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  1. D

    Alienware 18 cpu heatsink removal

    So I took apart my alienware 18 for a repaste but Im struggling to get the CPU heatsink off. The 4 screws are the issue, no matter what I do the heatsink doesn't come off. The screws turn but I have no idea if they're coming out or going in when i try to re tighten them. Attempting to remove it...
  2. S

    Solved! Can I use Conductonaut on the Asus Vivobook S510UN-DB55?

    I would like to get better thermals on this laptop and Liquid Metal has the best thermal performance hands-down. I do not know if the laptop has a copper heatsink or an aluminum heatsink, however, so I don’t know if liquid metal can be used safely. I don’t have the laptop yet so that’s why I’m...
  3. J

    Solved! Dell Latitud e6430 heatsink fan rattles at random

    The fan on my laptop's heatsink starts to rattles really loudly at seemingly random, I've opened up the laptop to check for random bits of garbage that might've been causing it, but even after cleaning it it still goes crazy for no reason. Is there any way to fix this ir should I just buy a new...
  4. A

    Dell G3 17" heat sink removal issue.

    Obligatory "I'm a newbie to laptops". Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the topic. Model: Dell G3 17" i5 8300h, gtx 1060 maxQ, 2 days old So after finding out that this model's cooling solution wasn't the best, hence the high GPU and CPU temps that hover anywhere from 72-85 degree celcius...
  5. J

    Asus ROG GL 502 Loose screw holder on motherboard / Loose socket holder heat sink/ Need community suggestion

    I have asus Rog laptop and the base socket where you screw down the heatsink screws is loose and came off as a result i am experiencing high temps because of loose connection between the processor and the heatsink , i am thinking of using epoxy adhesive to re paste the socket but confused...
  6. K

    will intel heatsink works with pentium 4 cpu?

    Hi i have pc with Pentium 4 cpu but I don’t have a heatsink for it and i was planning to buy the stock intel LGA heatsink since it is cheap but im afraid it won’t work with it So i want to ask will it work with that CPU ?
  7. D

    Can I clean my HP pavilion laptop fan without removing the heatsink?

    Hi My laptop model is HP pavilion g6 1318ax with amd a4 3305m apu with radeon 6480g and a dedicated 7450m radeon GPU. I have been using my laptop for more than four years and it has never gone for a cleaning service.But lately I have been experiencing problems with the fan and the CPU temps...
  8. K

    what is the proper way to remove this heatsink?

    Can someone tell me how to remove this heatsink so i can access the chip below it.
  9. V

    Laptop Heatsink Temperature Estimation/Calculation

    Which software can be used to measure the laptop heatsink (not cpu) temperature near the fan? Are there any alternate methods to measure the heat sink temperature (experimental or software based or by calculation)? Any website which might provide me charts/graphs/relations between cpu...
  10. S

    Solved! Heatsink Pipe Scratched on NEW ASUS GL502VM

    Hi guys, I got new Asus GL502VM from ao.com few days ago. I opened up the back cover and was shocked to see very badly scratched heatsink pipes. Both sides got scratches and the right one is even worse got like tiny dents as well. Anyone has seen something like this before? Does anyone know how...
  11. P

    Which of my laptop part is degrading the performance?

    I have a dell laptop i5-2450m , 4gb, 500gb, no graphic card except the inbuilt with the processor. Overclocking is disabled. I have been trying to run the Fifa 2011, which i think should run fine on my current configuration, but it is lagging. So while running Fifa i found the CPU utilization...
  12. T

    Temps Reading Shows Throttling But Not Physically Hot?

    Hi Im using Alienware 15 R2, I had an issue where my laptop kinda hot. Here are some of the situations 1. I can feel the hot thru the fan wind even not doing anything 2. When heavy gaming, ex. BF4 on ultra it can get 70-60 fps..very smooth then not even 5 min playing it wud drop fps and in the...
  13. D

    Humming in one (passive) speaker - can't sort it out :-/

    I have home speakers for PC that worked normally for years. However, since few days ago, the left one (the passive one, that doesn't have any electronics inside), started humming all the time. It's very noticeable. Just to be sure I tried the following: - Switched them off from the PC -...
  14. M

    burned heatsink and fan failing.

    hi if someone could look at this pic and tell me whether i need a new heatsink i would be really grateful. i think fan has failed. after cleaning with compressed air and putting back together it shuts off after two mins. many many thanks.
  15. R

    Are my Laptop temps still okay?

    So I bought myself a Lenovo G510 a while back mid 2013 and I got the highest spec I could at the time. My Specs are: i7-4700MQ which runs locked at 2.4Ghz 24/7 R7 M265 with an OC of about 25% 8GB of 1600mhz ram so a month after i got my laptop , I repasted the cpu and gpu with AS5 since i...
  16. R

    Laptop Overheating Oddly

    I am working on a friend's older Toshiba laptop, it is Intel I7 based. She bought it 4 or so years ago. It had worked fine until recently. It is apparently shutting down after being on about 5 minutes due to high CPU temp, my best guess from a bunch of troubleshooting. When starting work on...
  17. P

    Asus r558UQ is heating up while gaming .

    I just bought Asus r558UQ and started playing some of my old games Like WATCH-DOGS , Witcher 2 and gta4. i usually play games on mid settings but i dont know why my " Laptop is Heating on Mid & low settings". There is no Glitch on high Settings or on medium settings . But Heating is a major...
  18. G

    Clevo P150SM fps drops - bad heatsink?

    I have Clevo P150SM with GTX 880m. My laptop was getting heat up so I decided to replace the thermal paste of the CPU and GPU. The CPU temp dropped but the GPU temp did not drop. It was still hanging around 93C. While playing battlefield 4, the GPU is 99% under load and after every 30 seconds or...
  19. G

    Is the Lenovo T430s cpu fan/heatsink compatible with the T420S

    I am thinking to buy a new cpu heatsink for my T420s due to overheating issues. Is possible to exchange the heatsink with the T430s?
  20. B

    What is this tape on laptop exhaust?

    my laptop is the asus q550lf and i took it apart and ripped off a black strip of tape on the exhaust and i have no idea what it is here is a picture i found online of the heatsink with the tape on http://www.imsob.com/item-images/17/1723/172311/3/image1-10517231130036.jpg id like to know what...
  21. N

    heatsink cleaning after effect

    hello, just now i went to service center to clean and replace thermal heatsink and everything is fine included overheating is no more, but when i try to play game(the same game before this) my laptop is suddenly auto-shutdown with no reason and no heat problem, it's happened to me every single...
  22. D

    Is this new laptop damaged? (with pic)

    Hi folks, I just received a new ASUS laptop and noticed that there were a couple of minor scratches (pic below) on two of the heatsink fins, where some of the black coating has been removed (if you look at the other fins they are fully coated)... Do you think this is an issue? Should I keep...
  23. S

    Hardware issue help

    Product Name: Hp pavilion sleekbook 14 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) I currently own a hp pavilion sleekbook 14 and heat sink broke. I enter the service pin on Amazon and got one, however it fitted incorrectly, I have no idea why. Now I don't know what service pin I should use...

    CPU cooler loud.

    how can i make the cpu cooler fan quieter? its a stock AMD HEATSINK AND FAN.
  25. A

    Lenovo L530 won't turn on

    Hello everybody, I have this Lenovo L530 laptop which won't turn on, what happened? One day I decided to open it and clean it, I was connected to ground to avoid any static discharge and disconnected from the wall outlet and without the battery inserted, while I was at it I tried to separate the...
  26. M

    Razer edge revival

    So I recently found my old Razer edge that I tthoughtt died butt I took ITT apart a bit to see if I could find an issue and it turns out that ttwo screws on the CPU heatsink broke off so the contact is no good and the temp is arround 80C at idle, does anyone have any idea how to fix this razers...
  27. I

    Revamping Old HP G6 Laptop, Will it Work

    Hello! I am currently working on revamping an old HP G6 laptop as the title says. I want to change it's current i3-2350m to an i7-2620m, and according to the manual, that should work. My worry is that the heatsink/fan may need to be changed; but they're both intel chips, so can I just switch...
  28. F

    Is my heatsink damaged?

    I've taken my macbook pro late 2011 to and apple center in order to rapair my damaged GPU. They did the repair, now my macbook is working but they might have done something wrong (or scammed me changing the heatsink for another), now my MB temperatures are of about 60-70°C when IDLE! (I used to...
  29. C

    Which parts of a laptop do you have to disassemble to clean out the dust?

    Hi! I've had major heating issues in my K53 Asus which is about 4 years old. Even idle CPU and GPU are at 85 C and sometimes go to 100 C. When gaming my FPS gets throttled, but Afterburner confirms that none of my systems are peaking out, instead getting flat lined. I have a manual for...
  30. R

    Dell Vostro 3700 Won't turn on after CPU FAN & HEATSINK REPLACEMENT

    So a friend of mine gave me her 17" Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop to fix. It was getting very hot, almost too hot to touch, the fan would turn itself on and off, then it would go to the blue screen of death. All within about 10 minutes of start up. After doing some research, I found that these laptops...
  31. J

    Compax Presario SR1417CL Help

    I recently bought a Compaq Presario SR1417CL and the heatsink above the processor came off and this little black tab that holds one of the arms (not very good with part names) came off the board and I can see the two holes it would go in. Do I just got ahead and press it back on the board or do...
  32. S

    Gurus - Ideas? No Power with heatsink installed?

    Ok, I repair computers and such for a living, so this isn't my first rodeo, but this one has me stumped. I received a Dell PP29L laptop for a no-power issue. After testing, I determined the dc-jack was damaged and just replaced it. On this laptop, you have to remove the heatsink to pull the...
  33. D

    Laptop heatsink fan won't spin

    Hello, so i have an asus u41s with already 2 years old and the problem started like 2 days ago. When i boot my computer the fan isn't spinning at all and after like 10 minutes it starts to spinning and before it was always spinning from the beginning until the end. This isn't what i am more...
  34. N

    has my laptop's heatsink worn-out?

    My computer shuts down when i enter in bios settings or do disk check.It reaches beyond 90 degree. I replaced thermal paste, even the problem persists.After replacing thermal paste twice. i run IntelBurnTest on standard mode with 1024 MB ram configuration.Both core's temperature reached to 87...
  35. W

    Confusion about laptop CPU

    Opening up an HP notebook and removing the heat sink I see what I think is a CPU (because it has pins) but then I read that AMD E-300 APUs are soldered into the laptop (I do see another chip soldered not too far from what I think is the CPU). I'm a noob with computers but any clarification would...
  36. P

    Laptop CPU overheating and throttling [95 ºC]

    So this is a Samsung laptop, i5-2450M @2.5 GHz - stock - with up to 3.2 on turbo boost, or something. I have had this laptop for close to 3 years, and in the last 1-2 months, game performance started to get real bad, horrible FPS drops and whatnot. Turns out my CPU is running at ~70ºC AT IDLE...
  37. M

    Need advice for laptop heatsink improvement

    Hello, The image below is the heatsink for my laptop and it has worked hard for the past 2 years. Now I want to make some improvement so it can dispense heat more effectively. http://imgur.com/wyh7iim However, I have no idea about the part that I circled in the image. The grey-ish material...
  38. Z

    Is lifting a heat spreader like this a cause for concern?

    I have a gaming laptop, actually more like just a multimedia laptop. I brought it to the service center one time to have my RAM and SSD upgraded. The technician (who seemed to be not in his proper state of mind), lifted a foil-looking sheet inside my laptop. He seemed to have realized this...
  39. N

    Crash involving screen distortion or sudden reboot when playing online games

    Hi guys, Just recently I opened up my HP g7 to clean out the fan/heatsink area, as it was running hot constantly. Removed some nice dustballs and put it back together. That's when it went wrong; The system starts and runs just fine, I can watch Youtube, listen to Spotify, browse the web and...
  40. B

    no response after fan replacement

    I replaced the fan and heatsink in my HP dv7. After putting it back together there absolutely no response when I push the power button. The only light that is is the led where the power cord plugs in and it blinks if i holdthe piwer button down. Went back and rechecked all connections everything...
  41. M

    Stripped screws in heatsink

    I am trying to replace the heatsink on my HP laptop. However the screws seem glued/stuck in place. I got 2 out fine, but the other 2 aren't budging. In my frustration I have stripped the screws a little, any tips on how to get them out? Picture of the heatsink here: http://tinypic.com/r/zjb2ut/8
  42. I

    thermal tape/pad for laptop

    If I am right, thermal tape helps lower temperatures in laptops. It is usually used in heatsink applications. Is it possible to use thermal tape under the palmrest for example or a thermal pad for example
  43. K

    Heatsink Fan Not spinning

    For some reason, my heatsink fan wasn't spinning even though I was in a game, which was causing it to heat up a little more than it would be at a comfortable temperature. The PC never shut off, but after I felt the bottom of my laptop, it did feel pretty hot. I turned it off and let a fan run...
  44. J

    How to tell if my laptop integrated graphics uses UMA or discrete memory?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a replacement heatsink/fan assembly for my HP DV6-6117DX laptop as the ball bearing on my fan is dying. Using the service manual I've narrowed it down to one two parts: ■ 650848-001 (For use only with computer models equipped with an AMD A8, A6, or A4 processor and...
  45. M

    Toshiba Satellite L875D Fan and Heatsink Replacement

    I need help with a Toshiba L875D-S7332 series laptop CPU Fan replacement (Heatsink included!). My wife's computer was having over heating error messages and the fan was binding so I opened it up to make sure I ordered the correct fan for replacement. It turns out the fan is attached to a...
  46. G

    Issues with old laptop?

    I have an old Gateway M-1624. I don't do much on it anymore, since I have my new FX-8350 build... Anyway, I usually leave it on all the time and one day, I came back to find it off. This was about 2 weeks ago. After turning it on, I got an error, saying the CPU fan wasn't working. So I ordered...
  47. R

    Overheating Problem TOSHIBA LA-6042P EXPERT NEEDED!

    Hi everybody! Got a Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 with a overheating issue. I cleaned fan and heatsink from dust and old thermal pads and paste and renewed those with Actic MX-2 and Phobya Pads (5W/mK) like every time. It is still overheating. Tried to solve the Problem by reflow GPU and MoBo...
  48. Tattooed316

    I need to know how big the gap is between the graphics chip and the heatsink on dell latitude e5400?

    i want to use copper shims instead of a thermal pad for the graphics chip but i need to know how thick the copper shims need to be to fill the gap
  49. SirTrollsALot

    Thinkiing of wrapping copper wire around heat sinks tubes?

    I picked up an Acer V5-561G-6407 just for shits and giggles I want to see how far I can take it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834314383 So far I can play DOTA2, DARK SOULS 2 maxed out fps I can deal with though the Wifi lag is an issue... Though I'm so used to a 40"...
  50. S

    Laptop Heatsinks Watter Solution

    Anybody seen laptop water solution setup? i was curious if laptop can be done in water solution solutions.
  51. J

    The Fan Heatsink of my Compaq Presario CQ56 seems to be bolted or super glued the motherboard.

    I just received a Compaq Presario CQ56 laptop in the mail (from an online auction that I won), and the laptop started getting extremely hot within maybe 5 minutes of using it online. So I thought that it had a lot of dust build up in the fan. So I very carefully read the Service Manual for the...
  52. H

    IC Diamond upgrade or Copper Heatsink upgrade?

    Thermal paste upgrade or heatsink upgrade?which is better? which gives better temperature cooldown and much degree gets down?
  53. computernewb

    what glue to use?

    hi. so between the laptops fan and heatink is a strip of plastic (presumably to direct the out flow of air better). I took the fan out to clean it. Now the glue on the strip of plastic has worn off. What type of glue is needed to put the plastic on the heatsink and fan? thanks!
  54. A

    Laptop Locking Up

    own a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 laptop, purchased almost 3 years ago. Recently, it randomly started locking up and occasionally shutting down. I figured it was time to clean it and sure enough, the heatsink was clogged with dust. After cleaning the heatsink pins and the fan with compressed...
  55. A

    Core Temps High

    I own a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 laptop, purchased almost 3 years ago. Recently, it randomly started locking up and occasionally shutting down. I figured it was time to clean it and sure enough, the heatsink was clogged with dust. After cleaning the heatsink pins and the fan with compressed...
  56. G

    Heat sink compatibiliy problem

    I want to ask if the heat-sink of Dell Vostro 1015 is compatible with Dell Vostro 1088. I don't have the part number. Please help me out.
  57. garukno

    How to clean heatsink (fan) for Asus A42J Series

    Can anyone give a tutor for cleaning heatsink (fan) for Asus A42JY
  58. M

    Test the new generation Heatsink

    Does anybody use: "Dell 15R N5010 00P4JP 0P4JP Double copper tube CPU Fan with Heatsink" link to buy: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-15R-N5010-00P4JP-0P4JP-Double-copper-tube-fan-heatsink-/270963434738 I'm from Iran and it's too hard to buy it for me! but if you tested it or want to test...
  59. S

    Dell Studio XPS 16 Heatsink fan trouble

    I am running a Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop that has a recently replaced motherboard and a brand new heatsink fan. The fan was purchased to replace the stock one which I believed to have died, but the replacement fan doesn't receive any power to start up. I'm fairly certain that this should not be...
  60. P

    Thermal Paste or Thermal Pads?

    can i get any ones thought on thermal pads vs paste on 4820tg's cpu and gpu? i read some things about people trying to use paste and the gap being to to far from the heatsink to get good contact. I'm not sure if it come with paste or pads from the factory as I haven't taken the heatsink off. I...