Asus ROG GL 502 Loose screw holder on motherboard / Loose socket holder heat sink/ Need community suggestion

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Jul 20, 2018
I have asus Rog laptop and the base socket where you screw down the heatsink screws is loose and came off as a result i am experiencing high temps because of loose connection between the processor and the heatsink , i am thinking of using epoxy adhesive to re paste the socket but confused kindly suggest me the best possible solution
i have taken picture and uploaded video for you guys to understand better need immediate help



youtube link below



Looks like you added too much torque to the screws to remove the threading inserts. You could use epoxy but the heat in the chassis/case can and will degrade the epoxy's adhesive strength and as such will bring you tot he same point you're in now.

Using something like an epoxy is also not a good idea since the liquid epoxy can be absorbed by the motherboard.

You could use a thin shimmy packing tape/foam to add pressure to the center of the cooling assembly so the chassis/case will exert a force to push against the heatsink assembly. Mind you, the solution isn't as sound as having to tighten down the screws.
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