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  1. A

    Asus Zenbook UX31A Charging Problem

    Recently my Asus Zenbok UX31A suffered a minor drop when the charger was plugged into it's socket. The result was that the laptop stopped charging unless I applied pressure to the head of the charger, I noted that the head seemed slightly bent. I have made a temporary fix using some gorilla tape...
  2. M

    How do I connect a LG NB550A sound bar to my TV that doesn't have an optical out?

    I am a complete noob with home cinema and would greatly appreciate any help solving the problem I have got my self in. I have brought this sound bar, (LG NB5530A) as I got a really good deal. (not from amazon) which...
  3. A

    My laptop works fine but wont register a charger in the socket, please help i need this laptop :/

    it overheated last night but the problem was present before that so i bought a new charger, then my laptop charged fine. now it just wont register the chargers at all :(
  4. J

    Upgrade my cpu

    I would like to upgrade my acer aspire 7720, it has a T5250 socket M cpu. Can you tell what will fit?
  5. M

    dell inspiron not charging properly

    Hii guys, I have a dell inspiron laptop.Once the charger is plugged into the wall socket,the green light on the charger is steady but when i plug in the jack ,it starts to blink slowly and the laptop doesnt get charged.But once the house supply is through the invertor there is no problem and the...
  6. S

    What is the CPC socket?

    On my toshiba laptop there is a litte metal switch (tunable by screwdriver flat-head) on the the plastic square thing that has the amd cpu mounted on it, it can be turned to open(with an unlock symbol by it) and close (with a lock symbol by it) or anywhere in between. what is this? and what...
  7. B

    Replace CPU on Laptop with the most powerful CPU available for Socket P

    Hi i have a Vaio VPCCW1S1E with a Core 2 Duo P7450 and i want to replace it with the most powerful CPU that board support. This CPU use Socket P and on wikipedia it says that the most powerful core 2 duo with socket P is the P9700 but the P9700 has different voltage and different TDP, so i want...
  8. M

    Linking Smartphone to TV screen

    Hi, I want to link my Galaxy S3 up to a fairly old TV screen so that whatever is on my phone will display on the screen. The screen does not have built in Wi-Fi but it does has an HDMI socket so I thought I'd try buying a MicroUSB to HDMI adapter: Here This doesn't work when I plug it into the...
  9. Red_Sun

    Can A53Z-NB61 (K53Z mobo) FS1 socket support 45W APU upgrade?

    Hey all, Looking to upgrade my K53Z mobo laptop. Currently have A6-3420M (35W). Not a lot of options out there, but have targeted either the A8-3420M (35W) or A8-3510mx (45W). Would rather have the latter, but of course the concern is the extra 15W. My question is can the K53Z support the...
  10. The_Distinct

    My laptop wont charge.

    Hi, I'm having a problem charging my laptop I have changed the DC power socket jack and it charged for a bit and the the blue and orange lights just blink. Can someone please help me solve the problem? thanks. My laptop is the acer aspire 5750G.
  11. ff1esta

    Replace DC socket

    Hello(sorry about my english). I own a Fujitsu Siemens V5515 that has a problem in the DC socket. Doesnt recognize the charger. Assuming that the problem is on the socket, i took tle laptop to my usual computer shop,but the guy there asked me 80€ (about 100 dol) for the replacement of the...
  12. P

    asus ux32a dc wiring or wiring diagram

    i have bought a faulty asus ux32a off ebay that i now find has had a repair attempt on it, someone has tried to replace the dc socket and totally wrecked the board, with lumps of solder and worn away tracks that should not be touched, I am writing to ask if you possibly could share the wiring...
  13. MasonMc

    Possible CPU Upgrade for Laptop?

    I currently have a Acer Aspire V3-551G-X419 and I don't really have money for a new laptop however; I am wanting to just see if I can upgrade the CPU for the time being. The CPU socket is a FS1r2 and the chipset of the motherboard is A70m. I'm having issues finding exact details on if it is...
  14. dwisen

    Intel CPU Help

    I have a Satellite C655-S5212 that I was wanting to upgrade the CPU in. It has a Socket G2 / Socket rPGA988B fitted with an Core i3-2310M currently. When I look up processors with that socket it is showing both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors. See Here. My question is will this laptop...
  15. M

    Need wireless earphones since my laptop got its socket blocked by earphone jack

    I need one very cheap earphones since it makes my room partner life hell to listen to what i listen. My earphone socket on laptop is stuck my jack of my older wired headphone and its repair cost is too high as my laptop needs to be opened up in order to get it out. My preference is simple...
  16. T

    laptop power cord adapter socket

    Hi, is it costly repair for socket repairs tobisha 655 series
  17. W

    Buzz from 4 out 5 speakers

    I get buzz from four of my speakers, but not the fifth. Seems like the buzz is coming not because of the speakers, but because of the socket where i connect it to (feel free to correct me if I use wrong terminology :) ). I have 5 sockets at the back of the subwoofer (which is like the main...
  18. H

    Beyer M69N to XLR - does it need phantom power

    Hi - I have a Beyer M69N microphone which obviously has the three pin socket in the base. Can I change the lead to have a XLR plug at the end going direct into the amp or do I need Phantom Power or is it a no-goer? The reason is to cut down noise from lead movemen. Thanks
  19. A

    Triton AX Pro, no sound and mic problem [Urgent]

    Hello guys, I'll get right into the problem. So, I upgraded my CPU, motherboard, Gfx card and ram from GTX 560 (Non ti), AMD 2.6Ghz quad core, Motherboard was unknown but had AM2 socket and DDr2 ram. I upgraded that to, Asus Motheboard 2 video clots, DDr3 Ram FM2 or something for the socket...
  20. S

    network programming without socket

    While browsing through internet, it is seen taht socket programming is needed for client server sending and receiving procedure. can we send and receive packet in between client and server without using socket.
  21. R

    Trying to change the i3 2nd gen to LGA 1156 Socket

    can i use lga 1155 cpu into lga1156 trying to change the cpu from i3 2nd gen to i3 1st gen
  22. L

    Soldering new usb socket

    I have a Lenovo A2107A-H fairly unheard of tablet. A few months ago the usb socket was damaged and it lasted for another month until it fell out. For soldering on another socket is it possible to use any usb socket or does it have to be specific to the model? I had this one in mind...
  23. 0

    Recommendations for a better CPU!

    After opening my notebook (Sony Vaio VPCEE3E1E or PCG61611M) to clean it from dust in the ventilation system I noticed that my motherboard had socket and the CPU was removable,thus 'changeable'.After searching for the socket type I found it was 'Socket S1 (S1g4)' architecture and I thought I...
  24. D

    Laptop headphone socket not working

    Okay, So ive baked my laptop for a long time, You could literally cook eggs on it, you get the picture, it was that bad. Recently the laptop charger point was not charging so sent it for repairs and now it works amazingly smooth. He cleaned all the dust n etc. Anyway the service guy was like...
  25. G

    Possible to Upgrade Laptop CPU?

    Provided that the CPU is not soldered down, is it at all possible to upgrade the processor? If I bought a laptop with a lower end Trinity APU but still Socket FS1 could you upgrade if you could find a processor to buy online? Also is Socket FS1 compatible with Socket FS1r2? Sorry for all the...
  26. S

    not charging nonpower supply

    how much to get a a power supply or charging socket when it no longer works on my acer laptop
  27. H

    t400 upgrading possible graphic solution

    well I know Intel makes processors with built in hd graphic what socket is a t400 and do they make processors with graphics for it.
  28. T

    50Hz-60Hz on an HDTV in Europe

    I've been trying to figure this out and I think I need advice from a clear head because I've spun myself into a confused mess about this... I've got a 60Hz television plugged into a Europe socket (yes, the power is converted safely already through a step-down transformer). I've turned it on...
  29. G

    MBook Pro 13 mid-2012 memory stick retainers broken

    Upgrading from 4 GB to 16 GB (OWC), I applied too much pressure and snapped the upper memory stick retainers. The upper retainers appear to be screwed to the board and not connected to the sockets. Lower retainers are fine and appear to be part of the socket assembly. Unfortunately it's the...
  30. O

    Asus a53e service manual download

    need replace power socket
  31. M

    Does a 3537u use the same socket as a 3610qm?

    Hi, First time here and probably a noob like qu3stion, does the intel core i7 ivybridge processor use a single uniform socket? So for instance I could swap a 3537u to a much more powerful 3610qm? Thanks for any help
  32. L

    Asus laptop touchpad, keyboard prob

    I was given a faulty Asus K54 laptop, I am experienced in repair work - including desktop computers, but this is the first laptop I've tried to fix and things have not gone well. There was a problem with the power socket and so I have ordered a new socket which i'm waiting on coming in the...
  33. T

    How to plug in laptop / notebook

    How should I plug in and unplug my laptop / notebook computer while the power is on? Is it ok to first plug in to the wall socket, and then to the computer? Or the other way...plug into computer, then plug into the wall socket?
  34. K

    Left to Stereo and Right to Stereo

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible, and if so how, to convert a left channel to stereo and a right channel to stereo. There are basically two ways to do this connection: OPTION 1 L 1/4-inch jack socket to stereo and R 1/4-inch jack socket to stereo: L 1/4-inch jack socket -> ? -> L/R RCA...
  35. G

    VERY poor after-sales service with MSI

    Well, I think it's about time I made this post in the hope that someone out there is able to see the wood for the trees. In Jan this year I had to send my MSI GX660R away for repair due no power/dead (turned off a couple of times then wouldn't power up). MSI europe (I think the Polish base)...
  36. G

    How can i use my vga socket on my laptop as a vga input socket

    Hello, I have been told that the vga socket on my acer windows vista laptop is only suitable for use as an out put socket. Is there any way that I can send pictures and sound to my laptop via the vga socket or other cabled means without going through a router there is a vga output socket lan...
  37. C

    Toshiba Satelite 205A

    what is wrong with my laptop when you plug it into a socket and get a black screen when power on
  38. R


  39. K

    Satellite A200 Model No PSAF6A-0PR019

    Can anyone please advise me as to the socket type for a Toshiba Satellite A200 Model No PSAF6A-0PR019. Is it a socket m or socket p? The motherboard has mPGA478MN /LF marked on the socket location. The CPU is a Intel Core2 Duo T7700 SLAF7 2.40Ghz/4m/800. I would appreciate any help on this...
  40. F

    dell laptop charging card

    I have a dell inspiron 1546 laptop and the charging imput socket is broken
  41. E

    I wanted to know if the socket for a i7 q720is the same as 920xm

    I am looking to upgrade my alienware processor. I have a i7q720 and would like to upgrade to the 920xm. I am pretty sure the processors use the same chipsets but am not positive. The bios and the drivers are available to me. I am just not sure of the socket types. Can anyone help with this.
  42. banjo2876

    RPGA 989 Soccket

    Hello, I have a MSI a6200-452us laptop with a rPGA 989 processor socket. I am having a hard time finding out exactly what processors will work with my config. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction? I have searched the web and found many answers, but no two the same. Thanks
  43. hiti3

    Upgrading my Alienware M11x CPU (Socket P)

    Hey dude, I have a question hoping you will clear it. My Alienware CPU on M11x (R1) is quite out-dated (Intel SU7300) its a Penryn-3M, Ultra low voltage CPU. Now im asking you if i can upgrade to a normal voltage CPU or high voltage CPU, because my motherboard supports Socket P, i will not have...
  44. R

    Manual for Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934

    Where is the Line In socket on the sound card on the Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 located? A picture would be nice. Thanks!
  45. O

    Can you put an Intel T7200 in socket P

    can you put an Intel T7200 in socket P Have an HP/Compaq CQ56-109wm but I want to upgrade the CPU to one that can use the virtualization technology at the CPU level. GL40 chipset. Currently has a Celeron 900 CPU. (my goal is win 7 ultimate then download XP Mode utility which needs the...
  46. robojin

    Is HM55 chipset compatible with desktop processors?

    i just found out that my laptop is using an LGA 1156 desktop processor socket. I'm planning to buy core i5-661 desktop processor to upgrade my laptop cpu but I'm wary of how will it work with HM55 chipset. and uh... as i see from intels website, i3-330M is for BGA 1288 mobile socket. kinda...
  47. T

    Is it possible and how?

    Is it possible to have audio coming out of a TV (headphone socket), through a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable which is in the audio in of my PC and out through the speakers connected in the audio out?
  48. P

    Speaker or headphone socket?

    Since using windows 7 my mp3 recorder does not recognize my internal soundcard.I can make a loop using the line in socket and everything is fine.My question is do i use the speaker out or headphone socket to get the best audio output -or are they both the same?
  49. N

    UK repair a Marantz PMD-660

    The headphone socket of my PMD660 soild state recorder is faulty; where can I get it fixed in the UK? I live in Glasgow. Nick Low
  50. J

    Amd phenom 930N socket

    what type socket does the 930N, 2.0 gig, phenom II x4 for HP have. befor i open my notebook, can it be upgraded with standerd socket for AMD Phenom IIx4, HP dv6 notebooks :bounce:
  51. T

    Connecting analog tv to hdtv box

    Hello, I have an analog tv which used to communicate fine with the vcr. I think the tv when set to a certain channel would pick up the vcr signal so I can view vcr menus etc on the tv. I recently purchased a hdd+dvd unit which has hdtv tuner and haven't been able to get it to talk with the TV...
  52. S

    Boot disk for 1 gig express recovery 2 SOCKET 775-INTELP45-GA-EP45-UD3P (REV.1.

  53. A

    What socket P CPU for upgrade?

    I have a Dell Vostro 860 with 1.86Ghz T1500 (dual-core Celeron), 2x1 GB ddr2, and GM965 chipset I want to upgrade it a bit. I found a relatively cheap T7500. How much better is than my T1500? I'm lost in intel namings with T, P, and only found out about different sockets. And on all sites T1500...
  54. D

    Is it possible to fix the charger socket of a phone

    is it possible to fix the charger socket of a blackberry pearl?
  55. G

    A power charger socket repair guides with take apart pictures compaq notebook co

    can u please tell me how i can fix the adapter in the comp cause when i put the cord in it seems to me inside the comp is pushed in so it doesnt charge \
  56. G

    Replace charger socket on acer aspire 3680

    Hello, i have a aspire 3680 and the charge socket centre in has pulled out so i need to fit new charge socket how do i do this please
  57. G

    Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication''

    Enjoy the style points of a wine dispenser—so long as you're near a wall socket. Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication'' : Read more
  58. D


    Hello, Is there a line-out socket in the Uher 4200 Report IC? Might this be the six pin DIN socket on the right-hand side? David, France
  59. G

    Bluelounge Refresh: A Neat Way to Charge

    Literally making your wall socket chargers useless Bluelounge Refresh: A Neat Way to Charge : Read more
  60. C

    No headphone socket on speakers :(

    I've just bought these Sony SRS A212 computer speakers. And to my displeasure, when I took them home it turns out that they don't even have a headphone socket. Instead there is an input socket which I assume is to connect something like an mp3 player. Is it possible to connect headphones with...