Samsung Chromebook 3 Screen Issue


Apr 22, 2016
So my Samsung Chromebook 3's screen is acting up even more than usual. It used to be that I was able to use it with the screen bend towards me only slightly. And it just keeps getting worse. Today it was getting halfway down and than by tonight it was 3 quarters of the way down, it was unusable except for me trying to turn it off and watching a tutorial to take it apart. I am unsure what I should replace. I took it apart and unhooked the ribbon cable and plugged it back in in all the places that it connect and tried it again. It was the same. So I'm stumped. Should I buy a new ribbon cable or could it be something else? It's been like this after about a year since I had it. And also my warrenty is over if I even purchased it when I bought it. I also do not want to have to go to a local tech shop to get it fixed.

Please help, and thanks in advanced!