Laptop won't turn off completely (it's stuck or black display) Acer Aspire E11


Aug 4, 2013

bought used but newly looking Acer Aspire E11 from some guy.

I have problem, it won't turn off.

I installed W7, W8, W10 even I tried some Linux.. But it won't turn off.

Currently I have W10.

When I installed Ws, I have to reset it by HW power button (like you know, when you are installing Windows and it need some restart, in my case, it just stuck and I waited and then use HW power button).

Now I have W10, i turned off the fast start or what it is. Well, before this display turned off but laptop still worked. After fast start turn off display stay on with "shutting down" screen.

Some ideas?

Please... thank you
This could be the setting on what does your power do when you press it. You can check that settings if correct by doing the following steps:

1. Click start then search for Power Options then click it when it shows up.
2. On the left pane select Choose what the power button does.
3. When I press the power botton option should be set to Shut down both on battery and plugged in.

Probable cause why it's not shutting down is it could be set on hibernate mode where PC wont turn off and CPU would still be working


Aug 4, 2013

actually I am not sw/hw newbie, but this is really mindblowing, at least for me.

When I got Windows 8 or 10 on, it has problems with login (bug, logining screen, and even if I do not have password there is password column, but under this column is "loading" icon, it takes tens of second to disappear and login - show bacgroudn etc.). It has problems with shutting down too. I can not restart it or shut down, even if I set it in the power settings.

Now I have Windwos 7 on, it log me in "fast" and I have no problems with restarting or shutting down. I have now problems with drivers, because it is Acer Aspire E11 ES1-111 and it is made for W8 (and 10) and drivers installation won't start on it.

I have just upgraded ram (I have 4GB, from factory it has 2GB). And I have different HDD (I have Acer, but I have HDD frome some Lenovo). S.M.A.R.T. etc. is good, no problems.

So where the hell is problem that I can not run even I have lots of problem when installing W8/W10??


Oct 7, 2015


I am having the same problem. I have an acer Aspire E5-771G, NVIDIA 840m. I have called both Acer and Microsoft! No solution! Very bothersome! I've tried it all. Microsoft told me it was a BIOS problem and Acer said that could not be! Very anoying.

Kind regards,

Joël Vuik


Dec 11, 2017
Hello folks,

I had the same issue. I solved it.

System (for reference):

Acer V3-572PG (
Nvidia 840m
UEFI Bios setting
Secure Boot is off.



You turn the computer, (laptop) off/shut down, (properly)...

It looks like the computer is turned off (the screen looks off), but the LED is still on. The computer keeps generating heat, and sometimes a fan will run.

If you do not hold your power button to turn off the LED, the next time you go to use your laptop, the battery is dead.

If the battery is NOT dead, you need to hold the power button to "hard" turn off the computer/LED.

Only then can you turn the computer on/boot normally.

This also affects sleep/hibernation. I frequently close my laptop lid, and my computer will not resume. I notice that the LED never shut off went it went to sleep, and the computer is still warm, and using battery. I have to hold the power button.



It's the boot order.

Set "Windows Boot Manager" as the 1st boot device. BEFORE your HDD.

If you do not do this, Windows will not properly send the shutdown signal- and the laptop will not truly shut off.


This issue presented after I did a SSD replacement. When I did the install, I set the "HDD" to boot first. This was incorrect, (at least once Windows was installed).

Most of the time, if you "load the default settings" in the BIOS/boot order, "Windows Boot Manager" will be the first boot option, and everything will work normally.

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