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  1. S

    Lenovo T530 Nasty screeching noise! (Not the fan)

    Hello Toms Hardware forum, For approximately a year now my T530, which is roughly 3 and a bit years old has been emitting a faint electronic 'screeching' noise. It's coming from somewhere in the bottom right hand corner next to the trackpad. I always presumed it was the fan, no issues with...
  2. J

    Toshiba Satellite C670-17D Serious Battery Glitch?

    Never seen this before so im asking you guys. It happend about 2 months ago. I'm just gonna get right into it. Whenever i plug my charger into my laptop it says 100% charged in like 20 seconds. And whenever i unplug the charger my laptop just shwoing a black screen and like shuts off after...
  3. C

    USB headset g941yy problem. Seeking guidance

    Hi there, I'm kinda desperate and this is my first time asking for help here. I hope anyone can help me. I'll say right now that exchanging it is not an option for me, neither is refunding it or getting a new one. I'll be grateful for any help. I'm expiriencing an unusual problem with my...
  4. N

    Does anyone have the HyperX Cloud 2?

    So... Hi, I got the HyperX Cloud 2 a long ago, and one month ago the mic of it got broken, so I decided to open it and check if I was able to fix it, I got really mad because I was an entire our trying to solder it and I couldn't because it seemed like it wasn't a welding issue and more like an...
  5. E

    Laptop won't turn on after restart

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my laptop Acer Aspire 5349 (Windows 7) as it won't turn on immediately after restart. It kind of starts booting for one second but something clicks and it turns off, and when I press the power button it acts the same so I have to disconnect the charger and battery...
  6. G

    Dell Shutting Down

    When I press the power button, the laptop starts to boot, but within 3-5 seconds shuts down automatically.
  7. HappyHambo

    HyperX Cloud II's only playing through right speaker?

    I got a pair of HyperX Cloud II's quite recently and after working well for a couple of months they have started only playing from the right headphone. This is apparent on all devices I tested, Xbox One, PC and phone. But both speakers do play sometimes when I bend the end of the cable with the...
  8. M

    Laptop turns off automatically if it gets a small push from beneath

    I have a lenovo w520 series laptop, it is almost 6 years old and during these 2 years span it turns off automatically when it gets a slight shove underneath it like i put it on my lap and it turns off then it doesnt turn back on, if i remove the battery and put it back in it turns on and...
  9. R

    ASUS S551 black desktop after changing boot mode

    I changed booting 1. usb (kaspersky rescue disk) 2. hard disk. After save and exit from bios i have blank or black screen. I tried remove battery and CMOS and nothing... I tried some commands like ctrl +Fn + insert/home. I tried to press F2 and nothing. I did a hard reset and also nothing...
  10. A

    Laptop played too long, sudden black screen, not turning on.

    My HP CQ-221TX laptop had this problem. when i turn it on, it has light for just about tenth of a second, no fan spin, power light also tenth of a second then it died.. if i try to press the power, it wont turn on at all..
  11. K

    Dell XPS L502X roblems

    Hi I hopened someone will take the time to help me, I am not entirely sure what my exact problem is. Firstly my setup: Dell XPS L502X Intel Core i7 Nvidia GTX 540M 4 GB RAM No peripherals And now my problems which vary. There are times that I turn on my laptop to 2/3 beeps from the BIOS...
  12. T

    Microphone buzzes when i touch electronics

    Right this is a very weird problem that i have been having with my gaming headset. When i'm using the headset to talk to friends i noticed that they was telling me that they could hear a noise in the background of my microphone that was very loud, i listened to it and i noticed it sounded like a...
  13. J

    My pc make a little noise !!

    Hello I have a new computer with those specs : MB : Asus z97 maximus vii watch dogs CPU : i7 4790k 4.0GHz ( not overclocked ) GPU : Asus Matrix GTX 980 ( not overclocked ) RAM : Avexir 16 gb ( 2x8 ) CPU COOLER : Thermaltake Watercooling 3.0 PSU : Thermaltake 730w 80 gold I hear a little...
  14. N

    laptop shutting down on its own

    My lenovo laptop suddenly shuts down on its own just after few minutes of operation. I can hear the fan sound and its not the normal sound as it was in earlier days. But it is not getting that hot. I was trying to install some temp monitoring software but in between the installation only it...
  15. Z

    I need to get rid of it ASAP

    I wouldn't give a damn, but this popup bothers every time I try to browse my hard drive. I can't delete it through programs&features because it shows that this app is too old to delete. I don't know what to do, HELP!! This is the popup that bothers me all the time http://imgur.com/a/sFkeo
  16. C

    Static noise coming out from the laptop. Not sure if it is software/hardware problem.

    Hi Sir, I have purchased a MSI gaming laptop, PE60 6QE. I have been using it for 2 weeks now. There is an electric/static noise coming out from the laptop. The noise is louder when the power cabal is not plugged in or when I am playing a game on full screen. I tried to muted all volume in the...
  17. G

    My laptop is broken i think

    My laptop wont turn on but it will at the same time, what happens is that my laptop will turn on to the HP loading screen then say it ran into a problem and needs restarted then when it restarts it will "Prepare the automatic repair" and say it ran into another problem, i don't know what is...
  18. D

    Frequent BSODs and Crashes, even after replacing parts

    Hello. My laptop, an ASUS F555LA-AB31, with an i3-5010u, 4gb RAM, and 5400rpm drive (500gb, original) is having problems. About two months ago, my little brother dropped my laptop from about 3 ft up. It has been having problems ever since. The operating system would run normally, but at random...
  19. N

    My pc was shutting down by itself for every 5 minutes

    I bought a new hard-disk ans connected to my pc but it was not working and then my pc was shutting down by itself by warning that the hardware problem encountered how i get out from this problem
  20. S

    No sound to right earphone and intermittent sound through headphones

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (SM-P600 Model) and I am at wits end with a hardware problem. For a while now, sound only comes out on the left ear or none at all. I plug in headphones and sometimes the device doesn't register it most of the time, I have to twist the wire into an...
  21. B

    Total trouble with OS booting

    Hi.... I have the total big trouble with OS booting in Medion AKOYA S221x notebook. before this sh*t be all OK, but yesterday some how automatically on pc hardware be set Bitlocker. Ok, I all the files I deleted from hardware. And now the Problem, when I plug the flash drive(bootable usb with...
  22. M

    Wire Connecting Power Button to Motherboard

    I accidently took off the wire that connects the motherboard and the power button. The laptop doesn't start now since power button connection is broken. How do I fix it?
  23. P

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped performing

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped downloading or running any of my games and most of my programs ever since a couple of days ago. I already tried analyzing my hard drive and defragging it. I ran a full-system virus and malware scan on it and it showed 0 infected files. It...
  24. R

    Asus k55vm not turning on (power light and fan is on)

    Hi I have 2year old k55vm-sx86d I recently received the caddy for the second hdd I was checking the bios for the detection of the drive (not detected) The problem with k55vm- the power on green is on no other lights are moving or anything not even NumLock(how did that happened I put a bios...
  25. J

    Samsung Chromebook 3 Screen Issue

    So my Samsung Chromebook 3's screen is acting up even more than usual. It used to be that I was able to use it with the screen bend towards me only slightly. And it just keeps getting worse. Today it was getting halfway down and than by tonight it was 3 quarters of the way down, it was unusable...
  26. A

    Battery doesn't charge, ac adapter stops working if battery inserted

    Ok Guys So I have this weird problem with my laptop battery. The battery works fine and the AC adapter is also working. It's working together that is the problem. So each time I plug the AC adapter in, the little green light slowly dies and the battery doesn't charge. I have to then remove...
  27. A

    Laptop Not Starting

    It All started a week ago. I was copying one large file to my laptop hard disk, when my laptop crashed. I tried turning it on.. It started taking very much time. I used power button to force shut down it. It take so much time. Even BIOS. I used my laptop without charger and it started. Nothing...
  28. I

    Satellite L50-B-25N - AMD ATI R7 M260 GPU issue PCI BUS

    I bought a laptop a few months ago, and now I've just tested the laptop in the games and I noticed a difficult problem. My laptop has the following configuration: Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel I7 5500U @2.40 Ghz GPU 1: Intel HD 5500 (shared memory) GPU 2: AMD R7 m260 with 2GB GDDR3 64bit 16 GB...
  29. A

    Small White Noise Coming From Computer

    I have an older HP Pavilion laptop that runs Windows 7. I am a music producer and I've had a white noise type sound (not super loud) coming from the computer to my headphones for a while now. I know that it isn't my headphones because they are totally fine on all other devices. I ran my...
  30. T

    Weird battery charging problem on my ASUS laptop

    So I'm have this very strange problem on my ASUS K401L laptop. Whenever I plug in my charger the laptop says plugged in, charging and this is when things get weird. The charge rate is almost zero when my screen brightness is anything other than full and the battery does not charge. Only when I...
  31. M

    Nikon coolpix s3500 charger/battery/hardware problem?

    Hey all! I have a Nikon coolpix s3500, less than 2 years old. Recently (as in two days ago) I attempted to turn it on after about 3 weeks of no use and it did not power on. No problem, I plugged it into the charger. But when I did so, the charging light did not turn green. I believe...
  32. S

    freeing up memory put in two different channels

    I have an Acer Aspire 772 G that mounts a VA70_HW mainboard, a I5 4200M CPU and it has four memory slots. The CPU can handle 32GB. In mounting memory in bay 1 and 2 (two different channels) windows frees up half of the total memory. if I put the same quantity in one channel, say bay 1 and 3...
  33. P

    Asus ROG G752VY CPU Temp spikes when opening programs

    Have had this Laptop for about 1.2 months now. I'm very impressed with it's performance and the supposed "Vapor chamber", which keeps the GPU below 70 degrees consistently. However the CPU is obviously having issues: During demanding games it runs between mid 70s to almost 80 degrees which...
  34. P

    Do I have a hardware problem?

    Hi My laptop is a dell alienware m17x. For a month I have been trying to figure out what's wrong with my laptop. After playing fifa 16 for 3 months without any problems now it plays in slow motion which is completely unplayable. I just run a stress test on my laptop just an hour ago and whilst...
  35. B

    Multitude of issues caused by water damage

    Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to read this. This is my first post here, so I'm terribly sorry if I posted under the wrong category or something. A few days ago, I screwed up. Spilled quite a bit of water on the keyboard of my Lenovo Y50-70 laptop. I of course immediately turned...
  36. A

    hardware problem in coonectivity between screen anda keyboard

    connection between my lap keyboard and screen is getting detached on one side and now my screen alone is facing the same problem.whenever i open it is detaching and i could see my intreiors of my screen. my laptopage is just 1 year
  37. A

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M keeps disappearing

    Hi, I have 2 graphic cards working with nVidia Optimum, GTX960M and Intel HD Graphics 5600. Now, my GTX960M stops working and disappears on device manager. When I try to see hidden devices, GTX960M appears grayed out. Afterwards, this message appears; "Code 45: Currently, this hardware...
  38. S

    Screen colors washed-out

    Hello, I have a problem with my laptop's screen. The colors seem washed-out. I am pretty sure that the problem lies in the LCD screen but I would like your opinion. 1)I tried connecting an external monitor with both VGA and HDMI and the external monitor works fine 2)I replaced the lcd cable but...
  39. R

    Laptop NOT performing the way it should even after applying a lot of fixes.

    Ok, first of all, I am very new to this forum........so good answers are preferable. I am not a complete noob when it comes to computers........but this around, I need some good expert advices, so I have come here. I have an HP Pavallion- E016TX laptop. The general specs are i5 3230m 4gb ram-...
  40. G

    Problem with samsung tv

    Hi there i was wondering if anyone could help me my friend has a samaung tv that has a slight problem with the screen see below : Is this an easy fix or would you need to get the screen replaced?
  41. P

    Acer Chromebook C730 Black screen

    Hey! I recently got a Chromebook from school to use for educational uses which is great! But the problem is that when i got it I started setting it up, googling around, changing themes etc and suddenly the screen froze and it just looked really weird. I tested to plug a HDMI cable into it and...
  42. R

    laptop restarting over and over again (before bios screen) then turns on but no image apears

    so my computer wont start it restarts some 2/5 times before the bios screen then turns on but no image apears
  43. RobertasK

    Problems installing OS on laptop with ssd

    Hello guys i have problem its when i try to install windows 7 from usb on laptop it freezes on installation screen, bios sucks can do anything on it even cant change mode from achi to sata(there isnt any option), My laptop model : asus eee pc 1101ha Any suggestions? Sorry for bad english
  44. E

    FPS drop after awhile

    Laptop spec : MSi GE62 2QE CPU : Intel Core i7-4720HQ @ 2.6GHz GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965m GDDR5 2GB RAM : 8GB DDR3L Windows 8.1 64bit Laptop age : almost a year Okay so here the problem I notice this recently that my fps drop after few minutes playing games such as CSGO and GTAV , the...
  45. tuhi009

    Auto Stereo Mix [Hardware Problem]

    I think I'm having a slight hardware problem. Little bit of stereo audio is mixing with my recording. Even when I unplug the the MIC CABLE and the speaker cable and record on the mic port !! I use Asus Xonar DX
  46. J

    Laptop Suddenly Dead?

    Hi, thank you for taking your time to help. My 5 years old Dell Inspiron N5010 was working properly until yesterday. I was basically on YouTube when suddenly the screen went something like white (like a TV with no signal) then a BSOD popped up. Since then my every attempt to boot into Windows...
  47. W

    problem with refresh rate

    Hi guys. I need some help. I have Sony Vaio laptop which have 1080p display and it can go up to 120hz, BUT, when i choose higher refresh rate, then the brightness is a lot darker (i checked brightness lvl and it was at max), Can you guys help me please?
  48. C

    My Lenovo Y50 shuts down exactly every 30 minutes. (No overheating)

    My Lenovo Y50 is shutting down every 30 minutes, no matter what i do, i can keep it doing nothing, and it shuts down, and i discovered that sleep mode "resets" the timer, and that's the only way to use it for longer time, can somebody help? Oh and it is not a battery setting issue too as far as...
  49. E

    help with graphics driver

    hello, i have been googling and lookng at other suggestions to fix this but cant seem to find anyone with the same problem as me. Basically what had happened was I went to update the graphics driver on my computer, and after doing so it would only start in safe mode and in the device manager it...
  50. B

    My Acer Aspire 5755G doesn't detect nVidia GT540M GPU

    Hi everybody! I have an Acer Aspire 5755G ( i7-2670QM 2.2GHz - 6GB RAM DDR3 [ but it reads only 4 GB, don't know why ] - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 bit ) with an nVidia GeForce GT540M on it, but the system doesn't detect the gpu. Currently I'm running with the Intel HD Graphics Family ( because...
  51. G

    Can't install windows in Asus freedos

    i've just bought Asus laptop and it has Freedos os, i tried to install windows 8 but when i choose Drive partition it says Windows Can't Be installed to this disk.The selected Disk has an MBR partition table.On Efi systems,windows can only be installed to GPT disk. It also says something about...
  52. N

    Lenovo IdeaPad U330 Switchable Graphics on Windows 10

    Hi! I have a question - do you have any idea how to change fast between integrated and discrete graphics on this computer? Drivers from Lenovo are outdated, drivers from ATI don't work. I tried using compatiibility mode but it didn't give results (although drivers from lenovo site installed...
  53. D

    Solved! Laptop won't turn off completely (it's stuck or black display) Acer Aspire E11

    Hi, bought used but newly looking Acer Aspire E11 from some guy. I have problem, it won't turn off. I installed W7, W8, W10 even I tried some Linux.. But it won't turn off. Currently I have W10. When I installed Ws, I have to reset it by HW power button (like you know, when you are...
  54. S

    Launching Straight to bios

    Okay so my friend has a asus laptop and its his only way of accessing the internet for help so I will be speaking for him. So yesterday I had My laptop plugged in while using it but it still said it had 10% battery left and to plug it in. so I tried plugging it into different outlets and such so...
  55. M

    Problem with my Toshiba Satellite C850-B561

    My laptop isn't booting up. It only shows that screen which looks like a telivision without signal. It runs in windows 7. What could be the problem of my laptop? Specification: Toshiba Satellite C850-B561 4gb ram Windows 7
  56. B

    pendo wont charge or even turn on

    brand new never been used pendopad model PNDPPW8QK1016BLK wont charge or even turn on
  57. P

    Blue screen - hardware problem

    Hello, Since few weeks, my computer often stops when using internet and the blue screen appears showing : "A problem has been detected and windows had been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If...
  58. T

    Kernel-Power 41 (Asus K550JK-DM013)

    At the beginning of June I got a Asus K550JK-DM013 and an SSD 250GB Crucial BX100. To avoid "confusion" in case of problems, the assembly of the SSD has been made in the shop (for free). This laptop is often used to conduct "renders" in Sony Vegas 13. During some of these "renders" the notebook...
  59. A

    Down/Upload speed nightmare

    am using a Toshiba Satellite 650-054 and need to get it run at or above ISP down and upload speeds. How can i go about resolving this quickly?
  60. C

    Solutions to dealing with hardware problems on my Dell Inspiron N5010

    Hello. This is my first time on Tom's hardware forum, so please forgive any mistakes I make. I have an old Dell Inspiron N5010 with 4 GB RAM Intel core i5 ATI Raedon HD 5470 graphics card (1 GB) It is about 4-5 years old, so warranty is definitely void. I have been running into some...