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  1. Y

    Solved! 3 pin CPU fan not working on 4 pin socket (LAPTOP)

    Hey folks, My laptops CPU fan died recently and I ordered new ones and replaced it. I had no idea what a 4 pin or a 3 pin was until today. I had no problem pluging the new 3 pin to 4 pin socket on motherboard but the fan is not spinning, no movement at all. Now before writing the specs I will...
  2. C

    3.5mm headphone socket not working

    Speakers and USB devices seem to be fine but when I plug my headphones into the 3.5mm jack no audio will play. Youtube videos say that there is an audio render error, and programs like spotify will just not play any music. Does this sound like a driver issue or a broken headphone socket? If the...
  3. A

    CPU upgrade for HM76 Socket 988B rPGA (HP Probook 6570b)

    I have an HP Probook 6570b. Socket is 988B rPGA. My current CPU is i5-3210M. I read this thread, and it got me thinking if I can also upgrade my Laptop CPU to i7 Quad. CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b If I had an QM77 Chipset, like he had, I would have tried it without question. But I...
  4. R

    How can I plug my old amp to new TV with no headphone socket?

    I have an old Denon amp with the red and white sockets and a new LG TV with no headphone socket. There's no sound when I connect the red and white into the TV and no optical input for the amp. Please help, I need my bass back! Cheers, Emma
  5. F

    Notebook adapter plug blocked inside socket

    Hello. I have this notebook and the adapter plug stays blocked inside the socket. I tried spraying some electrical contact cleaner and I tried using a small screwdriver as a lever but no success. Any ideas? Thanks a lot and best regards
  6. T

    I have a Cambridge SoundWorks theater audio with TRS plugs but my Nvidia has a HDMI socket How do I connect them ?

    The amplifier has 5.1 sockets (RCA) and the trs plugs at the moment plug into the PC but I wish to use the card's audio which has a HDMI output
  7. S

    New tv, no 3.5 jack socket

    I've recently bought a new Samsung tv, model number UE49NU7300K. There is no headphones jack socket. Following advice from various outlets I have bought the following: Wireless Headphone Set MH2001 ( Hi-Fi S-XBS ). Bluetooth TV Audio Transmitter ( Universal Electronics BV ) JVC Deep Bass...
  8. T

    Problem with laptop power supply

    My customer brought me l a Fujitsu A series laptop. When i turn it on with the battery and not plugged to the power socket, it doesn't turn on. I plugged it to the power socket with battery in it. Still it doesn't turn on. But when i plug to the power and the battery removed, now the laptop...
  9. J

    Asus ROG GL 502 Loose screw holder on motherboard / Loose socket holder heat sink/ Need community suggestion

    I have asus Rog laptop and the base socket where you screw down the heatsink screws is loose and came off as a result i am experiencing high temps because of loose connection between the processor and the heatsink , i am thinking of using epoxy adhesive to re paste the socket but confused...
  10. T

    Laptop not charging

    I bought my new msi laptop few days ago.. Yesterday, i unknowingly connected my laptop charger adapter to a high power supply socket (designed for Air conditioners) [ Rating : 18 Amp, 240 V ,50 hz supply]. The laptop charged perfectly, but when i shifted to another room and connected the...
  11. M

    Socket FT3 Problem

    Can a Socket FT3 hold an A4-3330MX CPU? If no can you tell me a list of CPUs that if can hold?
  12. M

    My tv is making clicking sound and wouldn't on

    My TV started making a clicking sound this morning , it came on show for a while , then came off ,I tried another socket , it didn't work ....
  13. C

    How do I connect my dvd player to the new pannasonic smart tv. As the tv has no scart socket

    Bought a panasonic smart tv. But it has no scart socket. How can I connect my dvd player
  14. W

    In need of DVD viewing alternatives to laptop/desktop options:

    Hello... I have a good working monitor with the following features: > 3 USB sockets, > a 24 [female] hole plug socket of some sort, > one ethernet socket and ... > one small round socket with one center pin inside. If possible, I would like to use my monitor with a device other than a...
  15. B

    Processor socket case (upper plastic) is broken

    The socket of Processor of my sony vpceg18fg is broken . Is there any solutions ??
  16. O

    Trying to connect Wii to TV with no scart socket

    Does anyone please know if this is possible or will I need to purchase a connector or something? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you Nathan
  17. L

    Which type of SSD can I put on this socket?

    Hi, I bought an Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G-5536, I opened it and saw that it have an SSD socket (it already came with an 1Tb HDD) So I had the idea of upgrading it, but I don't know which SSD it's compatible with it. Please help. Here's a picture of the socket:
  18. mustafta

    Upgrade from i5 4210U to the max possible

    i have hp laptop 15-r016sv Processor i5 4210U 1.70GHz Socket 1168 BGA RAM 8GB DDR3 GPU Nvidia 2GB DDR3 i want to upgrade the processor to the maximum possible speed, can anyone tell me is that possible? if yes, what choices do i have? as i know no way to upgrade a processor that has a BGA...
  19. O

    Laptop CPU replacement

    I have 4005U cpu and I found on ebay i7 and it has same socket as my i3 (bga and random numbers I dont remember) can I replace it somehow? I found that it is possible to replace BGA socket CPU, but it is hard.
  20. B

    Which cpu’s will fit into a rPGA 989 socket with an Intel series 5 chipset

    Looking to upgrade my cpu from what I have now: Pentium P6100 2.00Ghz Arrandale 32 nm to a faster cpu like I5 or I7 if possible . My socket is rPGA 989. My laptop is Acer Aspire 5733Z-4445 ! Thanks !
  21. R

    Solved! Drive a pair of 8 ohm speakers from a 3.5mm headphone socket

    Looking to add tower speakers to a soundbar
  22. C

    hdmi socket failure on samsung tv

    hdmi socket failure
  23. J

    hp 2000 laptop not starting...

    The battery is dead. when plugged in, the light at the plug in socket is lit. But nothing happens. no spin ujp, no screen, etc. What next.?
  24. B

    How do I connect Scart socket to smart TV with no Scart?

    Have LD Video player with Scart connections. Need to connect it into Samsung Smart TV without Scart. Would scart to HBMI cable work? Would I need a Scart converter?
  25. S

    My Samsung 32ins smart television AF842TF only has a digital audio out optional socket there is no headphone jack and I also c

    What cables do we need to be able to use headphones from a digital audio out optional socket
  26. M

    Power supply cord won't fit into wall socket

    Hey, I've just bought an Asus laptop and wanted to charge it. Problem is: The power supply cord won't fit into the wall socket. I bought the Laptop on the Internet, but it is from the USA, where I am, too. It is just too thick tonfit into the wall socket. Help me, what can I do? Ps. I'm in Arizona
  27. T

    How do you find a Alienware m15x i3 chip socket mother board from what can see you can't

    Need a replacement Alienware mother board and now you have to match boanrd numbers there is more then just a few, who at dell though of this stupid system
  28. O

    AMD processor E2-2000

    Are the processors the same in laptops that they are in desktops (provided they have the same number. I've located an AMD E2-2000, but the site talks a lot about soldering it in. Would the processor be the same if it fit a socket vs soldering? My computer's information lists a socket # BGA413.
  29. S

    Turning headphone jack into auxiliary

    I have TV with headphone socket. However tv's speakers get disconnected when I plug in headphone. My requirement is turn headphone jack into auxiliary output so that I can connect amplifier to it. My wife then can listen to TV, I cam listen to TV through amplifier with volume suitable for my...
  30. R

    Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 PSC11G CPU upgrade

    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 PSC11G laptop with processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6570 @ 2.10GHz and its socket is: Socket P (478) (0x7) and codename is : Penryn. Its Chipset details are Northbridge Intel GM45/GM47 rev. 07 Southbridge Intel 82801IM...
  31. R

    My Lenovo thinkpad is totally dead after I accidentally unplug the socket while restarting after an update cause I thought it

    my Lenovo thinkpad laptop becomes totally dead after I accidentally unplug the socket while it was restarting to finish the update then 30 mins ago it just go black and so I thought it was already finished but as I open it this morning it wouldn’t start at all nor I see any light when I turn it...
  32. R

    how do i get the headphone socket back out of the computer how do i do it with out taking the computer apart

    i cant take it apart because it is my schools properties
  33. T

    No surround sound

    A couple weeks back, I was playing PUBG and I raged and somewhat pulled my earbuds out of the front panel socket too hard and now for some reason if I plug it in all the way sound will only play on the left sound of the earbuds but if i slightly pull the earbuds out, both sides will play. This...
  34. R

    Socket 989rPGA compatible

    Which sockets are compatible with a Socket 989rPGA. I've found some stuff on the net that says that a G1 and rPGA988A are compatible is there any others?
  35. S

    My LG tv has no head phone socket how can I use wired headphones with my tv

    My LG tv model # 42pa4500 has no head phone socket is there some other way I can plug in head phones
  36. Stylin80

    Issues with Booting Compaq Laptop

    Hello there, recently I just got a computer from a friend of mine to be fixed. However, among the many laptops and desktops I've fixed, this is proving to be a rather strange one. It is a Compaq Presario CQ42-304AU, full specification and details of it can be found here ...
  37. A

    is there a way to convert audio in socket to headphone socket

    i have new Phillips radio/cd player is there a wayn I can convert this into headphone socket
  38. S

    rPGA 989 socket CPU good for gaming

    i need a cpu with fast gaming capibility and i dont know where to even start
  39. J

    Satellite C55-a5285 socket type

    Hey guys, I'm new to lap tops but I've built a few desktops. I have a satellite c55-a5285, I'm trying to find out what socket type it is so that I can upgrade it as it only has an I3 in in currently. CNET says that it is a Mobile Intel HM76 Express, but I can't find any sockets that size on...
  40. D

    laptop on battery automatically off but working well without battery

    Hi I have a Dell inspiron i5 4gb, about 3years old. When I connect laptop to the charger with battery plugged automatically turns off in few minutes The laptop is working well without battery. Help!
  41. C

    power cable snapped at plug

    My charging cable snapped on the wire at the plug point that goes into the wall socket it was a 2 pin plug can I put a 3pin plug on and how do I do it 3 wires 1xblue and 2xblack HP Compaq 8710
  42. T

    reduce static noise in headphones due to ungrounded socket

    I am experiencing severe buzzing noises when using a microphone and I'm almost certain it's due to having an ungrounded socket. Whether it is the built-in microphone of the laptop (500$), in-ear headphones' microphone (30$) or the mic on my headset (50$). I have tried it out in different...
  43. L

    what best fm2 socket amd cpu for gtx970

    what best amd cpu fm2 socket for gtx 970 please help
  44. M

    Just a question about combo jack and headset.

    ASUS X555LB Left: power socket, Gigabit-Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, Kensington lock slot. Right: memory-card reader, combo audio jack, USB 2.0, DVD burner Will this: headset work with my Laptop (...
  45. M

    My tv areil

    I live in a flat with only an areal socket in the living room can you tell me if their is anything I can buy to get a picture in my rooms xx
  46. J

    satellite c655-s5512 cpu upgrade

    Will a core i5-3610me work in my satellite c655-s5512 ? It has an hm65 chipset and a g2 socket. It's currently running a 2nd gen core i5 but I would like to upgrade the graphics from the hd3000 to hd4000 thanks John
  47. G

    Best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9)

    What's the best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9) Am looking for real input..
  48. M

    Bluetooth transmitter Question

    Is it Possible to send bluetooth sound from the HDMI socket, or is this just a source in socket. Thank you. MALCOLM.
  49. R

    Audioengine 2+ Speakers: No headphones socket

    Hi there, My new speakers don't have an output socket for headphones. I've connected the headphones via the RCA output connections on the rear of the speaker. I'm unable to mute the speakers and just listen via headphones !! Any idea how I can fix this please?
  50. Eduardo Trujillo

    Possible CPU upgrade for Toshiba Satellite L775-S7114?

    The laptop comes with an i3 2350M cpu, socket rPPGA988 and HM65 Chipset. My top choices are i5 2430M and i7 2640M. All have same TDP and support the chipset and socket mentioned. The i5 should be officially compatible because the Toshiba Satellite L775 it comes with uses the same BIOS file as...
  51. I

    ThinkPad Edge 15 0301FFG CPU Upgrade question.

    Can I upgrade to a Sandy Bridge CPU from an i3-370M? 1 CPU isn't soldered 2 It's 989 socket 3 HM55 chipset 4 I don't really care if it will blow up, the battery is gone, the screen is barely working and my sister wants a new one. I have read that 989 socket supports both 988A and 988B CPUs, so...
  52. K

    i need help [with laptop power problem]

    I have a Dell inspiron 3520,i put it down about a mounth When i connect the charger just to a power socket the green light on the charger comes on but when i plug the the other end into the laptop the green light on the charger goes off, I have taken the battery off the laptop and it still does...
  53. IrishLaad

    CAT5 Cable in the high corners of my room for surround sound?

    There has been this cables in the 4 high corners of my bedroom (old sitting room) since I can remember. They lead back to beside the TV input and where covered in by a blank socket. It says CAT5 E on the sleeve of the cable and looks to be 5 wires inside the cable. Why would they be there ...
  54. M

    Display of Toshiba Satellite won't turn on

    After an attempt of repairing a sound socket on my Toshiba Satellite C850-D2K, the display won't turn on. Before I replaced the socket by myself successfully, but this time it was just destroyed during an attempt to restore the contacts. So, I removed it. After that the display has not turned...
  55. T

    Laptop jack/adapter misfunctioning

    Hi. My laptop won't charge unless I rotate the adapter plug just the right way in the socket. I'm not certain whether it's a problem with the jack or the adapter, so I don't know which one to replace. I was wondering how to tell which one is faulty. The laptop is a toshiba satellite with a 19v...
  56. S

    Unusual Request - Music Multi-track Issue

    I have plugged a guitar effects processor, from its headphone socket (and from its back panel), into the input socket of my laptop to a multi-track programme called Audacity. It hasn't worked. There is sound but there is a short delay to when it comes through to Audacity and the sound has a...
  57. L

    Will plugging in one less socket game my laptop?

    I've bought a new laptop(GT83VR 6RF) and it comes with two power socket, but the place I usually go only have one, I'm thinking will only using one socket as power supply harm my laptop? What function will be disabled?
  58. S

    Charging your phone's battery in other person's computer usb/ public wall socket / charging stations

    In the same way I can plug my phone into the computer's usb port to charge the power I can also transfer files, or I can plug it in a wall socket but if it has a chip or something it can be uploading virus to my phone, right? What can a person do to charge a phone's battery in an unknown...
  59. B

    single pin charger socket adapter

    Lenovo ideapad Miix 10, I am handicapped and need to use a bluetooth mouse as well as the folio keyboard, but I cannot because the docking clip obscures the mini usb socket, does anyone know if there is an adapter whereby I can use the charging socket as a mini usb for a mouse,it,s a single pin...
  60. A

    Do you think a Clevo M760TU can handle TDP 35W?

    I have a Clevo M760TU with a Intel Core2 Duo P8800 (Max TDP 25W) currently installed on its Socket P (478). Other variation of this model claim to have T9400/ T9600 installed that has Max TDP 35W.(Source: Do you think...