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    Question Chromebook - RAM load constant over 75% without open taps

    Hi together, I just bought a used Chromebook and from day 1 on id had a RAM load of over 75% constantly. I didn't find a valid reason online. Just that it should be apprx. 20-30% normaly. So I assumed it might be some kind of maleware so I ran different virus scans, monitored the background...
  2. T

    Question Found "network can be monitored" on my chromebook. Who knows what it is

    This is what I found when I searched for "network may be monitored" after I saw it in my chromebook when it started up. Network may be monitored" shown after installing a private CA certificate on device Environment Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Samsung devices running Android 4.4 or...
  3. a_ni

    Question My Google account is corrupt, affecting trackpad

    Hi everyone, this is a long shot, but I am using an Acer Spin 713 Chromebook. On my main user account, my trackpad does not work anymore despite checking all of the settings, restarting, doing several power washes, etc. We've also torn down the Chromebook and checked the trackpad connectors and...
  4. sdcardmaster

    Solved! acer chromebook not reading sandisk imagemate 64gb microsdcard

    my Acer Chromebook is not reading a Sandisk image mate 64GB micro sd card that was read before.
  5. Tilo

    Question Lenovo Chromebook turns on but has grey screen.

    Brightness keys do work at changing the brightness. My Chromebook was in developer mode and developer mode boot-up screen was working as normal so I don't think this is a problem with the screen. I tried taking it out of developers mode but that didn't fix anything. Pressing the refresh button...
  6. M

    Solved! My Chromebook has streaks through it

    My HP Chromebook (3 years old) has had these rainbow coloured streaks across the screen, varying in size whenever I open it. Could someone please give advice? Thanks.
  7. L

    Solved! what do i do if i can´t hear out of my Billboard BB569 Performance Multimedia Headset when i plug it into my chromebook

    what do i do if i can´t hear out of my Billboard BB569 Performance Multimedia Headset when i plug it into my chromebook
  8. S

    Solved! How or can I use my HP Chromebook as a screen monitor for my Kodak PIXPRO AZ401

    I am new to video making and I just purchased a HP Chromebook touchscreen and also a Kodak PIXPRO AZ401 and will be using it for makeup tutorials. My HP Chromebook has a front camera and it says HD but the resolution is not so great. Please can anyone help me or point me in the right...
  9. M

    connecting an Xbox one to a chromebook

    so i was bored and had an idea i noticed that my Chromebook had a HDMI slot but when i hooked up it wouldn't work i wanted to hook it up to my Xbox One so i could play it on the go. does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. A

    Solved! horizontal black lines showed up and grew on my chromebook screen?

    i got my dell chromebook on christmas and only a couple days later, a weird black pixelated blob (horizontal) showed up at the bottom of the screen. it grew a little bit then stopped. later on, another black horizontal thin short line showed up in the middle left of my screen. it grew a little...
  11. L

    Solved! where to buy refurbished acer

    model #c720 acer
  12. C

    Solved! i have upload my photos but cant use them for my wallpaper

    i want to use my photos for my wallpaper . I have uploaded them but it keeps showing " no images" please help as i am new to chrome book
  13. X

    Lenovo n21 chromebook won't turn on

    I have a school issued Lonovo n21 Chromebook and I was using it but I closed it and went to do something else and when i came back it didn't work. Its charged and I was using it about an hour ago and when I plug in the charger it doesn't light up.
  14. L

    Connect ps3 to Acer Chromebook

    Connecting a Acer Chromebook to a ps3
  15. S

    Laptop for heavy internet browsing? Up to 500-600$

    I'm looking for a laptop primarily for writing research papers. I frequently have 15-20+ tabs open and would tab back and forth pretty quickly looking at different content and writing, any noticeable amount of lag adds a lot of delay since I switch so often. I know internet browsing isn't a lot...
  16. T

    Playing Solitaire on Chromebook uaing TV screen

    Can you play Solitaire and use Comcast to watch it on TV instead of the Chromebook display?
  17. R

    Solved! Chromebook 3 Samsung - Was this "new" computer tampered with? Spyware, Monitoringware

    Chromebook 3 Samsung. My child received a "new" Chromebook 3 for Christmas this year. It was suppose to be bought on Black Friday. Basically, I'd like to know if anyone thinks this computer was tampered with. The box looked open prior to her opening it. It was a gift from a family member who...
  18. sweeteyes_29

    Samsung 3 chromebook

    Why don't I have a desktop and network settings? It's my personal chromebook and can I set up to our ports if so, what stress the port numbers? Also can I block service e workers? They completely hacked my home network and every device on my network. It got ready ugly!
  19. W

    Please let me know what computers chromebooks laptops notebooks desktops by all manufacturers come with a warranty, etc.!!

    I need to know more information about all brands of
  20. M

    how to change wallpaper on chromebook(updated)

    1. right-click on prefered image in drive 2. click on "download". 3. in the menu that comes up, click and hold to drag the preferred image to the images folder located above the drive in the side menu, and then go to the left in the maybe empty folder and relese. 4. go to your computer...
  21. J

    Model number for Samsung 3 chrome book

    I can't see the number it is to small
  22. G

    Solved! how do I re-able incognito mode if my school disabled it

    i cant get on it and it is annoying :fou:
  23. C

    chrome OS and Roku

    I have a new chromebook and want to cast to my roku express. is this possible?
  24. R

    How can i shutdown other chromebooks with mine?????

    i rlly want to prank my friends with shutting down their computer from mine ;D
  25. K

    Solved! How can you use your chromebook as a tv?

    How can you use your chromebook as a tv?you keep saying that you can't screen mirror from your xbox to your pc, but you can. an HDMI built-in adapter is ALWAYS two-way. I use my windows computer like this all the time. but how do you do it with chromebook?
  26. J

    Solved! Acer one chromebook 14 wont go past acer logo screen

    Wont go past acer screen it just repeatedly shows acer over and over
  27. T

    Solved! Stream HDMI to Chrome browser.

    I work at home, and have a desktop computer that is pretty locked down, sometimes I really just want to use my laptop to do my work, but since its a personal device I can't login to my stuff. The desktop can't have anything additional installed on it. So is there a way to stream HDMI out to view...
  28. P

    Solved! Acer R11 Chromebook

    During reset it was interrupted and now opens up with Acer. Explore behind limits screen over and over, any suggestions please.
  29. Graybush

    The Laptop Enthusiast Gift Guide 2018

    Finding the perfect laptop for the laptop enthusiast in your life is sure to be a challenge. Do you go Mac or Windows? A hybrid? A desktop replacement? Fear not, these laptops and laptop accessories are sure to be a major upgrade for any enthusiast worth their silicon. Dell XPS 13 - 1,699.99...
  30. S

    Solved! disable incognito on chromebook

    all info seems to refer to windows. i need to disable incognito on my chromebook
  31. G

    School Chromebooks are too restricted!

    I am at in the SPS (Springfield Public Schools) district and I am running out of options for getting unblocked access. I realize a lot of these answers are going to be you telling me that it is unethical to unblock things at all. I agree. I am looking to unlock some of the more ridiculous things...
  32. B

    Lost files with chrome book password change

    Hello! I'm not tech savvy. My chrome book's "a" key isn't working, so I changed my password to be without the letter a. I proceeded, not realizing the significance of the warning. Now my files are all GONE. Is it too late to do anything? I know the password, just couldn't type the "a", and it...
  33. A

    Personal iPhone app from Chromebook..

    Hi all, quick question. I have a Chromebook and want to create an app solely for my personal use. I don't know how often i would use it and have no experience of programming/ coding at all so do not want to pay Apple or anyone else to try this. Is there any way i can make an app on my Chromebook...
  34. K

    how do you get rid of dead pixel on my chrome book

    it is small and in the very left corner
  35. J

    Chromebook physical keyboard

    The physical keyboard is not working. I replace the keyboard but still no success .I did a power wash before replacing anything and after and still nothing .none of the keys respond only the on-screen keyboard works .I call the manufacturer and they said to send it in for repairs a hundred fifty...
  36. J

    Java for chromebook

    I have an acer chromebook 15 and I really need java for a website for one of my classes. How would I get it? Thanks
  37. 2

    how to disable the fire wall on chromebooks

    so we can play fortnite
  38. L

    How to Change wallpaper without a mouse to right click

    I don't have a mouse for my chromebook and everything says to right click.
  39. 2

    how to disable the fire wall on chromebooks

    because we want to play fortnite
  40. S

    Acer Chromebook R13, sound but no picture from my SD card when playing videos.

    why will my Chromebook only play audio from vidoes on my micro SD card with the standard video player? I have tried VLC player but the Chromebook version won't open the files to play them all at. I have since tried at least 10 Apps from the play store with no success, youtube gives me nothing...
  41. P

    Keep Chromebook From Knowing the Lid Is Closed

    My school forces my Chromebook to sign out when the lid is closed but I want my websites to stay open. Would anti magnetic tape work to keep the computer from signing me out? Do you guys have any suggestions? thanks
  42. 1

    How can i fix a chromebook with lines on screen?

    i have lines on my chromebook screen.
  43. M

    Number keys are not working on my ASUS Chromebook flipbook. the numbers one, two, three four, seven, eight, nine and zero to n

    Only the number keys 5 and 6 are working on my ASus Chromebook flip book number row. all of the other number keys do not work. I had just replaced a damaged power port before they stopped working. Everything else is working fine...I am not sure how/if this is related. could this be software...
  44. R

    Chromebook Won't Turn On

    I have a Toshiba Chromebook 2. When I close the screen it refuses to turn back on. When I hold down the ESC + REFRESH + POWER ON it turns on to the exclamation point screen. Then I power it down and press the power button again and it turns on fine. Everything works normally until I close the...
  45. K

    DISH Anywhere & Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571

    I can't seem to get DISH Anywhere to work on my Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571. What do I need to accomplish this?
  46. G

    Killer Galaxy S9 Deal Includes Free Samsung Chromebook

    The best Galaxy bundle we've seen to date. Killer Galaxy S9 Deal Includes Free Samsung Chromebook : Read more
  47. T

    Is there anyway i can plug an HDMI into my xbox into my hp chromebook and record what i'm playing on my xbox with my chromeboo

    I'm trying to record what i play on my xbox 360 with my hp chromebook but i don't know how
  48. R

    How turn on a acer chrome book when it does not turn on

    When I turn my laptop on it shows black and nothing but it says it's on
  49. G

    Killer Prime Day Deal: Samsung Chromebook Just $129

    The best low-end and high-end Chromebook deals. Killer Prime Day Deal: Samsung Chromebook Just $129 : Read more
  50. S

    Help me pls

    Can u please help me my brother was pushing my chromebook and now it has turned white with black on the sides and nothing will come on except that
  51. C

    mouse wont work with acer chromebook R11

    mouse won't work with Acer Chromebook R11
  52. M

    How good is this laptop?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a high school junior about to become senior. Lots of our assignments are online and we were issued chromebooks freshmen year. I absolutly hate the chromebooks and would like to get a new laptop. I will use this laptop for school, but I'd like to be able to play some...
  53. S

    is there an app i can use to connect my chromebook as a tv for my xbox one

    is there an app i can use to connect my chromebook as a tv for my xbox
  54. M

    Help me solve this problem?

    Mốt “môi dày” đang khiến cho phái đẹp cả thế giới động dao vì độ hấp dẫn và hot bỏng của nó. Dưới đây là tổng hợp các cách thức “bơm” môi đột nhiên, không gây đau đớn và hết sức dễ khiến cho làm bất cứ người nào cũng mang thể bắt kịp trào lưu này.Rất mọi người dùng đến bàn chải đánh răng để làm...
  55. T

    Looking for best Touchscreen Chromebook (400$)

    I'm looking for a somewhat decent touchscreen Chromebook. I need one for school next year and im trying to save up over the summer to get one. I don't really want to cheap out because I'll be needing it for college the following year. I want a Chromebook that has expandable storage, a quad core...
  56. K

    I would like help with deciding on a chromebook, please?

    1. What is your budget? About 300 max limit. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 11 inches for the Acer chromebook r11 and 14 inches for the Acer chromebook 14, but any other suggestions are welcome! 3. What screen resolution do you want? Any as long as it's a...
  57. C

    How do you get pass a blocked website on a school chromebook?

    How do you get pass a blocked website on a school chromebook? It is always blocking games and I have no fun.
  58. M

    Samsung Chromebook Issues

    I have a Samsung XE303C12 Chromebook. It does not always connect to the Internet. One day I will sign in and I can connect normally and then another time I will get the message "Network Not Found" and the WiFi switch is off and I can't turn it back on (it keeps sliding back to the off position)...