical processor but with 2gb of ram (32gb) (most...
  11. L

    Best value light weight and thin quad core i7 laptop?

    So I've spent some time researching and looking for a laptop that fits my criteria. 1. I'd like a quad core 6th gen i7 or i5 at least, so no ultra book sku cpus like the 7500u found in the razer blade stealth. 2. I'm looking for best in class thinness and weight, so I'm not trying to find the...
  12. L

    CPU Overclocking AMD

    Hi guys! (Again xD) I recently made a CPU Stress test, and after 10min running at 100% load temps was 59C (Max) 45C Min. And 55C Average. So I want to push my CPU further because temps are not bad. I would like to overclock my CPU but don't know if I can. Here is my CPU: |||...
  13. A

    Inter i3 5th Gen or AMD Quad Core A8 laptop for normal day use?

    I want to buy new laptop between 25K-30K INR. My priority is mostly normal day usage like watching movies, browsing internet, no high graphic gaming requirement, good battery backup, low heating issues and decent performance. I have shortlisted these 4 laptops: 1)...
  14. B

    wat games can i play on a lenovo B50-45 AMD A6-6310 quad core radeon R5 m230 play?

    Hi guys im new to this so i havnt got a clue what sort of games my laptop will play that my girlfriend has bought me can anyone give me any advice to what games will play please..thanks my laptop is a lenovo B50-45 AMD A6-6310 quad core radeon R5 m230 my ram is a 4 gb my processor speed is...
  15. ImperialGuardsman

    Video Camera for Powermac G5

    Hello everyone! I am traditionally a Windows man (especially the older flavors of Windows) but I also have an old Powermac G5 2.5Ghz Quad with an Nvidia Quadro 4500 and 16Gb of ram. I also have Final Cut Pro 6 and am running OS X 10.5.8. I wanted to see if any of you had suggestions for video...
  16. D

    quad core a10 vs an Intel core i3

    I am looking at a couple HP laptops. One is a15.6 in screen with a quad core a10. The other is a 17.3 in screen with an Intel core i3. I am totally computer illiterate and will really only be using it for things like Facebook, YouTube, email and that type of thing. I like the bigger screen it...
  17. A

    Acer VN7-792G or Asus N552VX?

    Help I can't decide!! http://www.interdiscount.ch/idshop/product/notebooks/932880_ER-8838566903809/acer-aspire-v-17-nitro-7-792g-710p-core-i7-6700h/detail.jsf...
  18. S

    Amd quad core A10 or intel i7

    Hi. I'm looking to pick up a cheap ~800 labtop for use in robotics. I will use this for CAD (3D Rendering) and Android studio (programming). I have 2 computers that I am currently looking at. They have both the exact same specs except one has a 6th gen intel i7, the other a quad core amd a-10...
  19. S

    Please help regarding final decision: Asus UX305UA or MSI MSI GL62 6QF

    Hello everyone, I am planning to buy a new laptop before relocation. Previously I considered Asus UX 303UB which is no more in stock in my city. Now, I have shortlisted the following two models available in the market: 1. Asus UX305UA Specs: Core i5 6200U, 8GB DDR3 Ram, Storage 256GB SSD...
  20. C

    Utterly Stuck, Confused and a bit Desperate ! Trying to rescue Ampe A83 Tablet

    hi, I've been at this for a few hours with no luck and i'm out of ideas. I've got the Ampe A83 Quad Core 3G 7.85" Android 4.4.2 Tablet and I was trying to upgrade the stock android 4.4.2 to something newer. I figured out that the recovery needed to be unlocked before I could properly flash...
  21. R

    AMD A6 or APU dual core E1

    which processor is better whether AMD A6 quadcore or APU dual core E1?
  22. S

    Gaming laptop under £300

    Aup guys I'm looking for a gaming laptop under £300 does it matter if its duel core or quad core?
  23. T

    Nextbook7 quad-core 32 gb reset reboot

    My nextbook froze now blinks at power up but doesn't power up just blinks no charge no buttons work can I fix this I really want my tablet to start up help me please
  24. N

    can i change my laptop processor

    i have hp pavilion g6 amd A10 2312 AX 1TB 4 GB RAM 2.5 GB Graphics Windows 8 quadcore processor and i want my processor to i5, is it possible?
  25. TechyInAZ

    Dual Core vs. Quad Core Mobile Skylake

    I'm currently looking for a laptop for my Nana. I've been able to narrow it down a bit, but I can't decided between dual core and quad core. The problem is, there are hardly any quad core i7 laptops w/ SSDs that are below $900. Which is making me wonder if the dual core i5s and i7s are fast...
  26. K

    Intel pentuim Quad core Processor with 4gb ram

    I bought a laptop which has quad core processor with 4gb ram.. Can i play splinter cell blacklist, Call of duty series, assassins creed with this laptop???
  27. W

    Update on the computer specs

    CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B150M-D3H (rev. 1.0) LGA 1151 Intel B150 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Video Card Case: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Mid-Tower Gaming Case...
  28. T

    Need help picking out a laptop

    Hello, for school i'm going to need a laptop. I want the laptop to be powerful (dedicated graphics and preferibly quad core processer but doesn't matter), good battery life(more then 7 hours on battery saving mode or removable battery), and should be at least carryable. Price doesn't matter and...
  29. W

    i need suggestion for processor

    i have acer aspire es1-431c6wa Intel Celeron N3150 Quad-core 1.60Ghz.i wanna know if this laptop can upgrade the processor?
  30. S

    Trying to find a laptop thaIt can support 32gb of ram

    I've always have been a desktop guy but I've found myself going to various sites a lot more often for evals. i won't say what I do exactly, but I run a lot of virtual machines, Like I can run anything from A VM server, with several machines on top of that and I think the most machines I ever...
  31. F

    I want a quad core laptop in the Hp Envy 17 range - what to consider?

    Hello all out there, I am looking at the Hp Envy 17 range with powerful quad core i7 processor? What would you suggest to go for? I am Not an avid gamer! I however plan to use as a desktop, crunching numbers video editing, dtp, rendering etc... I do not mind a touch screen if it matters not and...
  32. P

    Kaspersky AV 2016 BSODs on winXP SP3 quad core PCs

    We are getting this on several machines. It started some weeks ago, so probably an auto update, because the 2016 AV was installed some months ago (we have a corporate license). It happens on Q9550, QX9650, i5 and i7. All quad core. The QX9650 machine was fine with an E8500 (dual core) CPU. We...
  33. R

    Sony Vaio laptop upgrade? I need part numbers....

    My friend has a Sony Vaio VPCF234FX . the specs are: 16.4 inch 1080p screen 6gb of ram i7-2670qm (quad-core, 2.2GHz) Nvidia Geforce GT 540m It is in excellent condition, and he wants $300 for it. I am interested, but I fear the GT 540m can't cut it for games such as Rocket league, or Ark...
  34. N

    my laptop can gaming ?

    Hi, My laptop model is ACER ASPIRE E 15 ( E5-551G-T30H). Spec- AMD quad-core A10-7300 AMD Radeon R6 and linked with AMD Radeon R7 M265 (2GB) 6 GB RAM 8GB SSD + 1000GB HDD Any way to improve my FPS ? My games is DOTA 2 and CSGO only. Because my in game fps was...
  35. M

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs redmi note 3

    is "Lenovo ZUK Z1" a good smartphone ??? somebody told me that "Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz Quad Core" is outdated. is there any problems by using this outdated processor?? WHICH ONE IS BETTER REDMI NOTE 3 OR ZUK Z1 ?????
  36. M

    Lenovo laptop lagging in windows when browsing...

    I have a new Lenovo yoga 500 14". A8 quadcore 2,2 GHz with 250 GB SSD. 4 GB RAM. When I am browsing there are a lagspikes, even when typing. The text is appearing 1-2 sec after I have pushed a key. It doesn't appear to be a problem on this site though. What could cause this? Something on my...
  37. S

    Will this run Gta 5?

    AMD Quad-Core A8-8650B 3.20Ghz 8 GB,DDR3 (ram) AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics
  38. J

    Need Some Help With Laptop Problems

    Hey Guys. I have a Dell Precision M6600. It has the i7 2760qm Quad Core and the Quadro 3000m. I just got it today and when I put Windows 10, Minecraft, and Black Ops 1 on it, everything ran as it should. Minecraft ran Flawlessly and Black Ops ran good on Low-Medium Settings. Normal, Right? Well...
  39. L

    How much is my laptop worth its 10 months old and hardly used

    HP Pavilion 15.6" Touch LED, Intel Pentium Quad-Core, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Windows 8.1 Laptop with Software
  40. S

    dell inspiron 15 3551 pentium quad core or dell vostro 15 3000 3558 pentium dual core

    dell inspiron 15 3551 pentium quad core n3540 or dell vostro 15 3000 3558 pentium dual core 3805u. what is the best laptop for normal work..like browsing,watching movie??? pentium 3805u single core performance faster then n3540. but n3540 multi core performance faster then 3805u.. benckmark...
  41. J

    is there a way to overclock 2.0GHz AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Accelerated Processor

    I bought a hp pavilion with 2.0GHz AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Accelerated Processor and Radeon Graphics, 2 years ago. now most games need a faster processor.. Can i overclock this pocessor? And If i can , which program will do it?
  42. G

    Can't decide between two laptops

    Hello people! I would want to ask some assistance on these two used laptops, there are those two Aspire laptops for relatively cheap price, one wielded with AMD N930 Quad core and HD 5650, other one with i3 380m and GT 630m, both of course have 4 gigs of ram. I would want to pick out the best...
  43. M

    Which would be better for budget gaming? An Intel pentium quad core, or an i3 dual core

    I am currently looking into buying a new laptop with more power, but there seems to be a blur between the dual core i3 and the quad core pentium. So I was wondering if I could get a quick answer on which is better suited for gaming, as on some websites it say the i3 however on reviews and game...
  44. J

    Lenovo ThinkPad T-460P vs Y700 Laptop?

    I was about to get a Lenovo T450 with a quad core i-4710Q processor for ~$1000 and throw my own SSD and add extra 8 ram in myself. Then last month, Lenovo killed the T450 and now you have to buy the T-460p which is a special performance model to get a quad core in a 14" Lenovo notebook. But its...
  45. M

    Need help getting a laptop recommendation

    [b]Hi! I'm currently looking for a new gaming laptop that meets the following specs: CPU: Quad Core i5 or Dual Core i7 Memory: 8GB+ Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 900 series. Weight: Under 2kg Uses of Laptop: School and Gaming Games I play: CS:GO and GTA V Budget: 1500 USD I'm currently looking at...
  46. A

    Advice for Buying a Gaming Laptop.

    .. the two models are EON17-X RTS Display Type: EON17-X 1920 x1080 17.3" Backlit Matte Display LCD Screen Calibration Graphic Cards: Single 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M Processors: Intel Core i7 6700K Quad-Core with Professional ORIGIN PC Overclocking Thermal Compound: Included...
  47. B

    Any advice for purchasing a new Laptop? Are there any deals?

    I am searching for an ideal budget laptop and primarily concerned with entertainment. I use my laptop constantly for business and pleasure. Work, internet browsing mainly, but also TV/movies and a bit of gaming. I currently have a HP G6 A8, so I am comparing various features to this model. I...
  48. Comp2014

    Definitive 2016 dell precision m4600 compatible MXM graphics cards list.

    I just bought a used Dell Precision M4600 with the following specs Intel Core i7 2860QM CPU 8GB Ram 320GB HDD NVIDIA Quadro 1000M DVD drive. When the laptop arrives I am going to upgrade it with 16gb of ddr3 sodimm memory I have laying around. As the laptop only has the base NVIDIA Quadro 1000M...
  49. S

    AlienwareM11x R2 or Lenovo G40-45 ??Please heip me choose...

    Please help me choose between AlienwareM11x R2 and Lenovo G40-45 .. New Lenovo G40-50 and Unused without warranty AlienwareM11x R2 The below are the specs Lenovo G40-45 APU Quad Core A8 8 GB DDR3 RAM 2GB ATI EXO PRO R5 M330 AlienwareM11x R2 Core i3 3220M 8GB DDR3L Nvidia GTX35O For...
  50. X

    I need a laptop !!!

    I need the lowest price for a laptop that can run league of legends, csgo, wow at ultra settings and the laptop must be at least quad core and 8GB ram and it must be available in the united arab emirates
  51. H

    Recommend me a new laptop for $330

    Hello guys. I'm not very famillar with laptop brands(i've seen top brand chart tho), but I would ask you to recommend me a good fast-loading laptop for a $360 budget. It has to be new. I will not play games on it, just need it for quick web-browsing and movie-watching at 720p. I want the...
  52. D

    Im looking for a laptop for graphics design around 700 - 800$(can go higher but preferred price range)

    I have found a laptop around this price range http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/hewlett-packard-hp-envy-15-6-laptop-silver-intel-core-i7-4710hq-1tb-hdd-12gb-ram-windows-8-1-15-k058ca/10298749.aspx?path=fbc388071248e6900fc33d6782d3c33cen02 but its pretty much discontinued an i7 quad core that...
  53. B

    Need help choosing processor/laptop

    I am trying to decide between 2 computers a) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834232357 b) http://www.amazon.com/F555UA-EH71-Intel-Laptop-Windows-64bit/dp/B014LE6A6I/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 I am looking for a computer to handle moderate gaming, and lots of...
  54. B

    Need help choosing processor.

    I am trying to decide between 2 computers a) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834232357 b) http://www.amazon.com/F555UA-EH71-Intel-Laptop-Windows-64bit/dp/B014LE6A6I/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 I am looking for a computer to handle moderate gaming, and lots of...
  55. J

    Great Quadcore Laptop for Upgrade?

    Hi I have a Sony Vaio VPCSB28gg with i7-2620m , 8GB (maxed) ram and a new BX-100 SSD. (running SATA II because Sony bios issue - another post). Great upgrade but I want more speed! What I'm looking for an affordable "12-14 laptop with a quad core processor (not the newest CPU necessary but...
  56. N

    Laptop 16GB RAM SSD i7 Quadcore

    Hello everyone, Is there a laptop with the following specs: 16GB RAM or more, SSD 256GB or more, i7-4710HQ or better, 1920x1080 resolution or better, Battery life - not important really, The graphics card is not of any importance Aw! And price should be below £900 :D Any suggestions? Thanks in...
  57. S


    I am looking for a Quad Core Skylake CPU laptop, NON TOUCH SCREEN in the 15 inch size , has any one seen one for sale on market yet ?
  58. ganeshkumar1812

    gt 920m 4gb vs gt 840m 2 gb and fifth gen i7 dual core vs fourth gen i7 quad core

    what is the difference in a 4gb 920m and 2gb 840m??most of the fifth gen i7 comes at a dual core with 4 virtual cores. Unlike the fourth gen i7 which comes with a quad core at a specified price range of 70-80k INR ..I will only be using them for gaming at mid or high level at 1080p mostly or...
  59. R

    Quad-core laptop and PCI-Express for software developer

    Hi all, I'm not really an enthusiast and am on a budget, but would like crazy fast speed during my software development work entailing: using developer software such as C++ Visual Studio or Java Eclipse IDE, compiling code repeatedly, and running a web server or two. I'd like my machine to not...
  60. A

    Gaming desktop PC pack around $ 350 $

    core i5 2.2ghz or more\ AMD quad core 2.2ghz or more Gaming casing thermal display led (if avaiable touch) GRAPHICS CARD: Radeon, Geforce, Sapphire, 2gb or dedicated 2gb if ram is 4gb RAM 2GB-4GB OR MORE no keyboard, mouse,soundbox required TELL ME THE ORIGINAL PRICE ONLY NOT MARKET PRICE