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  1. S

    Problem with CD Clock Radio Playing CD

    Hello. I have a GPX CRCD6306DT CD Clock Radio that is not playing any CDs. When I put the CD into the drive, it will spin and load as if it was going to play, but then there is no sound. I know that the speakers work because they work fine when I turn on the radio. I've taken apart the radio to...
  2. D

    Laptop performing terribly compared to how it used to

    When playing any demanding game my frame rate will drop to 5-10 FPS occasionally or it freezes completely for 0.5-1 second. It's unbearably annoying. I don't have a lot of programs on my laptop and I think this is probably a hardware problem. For example, I used to be able to run Deus Ex: HR...
  3. S

    Weird sound coming from mic

    I don't know what it's doing. :( https://soundcloud.com/kieran-gwyn/uuuuur-mic/s-sQE2A When I first plug in the mic the sound isn't there as you can see in this audio, but it soon appears. Please help, how do I stop it?
  4. E

    Some keys on laptop keyboard are not working (even after keyboard replace)

    Hello , I have a inspiron 14r which a few days ago had operating problems in two keyboard keys, the del and down arrow keys. I thought at first to be a hardware problem, so I bought a new keyboard and replaced the old keyboard, but the problem remains, does anyone have any idea what could be...
  5. T

    I have a dell inspiron 15 7000 series 4k . When i power up or wake from sleep the screen is on but black. Screen works fine.

    I need to get this fixed. Laptop screen is on but black. Not a hardware problem with screen because somtimes it works. Works with external monitor somtimes also. I checked ram and also checked static.
  6. K

    Laptop Problem. Turns on, black screen, fan tries to spin then stops, shuts down.

    Hi all, I have a Sparq M53S gaming laptop (made in Korea). It's just as I said in the title. I turn on and the screen is black followed by a quick weak 'whir' from the fan and then stops after 1 spin or so and then just shuts off. SOMETIMES it would start up (screen shows) and then shut down...
  7. K

    Change my laptop

    I bought my laptop last year. it is still on warranty. it had a hardware problem with its camera, and I sent it to the company where I bought it for reparation. They repaired my camera but they formatted my laptop. the problem is that they overwrited my true OS and put theirs but their OS have...
  8. M

    Nvidia GT740m stopped work after (Spilled Coffee,took it to service,got it back & have used it for 3 day) !!!

    Hello Friends :) I would really appreciate your opinion on this issue. I spilled coffee on my HP Pavilion so I took it to the service after removing the battery and cleaned it. After I got it back I ran some games and designing programs to test if everything is fine and it was all fine. Then...
  9. M

    Ok so I Bought the ZTE Zmax from METRO PCS n,I'm absolutely furious with them because about one week ago my phone jus turned o

  10. T

    Why have I just lost 3now and suddenly have lightbox and netfix on my Smart TV/

    Samsung Smart TV problem Netfix / Lightbox apps suddenly appear No 3Now
  11. W

    VLC playback issues.

    Every once in a while VLC Player tends to just gray out during playback. The screen turns to a gray, pixellated image for a few seconds, and when the scene switches, it returns to normal. Occasionally, VLC will also just pause during playback as well. I'm not sure how to fix the problem or...
  12. Ayush007

    Your PC Ran into a Problem

    Hi, I've got a desktop configuring 4 gb ram 2 gb graphics and 80 gb hdd..And windows 8. I play a lot many games. But Many a times this error comes... "your pc ran into a problem" (KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED) Is It a hardware problem ??? Please help me to fix this... Thank you.
  13. C

    Lenovo ideapad p400 touch become dim display

    i tried working hard to fix my laptop display.can anyone suggest how can i fix that problem(dim display) ...? if it is hardware problem how can i rectify that....? what to check if it is software problem..?my Lenovo laptop has windows 8
  14. W

    T60 cpu upgrade problem

    I have problem with upgrading cpu in my Lenovo T60. old cpu: T2400 1,83MHz/2MB/667 (LF80539/7715A737/SL9JM) new cpu: T7200 2,00MHz/4MB/667 (LF80537/7644A177/SL9SF) bios: 2.27 (latest) embeded controler; 1.07 system unit s/n: 2008PRL3PL82 system board s/n: VFOSV77H255 chipset: i945 rev.03...
  15. M

    FPS drop After a few minutes Playing

    This issue has occurred since a month ago. When i begin to play any game like Assassin's creed 4, BattleField3, Total War: Shogun 2,... it runs smoothly (50-60fps) in just 5-10 minutes and high setting... Then randomly, the FPS drops like hell (10-20 fps, lower in AC4)... Sometime, when i...
  16. U

    Laptop is turning off AND on randomly - Possible power button issue

    My Samsung laptop (specs at the end of this post) is turning on and off on its own. By that I mean it simulates force-shutdown while I'm playing a game, watching a video, browsing, typing a post (just like it did now), coding, or while it's simply idle. It sometimes turns on again after a random...
  17. J

    Laptop Harddisk noise

    I bought a lenovo Z50-70 last week from amazon, it's a pretty nice laptop except the poor battery backup. But since yesterday i have started to notice a faint but weird and annoying noise from the lap's HDD compartment, it's kind of like a scratching noise and occurs at random without any...
  18. A

    Laptop Black flickering/flashing problem

    So, I got my laptop on October 2014 and it was running fine until, when i recently started to watch netflix, my laptop screen started to flash black and I realized it starts to flash black for a second, the sound is still going while I stream netflix, it gradually increases the flashing and...
  19. W

    Lenovo G780 startup problems & freezing

    Hello, everybody. I have a Lenovo G780 laptop (windows 8.1), it's about a year and 3 months old and I've been experiencing problems with booting it up for quite a while. First it started in June, when I had to use it every day because of exams, it frequently overheated and left me stuck in the...
  20. B

    Acer Aspier 7738g after cleaning can't start

    Hello everyone ! I'm sorry if i have mistakes when i write, but my english is not very well. Yesterday i opened my laptop Acer Aspire 7738g to clean it, and after i cleaned all and changed thermal paste, it does'n start again. I opened it again to see if some cable was not connected to correct...
  21. L

    Can you help me troubleshoot my Acer Aspire 5740 that shuts off by itself after logging in to windows?

    Hello, I have an acer laptop (aspire 5740) and I had a water problem a while ago. But everything seems to be fine as my laptop turns on (battery is fried and makes problems, but AC works ok). Now the problem starts. My laptop with AC goes all the way to the windows desktop screen and after 3-5...
  22. K

    Alienware completely dead after installing old driver

    My 7 months old alienware 14 (still under the 1 year warranty)just decided to die on me. The scenario was: I was trying to update my directX, like soon after it was finishing up the update it completely died like everything is dead.I tried to turn it on but nothing happened no lights, no fans...
  23. M

    I'm getting a white doted screens with a very irritating sound is there any way to fix this?

    I'm getting a snowy white picture but not like when cable isn't working. Its also a moving picture with a high pitch annoying sound. LINK TO picture
  24. K

    Toshiba Satellite Audio Port Fix

    Hello Guys, I am getting ready to buy a new laptop, so I decided to fix some kinks here and there on my current one to give to my mother. I own a Toshiba Satellite L775D - S7345. The problem is my audio port. I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's, and the 1/4'' to 1/8'' adapter it came with...
  25. R

    how to trace the problem on mobile death condition..

    i have a samsung guru e1282 mobile phone was death condition... i will try ipa solution cleaning but phone not ready.. so how to trace hardware problem
  26. F

    Laptop screen flickering

    Hi guys, Recently my laptop screen keeps on flickering/jumping up and down vigorously. I've tried changing different resolutions and changing screen refresh rate from 60Hz to 40Hz, all to no avail. Could it be a hardware problem with the screen itself? Please help and advise. Thank you!
  27. M

    alien 17x mid 2009 model graphics/fps lag

    My laptop suddenly became laggy and takes quite a long time to respond to any action. Its more smoother when i run it on save power mode then it should be on boost performance? does anyone know the problem, it was working fine just yesterday.
  28. M

    Unkown Laptop Hardware Problem

    Hello, about 6 months ago I had an laptop which i have thrown to floor beacuse my father closed my game and i got angry. After that I regret it and wanted to use it again. Than i sent to random guy in town to repair it and he told me i "replaced you HDD" but the pc only works while it on. After...
  29. Maxime506

    Windows 98 PCI resources conflict

    Hello folks! I recently managed to set up my second hand laptop with windows 2000 and 98. Both go well except 98 has resources conflict problem. The double PCI standard IDE controller conflict with "motherboard resources" at 8060-806F while ati rs300 host bridge conflict with the same crap at...
  30. K

    Laptop Audio Hardware Problem

    Problem description: About two weeks ago my Asus notebook computer froze while playing a song. The sound lagged until the battery eventually died because the power button was even unresponsive. Switching on again, the device sound was dead, all else normal. Media players give an error message...
  31. C

    Computer shuts down while playing games!

    Having frustrating computer issues right now. My laptop keeps shutting down when I play video games. It seems to be somewhat random, but only while playing games. When the laptop shuts down, its instant, despite being plugged in and having the battery in place. There is no log in the event...
  32. R

    Overheating Problem TOSHIBA LA-6042P EXPERT NEEDED!

    Hi everybody! Got a Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 with a overheating issue. I cleaned fan and heatsink from dust and old thermal pads and paste and renewed those with Actic MX-2 and Phobya Pads (5W/mK) like every time. It is still overheating. Tried to solve the Problem by reflow GPU and MoBo...
  33. R

    Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display keyboard and trackpad NOT WORKING

    Hello all, Just yesterday, my keyboard and trackpad decided to stop working. The trackpad works about 5% of the time and the keyboard about 40% on and off. Is there anything I can do to reset them or something? WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!
  34. J

    SteelSeries H Wireless Headset VS Realtek HD Audio Drivers HELP!

    (Please Click Links For Descriptive Pictures) Product: SteelSeries H Wireless Headset How it is Plugged In: Optical and USB, they run from the SteelSeries H transmitter to my motherboard (P8Z68-V LE) optical (the port is on the motherboard, it is not a separate sound cound) and usb port...
  35. Benevolence

    Acer Beep Code - Then Boot

    Hello! I have recently upgraded the CPU in an Acer Aspire 5336 laptop. Upon completing the upgrade, the system will post and boot after about 1-2 minutes of continuous tone with 1-second beep pulses (with no pauses in between beeps). Computer *eventually* boots into Windows, and temps are...
  36. M

    iPhone 5 vibration problem

    Hello guys, I am facing an interesting problem with my iPhone 5. The iPhone's vibration is what I found problematic. The thing is that when I receive a call the phone rings and vibrates but the vibration is long and constant without the pouses. It is like: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzz" and not like the...
  37. Spike UrAss

    about refurbished tablets

    hi i want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition throw amazon so can i get a refurbished one due the the different price between it and new ! like 100~200$ lower ?! am i going to face problems with it or it already tested and working by Samsung !!? is it worth to get the new one instead...
  38. D

    Asus - motherboard change - turns on off on off

    Hi, I've a problem with ASUS K73SD - I've bought a repaired motherboard from buymotherboard.net Changed and now: - the notebook turns on when I plug electricity adapter. - nothing happens on screen - after few seconds it start switching on off on off... (like power button is permanently...
  39. A

    Toshiba Satellite P850-12Z CPU fan has stopped moving, no idea how to disassemble

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've had this laptop for around 2 years now. It's always been noisy, it's always got warm. That's how it goes for playing games on this laptop. It can get to around 85-90 degrees on games, for general use it's 50-60. But recently I've been trying to...
  40. S

    Is my Dell Inspiron N5010 broken?

    I dropped my Dell Inspiron N5010 while running, from my height but in hands. it's body not damaged anywhere but lid closed cause sudden resistance in gravitational force after reaching ground & display gone. then still it was running. but now it only waking up after pressing power button & then...
  41. G

    Laptop HDD Sleeve/Mount

    Over the weekend I had what I believed was a HDD failure on my laptop; an ASUS ROG G73J. On Sunday I went to swap out the HDD believing it had simply died; I opened the case and found that in fact the HDD (one of two) had simply become disconnected. I observed that the other drive would not have...
  42. G

    Laptop Hardware Problem

    Hello, first time posting here. I have an ASUS N53SV laptop and I came across what I feel like it's a hardware problem. I travel quite often between my college and home and I take my laptop along with me in my backpack. After one particular trip, I realized that there was some problems...
  43. S

    No sound from left speaker (headphone)....

    I don't hear sound from left speaker (headphone); and the only working right speaker doesn't sound (incude) with the 'bass' sound. I don't get the problem... the main volume balance is adjusted in the middle from Realtek HD Audio Manager. Where else could be the change/problem? While writing I...
  44. N

    PATA Laptop HDD Pin Broke

    Hello, I tried to remove my PATA HDD (fujitsu mhv2060ah) from my laptop and one of the pins broke off. According to this schematic: Pin number 44 broke off. I turned on my laptop and everything went fine, slow as usual. Was this pin important? Will it change anything. Thanks in advance.
  45. N

    Laptop keeps stuttering and lagging

    I have an hp pavilion dv4 2112tu notebook, i5 430m , 3gb ram . I didn't have any problems with it since recently . since a couple of months , my laptop has been lagging and stuttering while both heavy and light tasks . Videos , music , games browsing everything stutters quite frequently . I've...
  46. S

    New laptop running incredibly hot (90 degrees c?)

    Just bought a new laptop (HP Pavilion 15-n038sa) and when I downloaded and installed HW Monitor I was shown these temps. I download speccy & speedfan to see if it was just hw monitor playing up or not. All three windows are shown in the picture below. Now, I'm inclined to agree with the speedfan...
  47. L

    Help with computer lag, sound crackle/popping ?

    For past 6months to a year now the computer is slowing down from time to time and the sound becomes all crackle-y and popping sounds, the computer lags at the same time during these moments, and at other times it's completely fine. All drives are up to date, still plenty of free space on the...
  48. G

    Dell Studio XPS 1645 wont start - 6 beeps

    Hi, My (4 years old) Dell Studio XPS 1645 will not start up all of a sudden. When I hit the power button the media buttons lighten up but the screen is just black and the computer makes 6 beeps. And then nothing more happens. What does 6 beeps mean? I've opened up the computer and checked that...
  49. B

    Solved! How to have a usb headphone and a 3.5mm jack headphone work at the same time.

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how to enable both usb headphone and a regular 3.5mm jack haedphone work at the same time. Everytime I plug the headphone in I have to enable it in the sound control pannel. After that it would just cancel out the other headphone I have plugged in. Your help...
  50. M

    Lenovo performance problem

    Hi guys, I recently bought a decent Lenovo Ideapad G505s laptop for casual gaming and work and soon as I started the first game I realized somethings wrong. For expamle when I try to run Saints Row IV and run settings autodetect according to my system optimal performance I always end on...
  51. C

    My SD CARD is not working

    A notification pops ups on my phone saying that the SD card was removed even though I didn't, is this a hardware problem? I dropped my phone 2 days ago. But whenever I use my phone like watching vids that are located in my sd card it's fine but when left idle it says that the sd card is removed.
  52. Boris_yo

    No Display On DELL Latitude E6420 But Screen Works

    I always put my laptop on standby when not using it but today, after waking it up, there was no display on screen, while screen worked per-se, SSD worked and Windows 7 sounds could be heard if I clicked something. Here is what I experience in video on YouTube. Same blank screen when accessing...
  53. DiscoWarlock

    Laptop crashed Need Immediate Help Please

    So last night I was using my computer to play music for friends. My computer was hooked up to a speaker system. Someone went to change the song on youtube and the screen went black and it crashed. When I went to reboot it, 3 lights flash and the fans max out, then it begins to beep. It beeps for...
  54. J

    ASUS notebook freezing ramdomly

    Hello everyone, I'm new on Tom's but i already check out a lot of foruns about my problem. I have a notebook ASUS model.: A42F, with the following specs: -Core i5 460M; -4GB DDR3 memory; -500GB; -On board video Intel HD graphics Well, the description of my problem is that the laptop just...
  55. S

    Why do I get a low windows experience index with i5-2410m

    Hello, I have a Thinkpad X220 with a core i5-2410m and 4GB of ram. When I run WEI on it, I keep getting 3.4?! I am not running any background programs. Any help is appreciated!
  56. H

    Laptop shuts down randomly

    Okay, so I have been having this problem for about 3-4 weeks, and it's really important I get it fixed. My laptop have been randomly shutting down, with no reason what so ever. It shows no sign of overheat or anything. I have no battery for it because it broke about a year ago cause of...
  57. M

    laptob shuts down

    Hi i have a Pavilion g7 series. i did get the black screen and then the blue screen i managed to get the laptop to work again, however as soon as i start playing a video game it shuts down. any idea what could be broken with it?
  58. A

    High contrast issue.

    my laptop's screen brightness and contrast has been increased and its being difficult to use it due to high contrast. I've tried decreasing the brightness by using function keys but its still higher than usual.. is it any hardware problem? my system is 'Acer 5738'.
  59. S

    Laptop turns itself off roughly 30 seconds after i turn it on.

    I have a small Advent laptop, its not used very often (Hasnt been used in about 2 months). Turned it on today and it was installing service pack updates, it installed the updates and restarted itself. It then said assembling service pack update or something. Restarted again and finally got to...
  60. miomeinmio

    TROUBLESHOOTING - Random System Freezes

    I'm experiencing a possible hard drive failure, but I was hoping y'all could give me some guidance. I have a WD7500BPKT 750 GB HDD (Western Digital) and I've been experiencing random freezes on my laptop computer. My specs are: ASUS N61Jq-X1 Windows 7 Pro Intel i7 AMD Radeon HD5730 6 GB RAM...