horizontal black lines showed up and grew on my chromebook screen?

Jan 15, 2019
i got my dell chromebook on christmas and only a couple days later, a weird black pixelated blob (horizontal) showed up at the bottom of the screen. it grew a little bit then stopped. later on, another black horizontal thin short line showed up in the middle left of my screen. it grew a little and then one morning i woke up, turned on my chromebook (DELL) and the line had probably grown 1/3 of my screen. today i put a little pressure on it with my finger and the pixels oddly separated but were still there and together. plz help?!?!? how do i get rid of it? i think its a screen problem.
Sounds almost certainly like an LCD defect. If you don't get the same phenomenon on an external screen (if you have one to connect), then that will just about confirm it.

You'll have to contact Dell to service it, or if you're out of warranty, you can check in with a local technician that might be able to replace the screen.

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