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  1. R

    Laptop mircophone problems

    I am having programs with the mircophone that is built into my Laptop. It appears that the mircophone is not recording as it should. I have reinstalled all the drivers for the mircophone, chipset and motherboard. But that has not solved the problem. Any suggestion about what can be done to...
  2. L

    Laptop hangs randomly (hardware problem)

    Hello everyone, My laptop "hangs" randomly for 2-3 mins approximately 5 times during an hour. When I say hangs, I mean it doesn't freeze, but the cursor changes to "thinking mode". I can move the cursor around, but I cannot get the laptop to respond from input from either keyboard or mouse pad...
  3. hytecgowthaman

    Samsung 5380k problem (bada os).

    Menu -> settings -> general -> about phone -> cpu usage 0% . Why this happens every day . Software are hardware problem . How to fix this .
  4. G

    Boot error

    Hey all, just tried to boot my lappy (an old acer aspire) & get nothing, I don't even reach the bios! I doubt it's a hardware problem as it worked fine yesterday, I tried the usual (booting from a disk) and still got nothing, I'm a linux user and pretty tech savy. I've read that it could be...
  5. A

    Hardware problem with acer laptop

    My acer laptop has a memory problem and hardware problems were detected. Is there a way to repair these things myself?
  6. H

    How to fix hardware problem for acer laptop

    how to fix hardware problem for acer laptop
  7. U

    Hardware problem with sony vaio laptop with update drivers

    i have a problem with updating few drivers, I check with f8 and i receive the massage that i have hardware problems.Please can you help me with this issue?
  8. A

    Hardware problem images ibm t41 power problems

    Hello, Hardware images is komant finder ic
  9. K

    HP G62 505Sa Hardware problem question

    hi all, I have a HP G62 505sa laptop with the AMD configuration and ATI 4650 graphics GPU in there and it has developed a problem. The screen wjsut decided to cease workign and have jsut got a load of lines accross in (intermittently) wit h pure white background on it.. My first thoughts...
  10. S

    Hardware problem

    Sir ,whenever i remove my pen drive from my laptop the internet connection is automatically not working and then i have to restart the system....please if any solution so provide me
  11. Theodoric

    Gateway Laptop Beeps

    My daughters Gateway laptop a P-6301 is starting to beep like crazy when it is booting up. Is there a common reason for this? I am guessing a hardware problem (duh). Any help would be great. Thanks
  12. C

    Hardware'problem with screen brightness

    Hi! Laptop : Acer Extensa 5620z, 4 years old Problem : occasionally while using the laptop the brightness of the screen is getting lower, so that I see a picture but all in dark. Almost in every case I can restore the brightness by pressing Fn+F6. Sometimes it happens because of a light hit. I...
  13. J

    Solved! When your laptop gets hot is it a hardware problem?

    when your laptop gets hot.. is it a hardware problem?
  14. G

    T-mobile touch pro 2 hardware problem

    My t-mobile touch pro 2 has been weird lately. When I open and close the keyboard, sometimes the screen just turns black and doesn't appear unless I press the lock button twice. Has anyone else had this problem and is there any way I could fix it?