Triton AX Pro, no sound and mic problem [Urgent]


Sep 25, 2013
Hello guys, I'll get right into the problem. So, I upgraded my CPU, motherboard, Gfx card and ram from GTX 560 (Non ti), AMD 2.6Ghz quad core, Motherboard was unknown but had AM2 socket and DDr2 ram.

I upgraded that to, Asus Motheboard 2 video clots, DDr3 Ram FM2 or something for the socket, GTX 650 ti sc 2gig and my CPU which is now AMD 4.1Ghz quad core, also 8 gig of ddr3 ram.

So, I got back and plugged my Tritons in just how I did before in my old pc. I notice I now have a optical socket on the back, I hook everything up like instructed and like before, and I sat for ages trying to get things to work, after awhile I got the optical cord audio working but not the others, I have two audio things in the playback devices, Realtek HD audio(Speaker) and Realtek HD audio (Digital output). It seems like the normal speaks just don't work, when I put them as default windows says it's working, but I don't hear anything. :/

If anyone could please help and resolve my issue please, been wanting to test out some surround sound and modify my sound but I can't as I can't hear it :/ On the Digital output speaker everything is quite and stuff. :/