Overheating Problem TOSHIBA LA-6042P EXPERT NEEDED!


Sep 17, 2014
Hi everybody!

Got a Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 with a overheating issue. I cleaned fan and heatsink from dust and old thermal pads and paste and renewed those with Actic MX-2 and Phobya Pads (5W/mK) like every time. It is still overheating. Tried to solve the Problem by reflow GPU and MoBo Controller. Didn't help. Laptop starts, fan runs discreet for 2 or 3 seconds and then on high speed, GPU and CPU heats up immediately until emergency shut-down. Runs for 3 minutes under MemTest at first, then shorter after restart and longer if it cooled down. Changed also CPU. Same issue. MoBo has not optical abnormalities and tested with minimal components (only fan, heatsink, DVD-ROM and power button conntector). Any idea?