Question Chromebook - RAM load constant over 75% without open taps

Jun 17, 2022
Hi together,
I just bought a used Chromebook and from day 1 on id had a RAM load of over 75% constantly. I didn't find a valid reason online. Just that it should be apprx. 20-30% normaly. So I assumed it might be some kind of maleware so I ran different virus scans, monitored the background tasks, did a powerwash/reset. No changes. Even after the power wash the usage stayed this high without ANY open taps (aside of system settings to view it).
The only change is shortly after I do a CPU testrun. Then it goes down to <30% load for a minute.
The strange thing is that it is not slow at all and the CPU usage is <10% when the RAM usage is so high......

Does any one have an idea or similar experience?

Systems specs:
I5-1137G7 (no GPU, just iRIS graphics)

Thanks in advance for any help!
Jun 17, 2022
Thanks for the fast reply

HP Chromebook 14b-nb0060ng
  • Model Series: 4P621EA
  • Modelnumber: 4P621EA#ABD
  • Chromebook: Chrome OS
  • Intel Core i5-1135G7
- 8GB DDR4 SDRAM- 3200 MHz
- 14 inch / FHD Touch

It is not causing an issue, but concerns me if it is safe to use or has a defect of maleware causing the behavior