No Display On DELL Latitude E6420 But Screen Works


Feb 14, 2010
I always put my laptop on standby when not using it but today, after waking it up, there was no display on screen, while screen worked per-se, SSD worked and Windows 7 sounds could be heard if I clicked something. Here is what I experience in video on YouTube.

Same blank screen when accessing BIOS. I tried accessing DELL's featured ePSA (Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment) by first plugging off power, ejecting battery to drain power from laptop. Then I made necessary steps to access DELL's ePSA testing environment but could only hear funny sounds and again screen was blank. You can see this in video here.

What I haven't tried is resetting CMOS, pulling out SSD and memory modules which I have doubt will help because problem might lie in nVidia dedicated graphics card which is set by default in BIOS. But then again, given nVidia graphics card is failed, even if I rest CMOS and default on integrated Intel graphics card, I still will have malfunctioning nVidia. I also want to clarify that I still have DELL's customer on-site warranty so maybe messing with laptop won't be logical thing to do.

What do you think? What if it's just lose cable afterall? Thanks.

Nikolay Savov

Apr 9, 2013
On my exp, with DELL Warranty Support in Our Service Senter is quite fast atleast in my Country & Town.
Just CALL the Support they will take you case in order & repair !

Loose cable sound good guess sutcha bad GPU chip molding .....
Good Luck