Laptop won't turn on


May 27, 2016
I'm trying to troubleshoot my Sager laptop after it abruptly shut off. Now it doesn't even turn on. I've tried turning it on with the battery and the ac adapter separately, and nothing.

Whenever I click the power button, the laptop makes a subtle repeating clicking noise. I thought it might've been the HDD, but I use an SSD for the OS. Regardless, I took out the HDD and the problem still persist.

I also reseated and rearranged the RAM, but to no avail.

Finally, I thought it could be an issue with the CMOS battery. So I unplugged and plugged the CMOS battery back in, but the problem lingers. However, after plugging the CMOS battery back in, the clicking noise disappeared. Not sure if the CMOS has anything to do with the issue.

It doesn't seem to be an issue with the motherboard. As the LED indicators still work. The charging LED is on, but the battery LED stays orange, and I have not seen it turn green.

So I figured it may be an issue with either the CMOS battery or the AC adapter. I just ordered a multimeter to test the AC adapter, and it should arrive by tomorrow. Until then, does anyone have any other suggestions?