Laptop NOT performing the way it should even after applying a lot of fixes.


Jan 1, 2016
Ok, first of all, I am very new to this good answers are preferable. I am not a complete noob when it comes to computers........but this around, I need some good expert advices, so I have come here.

I have an HP Pavallion- E016TX laptop.
The general specs are
i5 3230m
4gb ram- has been upgraded to 8 gb
Radeon HD 8670m graphics

This laptop is a couple of years old. Since the last 4-5 months, I have been facing a lot of problems, not general computing wise but GAMING wise.

I used to play all of my games like Black Ops, Tomb Raider 2013, Counter Strike GO, at maxed out settings at 40-45 fps at 720p. I know the Radeon 8670m is not the best of graphic card, but still is pretty good for 720p if not 1080p.
There was also a windows 8.1 upgrade done on the laptop from the Windows Store.
After that upgrade, I realised that there was a substantial drop of frames. Like Black Ops was running at 15- 20 fps, Tomb Raider 2013, even on the lowest settings barely managed 25 fps.
I tried everything. I used the latest drivers, cleaned all temp files, had obviously set 'High Performance', in AMD Catalyst Control Panel. Windows was adjusted to max performance over quality etc. etc.

Even after that, nothing happened. So I thought, it was a problem with the Windows. So I reverted back to Windows 8. Even after reverting back, I did not gain any performance hike.

I have also blown compressed air in the system, to clean out the dust..........Also, I don't have any major overheating problems, the temps are never over 75 C. Though GPU usage is always at 99%......kind of strange, because the performance is really crap.

Currently I am on Windows 10......again upgraded from the Windows Store. I wanted to have the latest catalyst Drivers.......because AMD does not release any updates for Windows 8 anymore. Still, I haven't seen any difference.

Please Guys, help me out......I have been going through so many forums over the past months.......yet, I have gained nothing fruitful. Please!!!!.............I'm really frustrated.

Thank You



Jan 1, 2016
I have reinstalled Windows as I have mentioned earlier. Actually done it a couple of times. First from windows 8.1 to 8. Then once, from windows 10 to 8. Then finally there was no difference, I thought, well it's better to have the latest, so I re-upgraded to windows 10 again.

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